Lorrie Thomas
Social Media Image Creation Tip – Leave Border Space

When you are making social media images with text in them, here’s a small tip: make sure you leave a little space around the border!

It’s a little OCD of me, but a rule I now swear by. Here is why: when the image is shared on Instagram, you need to also consider how the image looks against ALL the other images on the account page. If the text goes too far up to the edge, it mashes up against the others.

Here is an example of our Wild Web Women Instagram page. Wild Web Women is our sister site – community site geared specifically to support and connect women with web-based business.


A little space can make a big difference, not just for social sharing , but for user experience.  See the difference?


A tiny change, but helpful.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. We LOVE Canva for social media image creation!

Anne Orfila
Alternative Solutions to Solving Web Marketing Problems

web marketing stress

Even we have “I can’t take it anymore” moments. This is WMT’s CEO Lorrie Ross having a moment – ha!

Have you had one of those days where your web marketing work is just not working?

At Web Marketing Therapy, we have lost count of the times seeming simple tasks like updating websites, posting to social media, aligning fonts, adding images (essentially any marketing task that-you-can-do-in-your-sleep and that should take nano-seconds to complete) just aren’t going the way they should.

After a decade in this industry, we have found some deep secret “alternative” solutions to solve web marketing problems. But they come with one warning, you must use them sparingly.

Here are some alternative solutions to solving web and social media marketing problems:

  • When you are trying to post a URL to Facebook and the image that comes up cuts off the top half (and sometimes decapitating people in the process): Take a deep breath then eat half a bar of chocolate.
  • When your image is not “centering” in a blog post: Issue a primal scream then do 100 jumping jacks.
  • When you compose a perfect tweet to post and the damn thing disappears and doesn’t post ever: Find your nearest pet and run your hands through their hair repeatedly (and try not to pull it out).
  • When you have posted to Instagram and it is stuck on sending and does not post and you have to start all over again: It’s time to procrastibake (seriously, that’s a thing!).
  • When you spend two hours typing up a newsletter and your preview shows three different fonts that you did not choose: Quickly open up your next browser window and impulsively buy the shoes that you left in your Nordstrom cart. Can I have an amen for shop therapy?!
  • When you get an email from a colleague or client and you don’t understand what the hell they are saying: Don’t squint at the screen. It’s not worth the wrinkles.
  • When the login won’t work even though you know it’s right: Google “How to fix your chakras”.
  • When you forget what the password is: Do you really need to log in? (Or, change passwords to include bad words… you never forget them anymore!)
  • When you close that important word document without saving: Just. Start. Crying. Breakdowns are the first step before you have breakthroughs.
  • When your cell dies right before a phone meeting: Go have a meeting with your nail lady instead.

These solutions are all interchangeable, but warning: overuse may result in unnecessary weight gain or loss, financial loss, or loss of employment.

We do believe that laughter is the best medicine, so if this made you smile, my time has been worthwhile!

Web and social media marketing has it’s moments, but don’t give up! If you ever have an issue and want help you can post questions here on the blog or on our Facebook page. You aren’t alone!

Happy Marketing!

Hannah Lansford
Social Media Marketing Tips for Small-Budget Businesses

Blerrp.com, an online community forum that hosts discussions on a wide range of business topics, posted an article on their blog titled, “99 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses with a Limited Budget,” that shares advice from WMT’s CEO, Lorrie Thomas Ross, as well as advice from many other industry experts. Lorrie is passionate about serving small businesses and entrepreneurs, and her tip for businesses with smaller budgets should definitely not be overlooked.

With the majority of consumers being active and engaged on social media every single day to connect with businesses and products to work with, it is essential that your business has a clean and consistent online presence. Blerrp emphasizes that social media can be used to drive traffic, sales, and revenue for your business, so a limited budget should not keep your business from taking advantage of the many growth opportunities that the proper use of social media has to offer.

Lorrie’s key tip: shift your focus. Instead of focusing on “spending” for your social media marketing, focus more on investing so that you can get the most out of both your time and money. Lorrie advises that you start with a blog, claiming that blogs are the “nucleus of social media marketing.” Here’s why:

  1. Blogs are where the bulk of your social media posts will stem from
  2. Blog posts that are helpful, informative, and thoughtful can be shared on all platforms
  3. Blog content is indexed by search engines, thus boosting search visibility
  4. Great blog content boosts your business’ credibility

Because blog posts can be shared multiple times and across all platforms, they are a great way to keep your content and business relevant, while giving your business more content for less time and money spent!

There is a great collection of other useful tips in this article from other experts, business owners, and entrepreneurs! One piece of advice that particularly stuck out to me and is relevant to Lorrie’s advice came from Keegan Webb, the founder of Marble (his is #15 on the list). He notes the importance of creating quality, audience-specific content, claiming that you should be focused on the relationship you are building with your current audience and followers rather than the number of followers and likes you social accounts have. He advises to “focus on feeding your biggest fans…who will follow you on social media and love all of you future, organic posts.” If you are creating blog content that is audience-specific and caters to your follower’s needs, those loyal followers will help your business grow.

If you want to read more simple and invaluable social media strategies, check out Blerrp’s blog post here. Lorrie’s advice is #26 on the list!

Katherine L. Garcia
Our Favorite Social Media Tips When Covering Events

We are fortunate to cover some AWESOME events via social media and we’ve learned from years of experience, that planning ahead is the best strategy to covering events.

“Plans are nothing planning is everything” -Dwight D Eisenhower

The more we plan, the less stress for us. Here are some tips to apply when getting ready to cover your next exciting event via social media!

Make sure you sign in to all of your client’s social media accounts. Log out of your accounts if you have to. The client/event comes first.

Follow. Follow. Follow. Follow the event speakers and sponsors on all social media platforms prior to the start of the event.

Plan social media in advance. Have pre-written social media posts and schedule them in advance. This keeps you one step ahead and keep stress at bay!

Hashtags are your BFF. If your event has a hashtag, follow the hashtag on Instagram. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. I suggest you google hashtag ideas if you feel stuck on what hashtags to use.

Edit photos before posting. Edit the lighting of the image before you post. We edit photos using the photo editor that came installed in our iPhone, but there are tons of fancy apps you can use. Make sure all your images have a similar editing style. Don’t edit one photo extremely light and another photo extremely dark. Make your photos look consistent.

Keep up with technology. Buy a new phone if your cell phone is outdated. An iPhone 5 won’t cut it!

Use a social media scheduling tool. We love Hootsuite and Buffer the best.

Invest in a portable charger. You don’t want to run out of battery life during a major social-media-worthy activity. Trust us on this one.

Have a cute phone case! Because, c’mon, style is everything.

Get a mani. Yes, you heard me. If you are going to be covering an event all day (or for us, sometimes multi-day events), you are staring at your phone and screen, cute nails boost your mojo!

Engage. Comment, like, reply! The more engaged you are, the more others will be engaged.

Here are some of the most used apps that we use while covering social media events:

Square Fit: https://apple.co/2G4C24J
Square Fit allows you to post full-size images and videos to Instagram without having to crop anything out! See an example here. You can rotate, move, scale and flip your posts with ease, and the app even comes with filters, borders, frames, and stickers that you can add to your content. This also allows you to create posts without even needing an image to begin with! You can create a post on your own with the background colors, text, patterns, and border styles that the app provides.

Canva: https://www.canva.com/app/
Canva is a free design program that is perfect for people who don’t have professional design software or expertise to use! The program uses a drag-and-drop feature and has a variety of templates ready for use, making it easy to create graphics for social media and blog posts. Canva provides millions of images, photo filters, icons and shapes, and hundreds of font options for you to create anything you can imagine.

Hootsuite: https://bit.ly/1OgDxq9
Hootsuite is an absolute dream for people and businesses who run multiple social media accounts on all of the different platforms we have now. It provides a single space for all of your social accounts to be managed from, making it easier for you to find, schedule, manage, and report on all of your social media content. The Hootsuite apps allows you to schedule, publish, and monitor your content from anywhere, keeping you in control and in the loop wherever you go.

Boomerang: https://apple.co/1Mxxpx6
Boomerang has made a way for you to share your everyday moments in a fun and creative way. You can create short videos that loop back and forth to share with your friends with ease! Simply find something that’s moving or create a moving selfie, tap the button once, and Boomerang will shoot a burst of 10 images to stitch together to create a mini video. The video loops back and forth, and you can instantly share it to Instagram or Facebook right from the app.

Repost: https://apple.co/19Fdw4n
The Repost app is the easiest and best way to repost your favorite Instagram posts to your own feed while still giving credit to the original Instagrammer. When you come across an Instagram post that you’d like to share on your own feed, simply copy the link from the original post, open the app and paste the link in Repost, then position the attribution mark for your own post. You can then share the post with all original credits intact.  

The Art of Emotion and Why It’s Necessary in Online Marketing

Guest post from writer Nathan Sykes

Consumers emotionally engaged by your content are more likely to trust your brand, more likely to purchase and more likely to forgive any mistakes. Consumers are increasingly becoming savvier to classic marketing techniques. For this reason, it is important to become emotionally articulate to move your brand’s marketing forward.

The majority of markets are more saturated than they were decades ago. If you offer a service with no emotional connection and the consumer has a bad experience with your company, they have no reason to return when there are so many companies that offer the same services you do. That’s why it’s so important to engage emotionally. Ignite a passion for your brand, so it’s harder for consumers to pull away in the event of a poor experience. Generate enthusiasm for content consumers will organically circulate with friends.

Use Imagery
Take a cue from modern art. Powerful imagery and color evoke strong emotion. A tropical backdrop dripping with fresh fruit appeals to audiences stuck inside in winter snowstorms. The scene makes the viewer long for warmer weather and thankful for the feeling your image gave them, an example of positive emotional interaction between a brand and a consumer.

Be Genuine
Consumers are looking for genuine emotions. They are aware brands are eliciting emotional responses for profit. For this reason, the targeted positive emotion your campaign reflects should seamlessly fit into your brand identity.

Ram’s 2018 Super Bowl ad laden with pickup trucks and Martin Luther King Jr.’s voiceover received heavy criticism. Many felt it was a misappropriation to have the civil rights leader’s words sell trucks, as it trivializes words meant to move a nation forward. Consumers can sniff out blatant attempts of virtue signaling. They are not impressed by low-effort campaigns that come across like emotional manipulation.

Use Video Content
Younger generations are turning to YouTube for entertainment. In a world where technology continues to overtake human interaction, the video platform satiates hunger for human connection.

This channel offers an incredibly lucrative avenue for marketers. At the end of many successful videos, YouTubers thank one or more sponsors. Viewers have more patience for this type of advertising because it comes at the end of the video content they’ve already emotionally connected with, it usually shares a connection with that content and you’ve let them enjoy their viewing without any interruption.

Stay Relevant
Pop culture is moving at high speed. Gone are the days where advertisers can meticulously craft marketing campaigns for months on end without tinkering. You should certainly spend time carefully building campaigns through research, but be open to changing social media marketing with evolving social trends.

Break Down the Barriers and Engage
It’s not enough to have static social media pages. Consumers want to know a real person is behind the computer coordinating efforts. Like images that use relevant hashtags to your brand on Instagram to gain new followers and comment back on your latest Twitter reply. Consumers love when brands respond to their inquiries, gravitating away from the corporate facade.

It’s a tall order to couple emotional intelligence with marketing ingenuity. Get it right, and you will see fervor for your brand increase exponentially. Get it wrong, and you could receive intense backlash from enthusiastic proponents. By sticking to positive emotions, staying true to your business’ roots and highlighting the human aspects of your company, you are likely to be on the right track.

Bio: Nathan Sykes writes about business and business technology online. To read Nathan’s most current articles, follow him on Twitter @nathansykestech.

Anne Orfila
How To Up Your Instagram Game

800 million users are actively on Instagram every month. So how do you make your posts stand out more than the other 799,999,999 users?

Here’s my secret: Emojis!

Think of emojis as the bullet points of Instagram. When I’m posting for myself, or on behalf of Web Marketing Therapy clients, I use emojis liberally because they give my post some eye candy (helping to draw a reader to my post over others without emojis) and they also help to break up a long post.

Instagram generously allows us to post a lot (2,200 characters to be exact) but remember that most everyone is viewing your post on their phone. This means that if you have a lengthy post, it’s going to look like a novel on their phone. So break up the monotony! Use emojis and get creative! Make it fun! Up your Instagram game with emojis and watch your engagement grow.

See for yourself! Here are my “before” emojis and “after” emojis Instagram post examples below:

Web Marketing Therapy Up Your Instagram Game

🙂 Happy Marketing!