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Kelly Kohen
That time that Seth Godin replied to one of our blog posts

It’s no secret that the Wild Web Women¬ģ at WMT LOVE Seth Godin. His words of wisdom inspire, encourage and entertain. SO, you can imagine our giddiness when he not only replied to one of our blog posts (written when we launched WMT), but even subscribed to our blog! You can click the image below to read the post and see his comment ūüôā

We heart Seth Godin!

(our¬†egos were soooo inflated when this happened…had to share the fab memory!)

Ourwmt_heart copy1 for Seth Godin lives on!


Kelly Kohen
Be stubborn about your goals!

Do you ever find yourself stuck either professionally or personally and end up mindlessly trolling through Facebook to give your brain a break from the puzzle of life?

¬†I admit that when I have been heads down on a project and can’t seem to get over a hump or simply can’t focus on work any more after hours in front of the computer, I turn to social media as a way to clear my mind and just zone out a bit.

With my love of animals, I am always drawn to the cute or funny animal videos. Last night I was watching a video that shows a honey badger named Stoffel and his determination to escape each and every enclosure his keepers create to keep him safe from lion attacks. It is amazing to see all the ways he devised to get out.

Today a friend posted the quote “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote and Stoffel¬†embodies¬†it¬†perfectly. BE LIKE STOFFEL!¬†It’s so important to realize that although your goal may never change, the way you get there might not always be the way you¬†had planned!

For some motivation to keep going, watch this adorable honey badger as he gets super creative in reaching his goal!

Anne Orfila
Instagram Hipster Barbie Shows Us ‘Authentic Living’

Hipster Barbie on Instagram, AKA Socality Barbie (@socalitybarbie), has taken the Instagram world by storm (#seriously #worlddomination #1millionfollowers) and given many of us comic relief with her mockery of an Instagram account.

The Instagram app was created to show spontaneity in life (#authentic photos) and, for some users, it has turned into a display of staged photos (that are staged to not look staged) to show others what a #blessed life they have. Socality Barbie’s array of photos include stage-not-staged scenic photos that employ tons of (useless) hashtags and emoticons.



Her account bio description includes “Authentic Living” – poking fun at those who try to pass off their Instagram pictures as #authentic but are clearly not.



From a professional and personal point of view, it is so easy to get caught up in getting just the “right” image for my social media accounts. So when Socality Barbie’s Instagram account¬†was brought to my attention, it 1) made me laugh and 2) re-focused my view on what to share (or not to share).

This is social media – S O C I A L. ¬†Be REAL, be you, being real isn’t perfect, so relax and have fun.

Thanks Socality Barbie for being so #authentic and funny!. I am ever so #grateful.

Kelly Kohen
Social Media – Timing is Everything

Social Media is confusing for a lot of business owners.  You want to be genuine and offer value to your followers on Facebook and Twitter as well as connections on LinkedIn, but you also want to ensure they are reading and seeing all this wonderful information you are sharing.  What are the prime times to post?

Being the proud owner of two cats, I could easily relate to all of the fun kitty puns in Kimi Mongello’s post¬†discussing the best times to post on different social media platforms. ¬†While these times may vary depending on your business, they are a good starting point!

Thanks for the paw-fect infographic, Kimi!

Kimi Mongello at created a great infographic demonstrating when to post on different social media sites.

Kelly Kohen
LinkedIn Profile Picture Stress

This is a blog about my experience post-social media marketing intervention. ¬†Lorrie Thomas Ross (aka The Marketing Therapist) was teaching a Social Media Marketing¬†class at UC Berkeley Extension¬†in San Francisco and during her class she typically pulls up our agency’s social media pages to demonstrate best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. When she pulled up Web Marketing Therapy’s company page, the class saw¬†my LinkedIn profile and there was NO PROFILE PICTURE-gasp! ¬†While this may sound trivial, pictures online speak a thousand words and my lack of photo made our company profile look incomplete.

The intervention was peaceful. ¬†I didn’t cry, we had a virtual group hug and I agreed to do the work to update my LinkedIn profile. After a healthy talk with Lorrie on the marketing therapy couch, we broke down the reason that I didn’t do this simple personal branding tactic (which also impacts corporate branding).

For some, choosing a profile picture might be a simple task.  But for me-it is STRESSFUL!

I have been a part of the Web Marketing Therapy team for just shy of 6 years. ¬†I also have a 6 year old son. ¬†So for those of you that are great at math, you have probably figured out by now that I have been a mom for as long as I have worked at WMT. ¬†I have a few things working against me in finding a professional profile “headshot”.

  1. We are a virtual agency-This means I don’t interact in person with ANY of our clients or the rest of my team on a daily basis (Perhaps we meet for a random business dinner or conference run in, but it is RARE!) ¬†My office is my wonderful desk that overlooks my front yard OR my favorite recliner. ¬†This means I really wouldn’t have to get dressed…ever…I could stay in my PJ’s all day!
  2. As a mom, I grab every spare second of kid-free moments to work. ¬† See #1 – Combine these two things and it means that I am in my favorite Athleta workout gear pretty much 24/7, hair up in a pony tail, little to no make-up, in the hopes that between work and being a mom, I’ll fit in my marathon training runs.
  3. My husband works – a lot! ¬†He is a veterinarian, doing a residency at a busy hospital. ¬†Nights out on the town (either for just the two of us or for girl’s night out) are rare. ¬†Refer back to #1 and #2-and you’ll find I’m STILL in my workout gear – pretty much 24/7.
  4. I take most of our family pictures-therefore I am rarely in any of our family shots (okay, this may be by choice!)
  5. I’m more like Sporty Spice than Posh Spice – I’m most comfortable in, you guessed it, workout gear.

Combine all the above and it’s probably easy to understand why my LinkedIn profile picture is blank and why finding an appropriate selfie is a very difficult task!

Just to give you some idea of what a battle this was, here are some of the pictures I had to choose from (after searching “Photos of You” on my Facebook page) which has tons of photos-but again, nothing that even comes close to “professional headshot” status and most have someone else in the picture with me. ¬†Here we go:

Jungle Apocalypse (the theme for my husband’s vet school end of year bash)

Jungle Apocolypse

Mom – (with my wonderful son attached to my hip)Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.12.42 AM Hat shotsScreen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.11.53 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.10.21 AM

Too few and far between meetings with my WMT Team

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.13.05 AM

SO, for those of you that are fretting about finding the perfect professional shot for your social media pages-you are not alone!

Your social media profile is part of your personal brand. ¬†Your personal brand also reflects your company’s brand. ¬†What I learned was to not overthink the photo. ¬†The photo needs to look like you and be professional (no baseball caps, etc.).