Audio Therapy – Marketing From the Inside Out

Thanks to the wild, wild web, I was able to be interviewed from my home in Summerland, California by awesome Australian Danielle MacInnis, Online Marketing Guru to Small Business.

I talk about tips small business can tap and we get down to the heart of marketing – marketing from the inside out!

Listen to the Podcast on Approaching Marketing From The Inside Out to get a healthy dose of marketing advice!
*and follow Danielle – she is a wealth of wisdom!

Some of the tips I shared highlighted:
1. You need to start from the inside out – who are you, what do you do and who do you serve? Understand the whys?
2. Understand your personality –  your voice and your brand
3. Understand your target markets – you can serve more than one niche!!!
4. Define your target market – demographically, psycho-graphically, financially, their pain points
5. Who is your ideal client?- Who can I serve best with my product or service.
6. If you serve target markets – segment your content via these markets (web, blog, social media etc)
7. Use the web technology to support you with your communications.
8. Re-focus your business based feedback and looking at what is work and what isn’t
9. Small businesses spend more than they invest. Thinking about setting your business up for the long term. Do you have a long term strategy? A wholelistic approach
10. Give to Gain. Give people great insightful information and a taste of your expertise. This can help to create a sales funnel and keep the costs of lead generation low!
11.Sometimes you need to go back to the drawing board before they can get going on a marketing strategy that will work. There are different models that work for different businesses. You need to find the one that works well for you!
12. We are being more an more publicly accessible so we need to tell our story. By telling our story in an authentic way you can build better relationships. INC Magazine Article and another About Us article.
13. Marketing 101. Don’t go get new stuff done till, you are clear who you are? what do you do? and who do you serve? Then tweak what you have already in your marketing kit bag.
14. Leverage Blog as a nucleus of your social media strategy – to build your credibility, visibility and your saleability.

Virtual Marketing Hugs!

-The Marketing Therapist®

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