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Anne Orfila
Boost Your Facebook Business Page with a Template

Can you think of a business – large or small – that doesn’t have a Facebook page?

Since most businesses have a Facebook page, you need to always be looking for ways to stand out and make yours count.

Make sure your Facebook page is user-friendly, understandable, easy to navigate and sells your product, brand, service, etc., Here is an easy way to help do this:

Give your Facebook Business Page a Boost – Assign it a “Template”.
There are 7 Facebook page templates available that have built-in default buttons and tabs specifically designed to help your type of Facebook business page. The templates are:

  • Services: This template is designed to help people find your services and get in touch. The “Call Now” button encourages people to take action.
  • Business: This is great for B2B Facebook pages. It helps you manage ways to post jobs and special offers.
  • Venues: Use the Venue template for Facebook business pages that host gatherings and events. It can highlight useful information like your venue’s hours, location, and upcoming events. A “Learn More” button encourages users to find out more about what is going on.
  • Nonprofit: This template highlights your cause and encourages people to fundraise and donate to your nonprofit.
  • Restaurants & Cafes: Use this template to highlight information about your menu, hours, location, and photos.
  • Shopping: This template is designed to showcase products and make it easy for people to shop online.
  • Politicians: This template helps politicians reach their supporters and communicate their message.

To choose the template that is right for you, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Edit Page’ and ‘Templates’ will show up. Click ‘Edit’ to see the 7 options. Select your template from the list.

Boost Your Facebook Business Page - Web Marketing Tips

*We selected the ‘Services’ template for our WMT Facebook page!

Once you have selected your template, you can further customize your page by turning ‘On’ or ‘Off’ the Tabs that you want to appear on your Facebook business page. Pay attention because everything listed is what is appearing on your Facebook page! Chances are you do not need all those tabs.

Facebook Business Page Templates












If there is a tab that does not pertain to your business and you wish to turn ‘Off’, click on the ‘Settings’ button next to it.

When you turn it ‘Off’, it will no longer be displayed on your Facebook page.


web marketing therapy Facebook tips

Your tabs are displayed in the left column on your Facebook page and look like this to people who visit your page:

Facebook Business Template Tips from Web Marketing Therapy

One last thing! If you selected a ‘Services’ template, don’t forget to add your phone number to the ‘Call Now’ button that is located below your cover photo on the right side. Click on it to add your contact phone number. After that is done, you can hover over the button will bring up other editing options.

Boost Your Facebook Business Page with a Template


You’re almost done! Once your tabs are chosen and your phone number is set up, go back to your Facebook business page and review the changes. Click on the tabs, make sure everything is linking properly, and all information is appearing in the order that you wish to see it.

It looks like template options for Facebook business pages was rolled out in the beginning of this year. In my investigation, many businesses have not yet taken advantage of them! If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you jump in there now and make these simple changes to give your Facebook business page a boost.

Happy Social Media Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
Easy Content Creation Ideas – Healthy Hashtag Help

Do you ever have those “what the heck should I post to social media?!” moments? We get it, we’ve been there. Spare unnecessary social media marketing stress – schedule posts in advance with a little help from some healthy hashtags.

The hashtags below are ones that can help guide your post creation. You don’t have to post to all of these every week (be natural!), these are simply suggestions when you have social media content writing block 🙂


      • #MusicMonday – Share what you are listening to.
        Example post: Focus time at @WebMarketing_RX. Headphones on, listening to Classical For Studying station on @pandoramusic. #MusicMonday
      • #motivationmonday – Post content that is motivational to your audience. Images are content too ya know!
        Example post: Why dream of success when you can wake up and work for it? #mondaymotivation #wildwebwomen


          • #TravelTuesday – Where are you working from today? Share where and tag the location if that works for you!
          • #TuesdayTreat – What are you treating yourself to today? Also a great opportunity to tag other brands for more connection
          • #TipTuesday – We love this one. Giving your audience tips is a healthy way to keep people happy!
            Example post: Don’t stress about content marketing! Use this simple #contentmarketing tip! #TipTuesday


          • #WisdomWednesday – Share quotes or wise advice. Images work really well for this one!
            Example post: “Do or do not; there is no try.” -Yoda #wisdomwednesday
          • #WomanCrushWednesday – We also run a women’s coaching and community site called so we looove sharing women who inspire us with this one!
          • #WellnessWednesday. Self-explanatory.
            Example Post: Stop Business Stress and Anxiety – Start with Exercise via @WebMarketing_RX  #WellnessWednesday


          • #ThankfulThursday -Share reasons to be thankful. For us, we are thankful for our work from home jobs. You can also share things you are thankful for, people you are thankful for.
          • #ThursdayFunday – Post fun finds!


      • #FollowFriday – This is a fun one to give love to people you like! #FF is also used for Follow Friday.
      • #FridayFunday – like #ThursdayFunDay, share fun things!
      • #FridayReads – Give a shout out for great blog posts/books to share!

If this post was helpful, click to tweet it! Happy Content Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
Marketing Is About Relationships, Not Sales

Marketing is not just a means to make sales. Marketing creates and cultivates and relationships.

There is a big difference between a transaction and a relationship. A one time sale has to be replaced with another one to keep a business alive. You have to start the process over and over again to get one result. A relationship can grow and refer you to other relationships. Marketing that matters will get you the results you want.

The next time you wonder if it’s worth your time to blog, post to social media, send a personal thank you card or go the extra mile to offer great customer service, remember that all of this is part of the marketing puzzle.

While the world of web marketing is highly techy, remember that being high on personal touch will set you apart from the competition.


Lorrie Thomas
Diagnosis: Digital Marketing Projection Disorder

In therapy, the term “projection” is used to describe the act of avoiding ownership of one’s behavior by trying to give responsibility another person, organization or thing.

When I see a business leader projecting responsibility for their success on digital marketing, I am quick to diagnose digital marketing projection disorder to help wake them up to reality and get them on the right track.

While digital marketing projection disorder is common, it is also very dangerous.

It is ignorant to expect things like online ads, websites, social media, etc. to magically bring you all the business you desire. People power behavior – behavior powers results. In business, there are three critical areas that must all be working to their fullest to make you money honey:


1) Operations – how well you do what you do. Whether you make and deliver a product or offer a service, your performance is a piece of the puzzle that makes you or breaks you. Happy customers = repeat business and referrals.

2) Admin – how well the business is supported. The #1 reason most small businesses fail is because of failure to collect. No money equals no business honey! Keeping cash flow positive pays the people and vendors who keep the machine running. Your admin procedures are critical.

3) Marketing – how well an organization’s people handle communications, visibility, client connections, service and sales. Marketing is NOT a Facebook page, a website, blog posts, or online ads – those are just example of things that could support awareness, communications, connections, service and sales. These things are tools, tools that need to be driven with strategy and expert execution.

Success is powered by the behavior of people. It takes people to lead operations, administrative work and marketing. You cannot expect tools to take you to where you want to go unless they are powered by the right people. While digital marketing can accelerate growth and success, there are a number of factors that influence results. If online ads are being driven to a crappy website, don’t project blame on the online ads. If a fantastic new website was created with all the best practices (design, copy, search optimization) and sales aren’t pouring in, it’s not the website’s fault, it’s lack of visibility work to drive traffic to the website. Positive behavior is needed to yield positive results. You have to look at the whole puzzle to really see where holes in success lie.

My digital marketing firm supports business leaders in their pursuit of success. When I see people struggle, it often starts with the behavior of the leaders – their willingness to make connections to generate business or hire people to help them do things in a quality manner or fix things that are barriers to their success. Whether we are offering web marketing services like social media marketing, online advertising management, search marketing, online PR or website creation, optimization and management, I always make a point to educate any new client that They are BATMAN, digital marketing is ROBIN.

Digital marketing has your back…it can support you with awareness, information distribution, education, even with customer service and sales, but you need to take responsibility for owning your super powers to succeed (and sometimes that means hiring help or being willing to change). 🙂

If you really want to go to the next level with your business, you have to be willing to grow and that means taking responsibility for changing behavior…your behavior, the behavior of people powering your business or the behavior of the people supporting your business.

We cannot have change until we are willing to change. If something does not fly, say goodbye! More on that in my Hoarding: Digital Marketing Diagnosis post.

Here’s to Happy, Healthy Marketing!
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Lorrie Thomas
Overcoming Sales Funnel Tunnel Vision

The marketing sales funnel idea (getting consumers into a funnel, only to push some through) has always seemed a little icky to me. Consumers don’t fall perfectly down a funnel, they often weave back and forth, making their unique way to a purchase decision. When asked to address the sales funnel in a speech, I immediately had tunnel vision. All I could envision was the dark, ick, bleh, stale old funnel. How on earth was I going to teach sales with a model I didn’t believe in? I began my speech prep by asking for was visual therapy time. I asked Wil, WMT’s design lead to create sales funnels of the past. Below is the traditional one and one that shows a funnel with multiple paths which looked even more crappy…can you say small intestine?

 sales_funnel_oldNew Sales Funnel copy

I do not believe in a “get ’em in and push ’em out” sales approach, but I do respect the sales process. Hell or high water, I was going to give sales value in my talk. In today’s web world, people engage with brands in so many ways, coming in through multiple channels, connecting, buying and staying loyal to a brand and repeatedly buying!

I simply don’t believe in the traditional sales model because it’s crappy and heartless….sales has heart!

Thank goodness I work with a designer (thank you Wil!) who I can pontificate to, who gets my analogies (and in this case, analogy…pardon the pun!) and can then turn my rants into beautiful concepts. To overcome sales funnel tunnel vision, you have to think about marketing with a heart-centric approach. You have to show you care! I’m talking LOVE!

If you want to overcome sales funnel tunnel vision, you have to rethink the model.

new sales funnel

No matter what you do, social media, SEO, blog posts, ads, emails…you have to do it from a place of heart – to connect with your target customer. When we accept that our consumers hold the power of who they choose, the stress of “how to market” to them goes away and leaves us with a healthy “how can I serve them?” mindset that can transform the way you work. Our best customers are our current customers. Instead of trying to squeeze that sale, think instead about how you can serve them and also use web marketing to stay in touch with them and keep the love alive.

When I gave my talk and walked my session attendees through these slides, phone cameras went off taking pictures of the heart model. I actually had to hold before moving to my next slide to appease photo snappers! I guess I wasn’t the only one tired of the icky, old model.

When you approach your marketing from a place of heart, you are far more likely to connect and convert customers.

Here’s to marketing that matters!

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Anne Orfila
Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram - Best Practices and MoreIf your business is looking to connect with a young and growing audience then advertising on the photo-sharing site Instagram may be a great online advertising option. Instagram (whose parent company is Facebook) recently launched advertising options for businesses of all sizes. All you need to start up your Instagram ad campaign is a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

I am a huge advocate of advertising on social media whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Before we explore advertising on Instagram, let’s talk about how social media ads can up the ante for any business – large or small. Here is my “short” list 😉 of what you can stand to gain by advertising on social media:

  • Promotion of your business, products, and/or services
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand growth
  • More website visitors
  • Increase in sales
  • New customers and/or leads

Will all of the above happen for you? Maybe or maybe not. But it’s highly likely that something will happen if you advertise as opposed to staying status quo if you do not.

With that said, let’s take a look at advertising on Instagram.


Instagram currently offers 3 ad formats:

  • Photo Ads: Most similar to an Instagram post, these ads allow businesses to use one photo to tell (sell) their story.
  • Video Ads: Share a video up to 30 seconds long and in landscape format that includes sound.
  • Carousel Ads: These ads can host up to 4 images where users swipe to see the additional images.


Use Instagram ads to:

  • Send people to your website with a call-to-action button (“Book Now”, “Download”, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up”, etc).
  • Get people to install your mobile app.
  • Create mass awareness of your brand and/or product.
  • Tell a story using video.


Use your Facebook Power Editor to set up and manage your Instagram advertising with ease. The cool part is that you you have almost as many targeting options as when advertising on Facebook. For those who have not advertised on Facebook, the targeting capabilities are extensive. Choose your audience based on demographics, interests, location, and much more.

–> With 400 million+ active users per month, 3.5 billion “Likes” daily, and over 75 million daily users, your ad is pretty much guaranteed to be seen by someone!


If you decide to advertise on Instagram, make it count! Follow these best practice tips to make your ad(s) outstanding.

Image Matters

When it comes to Instagram – a site based on photo-sharing – your “image” matters. Use a high quality image that is not pixelated, blurry, or grainy. When taking the photo, use natural lighting, if possible, and keep the content in focus without having too much going on in the background. Nix the use of borders as this draws attention away from the content in the image.

Be Original

Don’t use stock photos. Instagram users are all about sharing a captured moment. Using a stock photo – that most likely people have seen somewhere else – reduces the authenticity of your content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Your picture should speak for itself. Use few, if any, words in your image. Share what you need to say in the caption.

Hashtag Lightly

Creating a hashtag to capture your brand or product is fun! (e.g. –> #webmarketingtherapyworks) Also, using popular hashtags to connect with people using the hashtag can create visibility if it is relevant. Whatever you do, don’t over do it! Recommendation: 1 to 3 hashtags.

Consistency is Key

Your ad(s) should be in line with your brand and/or what you are promoting. Keeping consistency between your ads is also recommended. Your audience will better understand what you are trying to communicate if your ads are not all over the place.

Listen and Learn

Your ad(s) will accrue likes and comments. Listen to how your audience is responding to your message. The comments will clue you in on whether your advertising is a hit or bust.


Advertising on Instagram is a whole new way to engage an audience. Using the best practices outlined above will help you kick off an Instagram advertising campaign that is effective and results-driven to attract new customers and interact with those that you already have. #WinWin