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Lorrie Thomas
The Secret to Being a Successful Digital Marketer

Do you know what the secret is to being a successful digital marketer? 

If I asked this question to a room full of professionals, most of them would guess that it’s being knowledgeable in the technical parts of marketing: knowing SEO, SEM, how to buy ads, knowing the best times to post on social media, how to build and manage a website, graphic skills for photos, and much more along those lines.

All of those are great answers and true. Having a handle on any of those skills is going to give your marketing career a big boost. That’s no secret.

But that is not the key to success. When I spoke with Matt Krumrie, Director of Content Management for Power Network for his article on marketing career success, I told him that the the number 1 skill needed to succeed throughout your marketing career is not tech-related, it is the ability to communicate clearly.Web Marketing Therapy: The Secret to Being a Successful Digital Marketer

Whether you are a college grad seeking to launch a successful marketing career or a professional who has decided to launch your own business and has suddenly found that marketing is now part of the job, being an artful communicator is just as important as knowing the technical stuff.

“The world we live in is phone/text heavy, but this ‘quick and dirty’ method of communication will only leave the marketing grad dirty career-wise. Whether it is an email to your boss, selling something, writing copy for a social media post or an ad, the ability to communicate in a compelling way (and online, that means pithy, powerful text) is critical.

Strong communication skills are needed at every level of online and offline marketing, from writing ad copy to emailing a boss or reaching out to a new client. I loved being interviewed to talk about the skills college grads need to succeed in Matt’s article titled Marketing Careers: Combination of Technical and Soft Skills Key to Success.

How do you sharpen your communication skills? Practice makes perfect. There are so many ways to practice your communication skills in everyday life – strike up a conversation with the clerk at the store, email your child’s teacher, write a thank you note to your neighbor. Sharpen your writing communication skills by writing more, listening more, and reading a lot. Take the time each day to read any book, magazine, newspaper, or online news story that catches your eye. The best part is that once your communication skills are sharp, they will rarely dull, instead they will only become even better with use.

Happy Marketing!

Bad Addiction, Good Addiction

bad addictionWhile our marketing agency is quick to talk about addictions when it comes to social media, etc, we do like to weave in healthy tips (that aren’t related directly to marketing) because our health choices do impact our wealth!! Today I’m going to talk about how to swap a bad addiction with a good one.

BAD ADDICTION: It’s a bad idea to turn to sugary foods for a “quick fix” yet most of us do this unconsciously thinking we are hungry. In reality, most likely we’re tired (see the Importance of Sleep post here), thirsty or both! Eating too much sugar makes you crash; not a winning strategy for an entrepreneur with an overflowing inbox. Believe it or not, one of the reasons we crave sugar once we start eating it is because our body is registering the intake as not nourishing the body (fed, but not nourished). But enough of the bad, let’s look at a good replacement.

While productivity and health go hand in hand, here is a simple success formula to follow:
cut sugar, add water!

A Business Journal article titled, “15 Terrible Things That Happen If You Eat Too Much Sugar”, sites newly drafted World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for sugar consumption. Currently, the average American consumes 22 teaspoons per person per day; that’s four times the amount considered healthy by the new WHO guidelines!

These new guidelines recommend that Americans consume no more than 5% of their daily calories from sugar – down from 10%. To an average, healthy adult, that would mean 25 grams, or about six teaspoons of sugar per day. That means roughly 10 Hershey’s Kisses or a single can of Coke. Realistically, most Americans have an overdeveloped addiction to sugar.

It wasn’t always this way.

Your grandmother intrinsically knew that too much sugar would lead to cavities, weight gain and losing your appetite for healthy food. What she could never know is that sugar abuse also contributes to some of the worst chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, liver failure, pancreatic cancer.  Read the entire article here.

drinking_water_is_healthier_can_candyOkay, enough of the negative, let’s get to the positive point.

GOOD ADDICTION: So, if we were to get rid of our sugar addiction, what would we replace it with? That’s easy: water!

A Web MD article: “6 Reasons to Drink Water” highlights how drinking water (either plain or in the form of other fluids or foods) is essential to your health.

The overwhelming evidence shows that putting down sugar in favor of water can help achieve the following six health benefits:

  • Maintain the balance of body fluids.
  • Control calories.
  • Energize muscles.
  • Keeps skin looking fresh.
  • Help kidney function.
  • Maintain normal bowel function.

American Council on Exercise provided simple guidelines for adequate water consumption.

Below are even more reasons to pick up the H2O:

  • Water composes 75 percent of all muscle tissue and about 10 percent of fatty tissue.
  • Water acts within each cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste.
  • Water composes more than half of the human body.
  • It’s impossible to sustain life for more than a week without it.

An easy guideline to follow is to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water every day (not including tea and other beverages.) If you exercise, you may want to drink at least your total weight in water daily. I drink up to a gallon a day as it helps fuel my body and control my appetite.

Team Web Marketing Therapy loves candy and sweet tasting goodies. Love aside, some of us have given up our addiction to refined sweets (yours truly!) and others have moderated theirs.

If your reliance on sugar is getting out of hand, be proud you recognized it then get your liter bottle of water and chug away. You will feel and look better for it and so will your marketing efforts!


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Maximize Marketing Relationships This Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to remind our web marketing savvy readers on the importance of cultivating relationships in regards to your marketing. Marketing is not just about the tools we use (Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogging, etc.) but how we use them to create meaningful relationships with our clients and customers.
WMT Marketing Relationships
Don’t be stumped about ways to boost your marketing relationships. Our simple steps below help give you a confidence lift to get out there and start having meaningful correspondence with your customers:
  • Listen to your customers and web visitors by paying attention to the questions, comments and interactions people are having with your organization through your web marketing tools.
  • Follow through by taking a moment to comment back, answer questions, pose questions, share new things and become involved in your markets online community. People appreciate being heard and responded to.
  • Pay attention to what people are responding to you can better tailor your content to work for you. See what content your clients are interacting with and what the most “liked” itmes are that you share. Also explore the types of things your fans are following – a little marketing research – and apply those findings to your content. More than likely you will boost the interactions with followers and friends because you are giving them the relevant content they crave and good service!

So this Valentine’s Day remember that marketing is about maximizing relationships. Let go of the “shoulds” and “what ifs”  for your marketing this year and focus on connecting with customers!

web marketing therapy  relationships

Marketing is about maximizing relationships.

Web Marketing Four Best Practices for 2013

Four Web Marketing Best Practices for 2013Jonathan Gardner, director of communications at Vibrant Media, shares the four best practices for digital marketers in 2013 on Mashable. I agree with Gardner, “it’s exciting to think that a year from now we’ll be buzzing about all new startups, fresh apps to obsess over and maybe even a new device or two we can’t imagine ever having lived without.” According to Gardner, “in the realm of digital marketing, the writing’s already on the wall. ” And here are the trends, he shares, we need to watch in 2013.

#1. 2013, the “Year of Mobile”


  • There is some promising evidence of consumer engagement on mobile, via branded content and targeted app development, and there will be more in the coming year.
  • See how brands leverage location technology and social-media data to amp up their marketing, especially as mobile commerce generates more attention.

#2. Consumer  = Control

  • In 2013,  put the consumer first, which means engagement on their number-one (probably mobile) device, contextual relevance and need anticipation.
  • As Dan Pappalardo wrote recently, “Disruptive messaging is not as effective – or tolerated – as it once was. So instead of asserting a one-way brand message, marketers are now creating relevant experiences to organically align brands with consumers. These experiences themselves are becoming brand platforms.”

#3. Social Media Marketing Will Grow Up

  • Marketers have yet to catch up to the social media obsession.
  • According to Gardner, “Twitter and Pinterest still serve high demand, and even though Facebook is slowing a bit, the mega site still pulls in content by the petabyte.”

#4.  Viewability will be tackled

  • A report from AdSafe Media found that fewer than half of all online ads passed a basic test of viewability.  Marketers are asking, and justifiably so: Why pay for premium placement when, odds are, consumers won’t even see our ads?
  • The route to the consumer is a completely viewable, entirely relevant in-content solution that displays ads where consumers are looking: within text, photos and videos.

Anne Orfila
iPhone Turns 5! An Ode to the iPhone

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear iPhone . . .
Happy birthday to you! Cha Cha Cha!

Today marks the five year birthday of the iPhone, and I would say that plenty of people out there are so happy the iPhone was “born”. Did you know that 75% of the smartphone market – a whopping 218 million users – are on the iPhone? Including me (finally)!

I was almost the last of the Wild Web Women (ahem, Lorrie) to switch over and I cannot imagine my life without it!  So I wrote this Ode to the iPhone in honor of this special day:

you are myEyes (camera)
you are myEars (phone)
you are myScheduler (calender)
you are myReminder (alerts)
you are myConnector (texts)
you are myFun-When-I-am-Waiting-Somewhere (games)
you are myEncyclopedia (internet)
you are myGuide (maps)
you are myTimekeeper (clock, stopwatch, timer)
iPhone: I am so glad you are myPhone
you are always there for me

What does your iPhone do for you? Tell me in the comments below!