Lorrie Thomas
Have You Evaluated The People in Your Life Lately?


I love this quote from motivational speaker Tony Gaskins: “Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. You’re the CEO of your life.”

I often hear my clients say “I have a really hard time with my ________ (insert web, design, marketing) vendor” then they go on to say why. You don’t have to tolerate mediocre!

We are the product of the people we associate with – personally and professionally.

Think critically about your people and make sure they count!
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Lorrie Thomas
Relationships First, Web Marketing Tools Second

internet-1013673_640-copyA friend of mine recently moved her business to a new state. I asked her how things were going (knowing that she wants to drum up more work in her new location). The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Have you reached out to the contacts you have in your new hometown yet?”

Friend: “I am going to do an email blast to my entire Mailchimp list announcing my new move:”


Silence…and I am sure some internal eye rolling…
but I was not going to let her make a bad move, I had to say my piece!

Me: Don’t email your whole contact list to announce something if you only want to reach a handful of people who can help you, hire you or promote you! Do one-to-one personal emails letting people know who matter. Plant the seed that you can work with them live in your new location and ask them to refer you as well. Web marketing tools and technology are not going to make you money honey! Relationships will! Besides, email blasts often get bucketed into different folders (Gmail puts them into “Promotions” not in the main inbox) and you want this effort to get seen, read and responded to! Emailing your whole list like this would be “spray and pray”. If you want to succeed with your marketing efforts, you need to “point and shoot.” Save the mass emails for news that fits the whole list.

a week later…

Friend: I’ve had an over 50% positive response off the personal one-to-one emails I sent out announcing my move!

Me: Fantastic! (hmmmm…maybe I should start a web marketing advice company…oh wait, I already did!) 🙂

The better you get at relationships, the better you will be at business.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVE all the wonderful high-tech web marketing tools (email campaign technologies, website platforms, blogs, online ad solutions and social media) but the people who are most successful are great at being high-touch. Tools have to be driven with heart to count!

Relationships are what you need to succeed! Technology is helpful to support you, but remember, it doesn’t care about you or want to help you. PEOPLE do. Web marketing tools will come and go, but relationships can grow and expand forever.

Use web marketing and social media marketing tools appropriately based on your goals. And if you ever need healthy marketing advice (or a dose of marketing tough love), reach out to me.
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Lorrie Thomas
Diagnosis: Marketing Victim Mentality

It’s easy to default to a “poor me” attitude when you feel like your marketing is in a rut. But by playing the “victim”, you aren’t taking responsibility for your actions!

Marketing success comes in “cans”, failure comes in “can’ts”.

With simple changes in attitude, you CAN turn your marketing victim mentality into a success mentality! You have to be happy and healthy to truly be wealthy!

Marketing victim statement examples include:
• “I’ve spending so much on marketing, and I’m not getting the results I want, but I just have to.”
• “I’m not on social media, I just don’t get it, it’s too overwhelming”
• “I don’t feel like I can ask my customers for testimonials”
• “I have to do it all”
• “I can’t ever get my web guy to get back to me to help me when I need him”
• “The people who I hire to do my social media make so much extra work for me”

Positive marketing statement examples include:
• “I don’t have a big budget for marketing so I focus on doing low-cost things that keep me visible and credible like content marketing”
• “Social media isn’t my strength, so I am reading up on it to learn more and starting with LinkedIn which is most comfortable for me”
• “I am going to reach out to three customers who sent me nice emails and thank them and ask if I can use them on our website. I know if I offer to help write the testimonial that will make less work for them and get me closer to a yes.
• “I can do all the marketing myself, but I need to be doing other things. It will be great to have help and I can own delegating work and overseeing it to keep the quality I want”
• “The slow response from my web person isn’t working for me. I’m going to find a more responsive, professional person”
• “I am going to find a new social media marketing firm that really understands my brand and who I work better with.”

Here are some simple tips to keep yourself from becoming a marketing victim:

Don’t spend money that you don’t have!
While it may seem necessary to redesign your website or buy more ads at the time, wait until you have enough money to do so. Operating under a state of stress usually ends in a mess!

Do what works for you.
If something is not working, look at what a better solution is. Do what is best for your business. You don’t have to pay vendors who don’t perform. If you love to write, great! If not, delegate it!

If you don’t know how your marketing is working, pause and evaluate!
I had a client who came to us and once we started auditing his marketing, we saw he was putting tons of money into Google AdWords, but had no idea if he was getting any results (and the money being spent was not in his budget to begin with). He said he was going into debt over this and I went into his account and paused the spending. It was a major marketing victim intervention! Putting money into marketing doesn’t necessarily get you results.

Keep up with the trends. Don’t let yourself fall behind! There are so many great (and free!) tools out there, and by leaving them untouched, you are walking away from all kinds of marketing potential! Marketing is a part of the whole business equation but there are LOTS of things you can do! You need to learn how to use it for it to be beneficial.

No excuses!
Take on the wild web by the horns! By using healthy marketing tactics, your business can thrive without hurting your pockets!

Lorrie Thomas
Diagnosis: Inconsistency Disorder

If you want successful content marketing, you need to take a lot of Vitamin C….

…C as in Consistency!


Content marketing consistency is critical to maintaining credibility and showing that you mean business!

Here’s an example of marketing inconsistency: Blogs come out twice in a week, but nothing for over a month, updates to social media pages happen once every few months, or not at all. A company is really strong on Facebook, but is not doing much on Twitter or Instagram.

Consistency is key. Parenting experts stress it, exercise professionals demand it, health and wellness coaches promote it. And this healthy digital marketing advocate declares it a must too!

Inconsistency disorder is quite common, and fortunately, is easily treatable. Being consistent with digital marketing can feel complex, so here are some ways to make consistency simple.

Take these stress free, simple tips to pump up your digital marketing!

1. Have a content plan
Too many marketers fail to plan, which is subconsciously planning to fail! Planning your content ahead of time is a great way to keep on top of updating your blog/social media/website consistently! And don’t suffer! Make the planning process fun!

Here is a fun and easy way to plan social media posts – start by searching national holidays and observances. If your organization is outdoorsy, you could make a social media post about “National Take a Hike Day” (November 17) or “National Eat Outside Day” (August 31)! There are national observances for EVERYTHING, foodies, pet lovers, health nuts, you name it, you’ve got it. Search and plan ahead!

You can also follow social media trends such as “#MotivationMonday” or “#TipTuesday”. Even having simple plans such as just making sure you post every Tuesday and Thursday can really boost your virtual presence!

2. Set it and forget it
Save yourself stress by pre-scheduling your posts! There are all kinds of tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to help you easily manage and schedule all your social media posts. And don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with recycling old content! If it’s good content, reuse it!

Set your Hootsuite to post a great blog post once every 3 months on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

3. Embrace the power of recycling
My last tip under #2 was so handy, I’m turning it into a whole point. RECYCLE to keep content consistent! Recycling isn’t just for cans and paper. Recycle or re-purpose great content over and over and over again (you took time to create the idea, reuse it!) and leverage all the powers that the web has given you.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel! Re-share an old blog that is still relevant or take a great graphic that you made on Canva and turn it into a blog post. Put the image into a blog post and type a short blurb about what that image means and then share it!

4. Ask for help
Yep, get over yourself. Ego check time! You can’t do it all alone! I know that it’s hard to hand over responsibility, but it is impossible to succeed if you try to do it all by yourself. Instead, do what you do best and delegate the rest.

Confession session…I love writing, but for me, getting started is my biggest hurdle. I’ve got client to take care of, blogging here often takes a back seat! To make writing happen, I have a call weekly with one of WMT’s teammies. She types while I talk (and oooh, can I talk!) then she gives me a recap of the marketing topic and tips and voila, I edit, publish and social share my blog posts. This approach saves time and allows me to use my strengths!

Asking for help to stay consistent is A-ok!

I just met with one of my clients last week who does a lot of video. I showed her how to go to her YouTube videos and pull the transcript and copy and paste it into a text pad to repurpose her text into a blog post…even if you don’t have the budget to pay someone, you can “delegate” to technology!!

Being consistent doesn’t have to follow a set formula. It’s just staying out there. Different approaches work for different people. Cater your content plan to your organization! By setting a consistent plan and using healthy and manageable marketing tactics, your social media marketing will be the boost your business needs!

Happy, healthy marketing!

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Kelly Kohen
Digital Marketing Netiquette – Mind your Grammar!

I am currently volunteering in my son’s 3rd grade classroom during their writing hour. My job is simple, to make sure they have a capital at the start of each sentence and punctuation at the end, use proper grammar, check their spelling and make sure they have clear and complete sentences. While the rules are simple, the kids still need constant reminders for these tasks.

You may be asking, “What does 3rd grade writing have to do with digital marketing?” Amazingly, A TON. At Web Marketing Therapy, I help proofread copy for our clients, anything and everything: social media posts, blog posts, meta data code for SEO, press releases, website copy, copy in images and more. We often find spelling and grammatical errors-it happens to the best of us. We also stage interventions when we see clients blogging sloppily or using poor form – it’s a major credibility killer! My healthy digital marketing advice is to exercise proper netiquette, ALWAYS proofread your writing!

Here is the checklist I use when volunteering in the classroom. More adults need to respect these rules!checklist

Remember, the way you write is a reflection of your brand!

With technology today, it is a quick and easy step to use the built in tools of spell check and grammar check before posting your work. Be sure to use them. If writing isn’t your strength, have someone proofread your work! Asking for help is a small step that makes a BIG impression!

Mind your grammar manners!

Spell and Grammar Check Your work