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Anne Orfila
How To Up Your Instagram Game

800 million users are actively on Instagram every month. So how do you make your posts stand out more than the other 799,999,999 users?

Here’s my secret: Emojis!

Think of emojis as the bullet points of Instagram. When I’m posting for myself, or on behalf of Web Marketing Therapy clients, I use emojis liberally because they give my post some eye candy (helping to draw a reader to my post over others without emojis) and they also help to break up a long post.

Instagram generously allows us to post a lot (2,200 characters to be exact) but remember that most everyone is viewing your post on their phone. This means that if you have a lengthy post, it’s going to look like a novel on their phone. So break up the monotony! Use emojis and get creative! Make it fun! Up your Instagram game with emojis and watch your engagement grow.

See for yourself! Here are my “before” emojis and “after” emojis Instagram post examples below:

Web Marketing Therapy Up Your Instagram Game

🙂 Happy Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
Marketing Is About Relationships, Not Sales

Marketing is not just a means to make sales. Marketing creates and cultivates and relationships.

There is a big difference between a transaction and a relationship. A one time sale has to be replaced with another one to keep a business alive. You have to start the process over and over again to get one result. A relationship can grow and refer you to other relationships. Marketing that matters will get you the results you want.

The next time you wonder if it’s worth your time to blog, post to social media, send a personal thank you card or go the extra mile to offer great customer service, remember that all of this is part of the marketing puzzle.

While the world of web marketing is highly techy, remember that being high on personal touch will set you apart from the competition.


Kelly Kohen
Be stubborn about your goals!

Do you ever find yourself stuck either professionally or personally and end up mindlessly trolling through Facebook to give your brain a break from the puzzle of life?

 I admit that when I have been heads down on a project and can’t seem to get over a hump or simply can’t focus on work any more after hours in front of the computer, I turn to social media as a way to clear my mind and just zone out a bit.

With my love of animals, I am always drawn to the cute or funny animal videos. Last night I was watching a video that shows a honey badger named Stoffel and his determination to escape each and every enclosure his keepers create to keep him safe from lion attacks. It is amazing to see all the ways he devised to get out.

Today a friend posted the quote “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote and Stoffel embodies it perfectly. BE LIKE STOFFEL! It’s so important to realize that although your goal may never change, the way you get there might not always be the way you had planned!

For some motivation to keep going, watch this adorable honey badger as he gets super creative in reaching his goal!

Lorrie Thomas
Stay on Your Marketing Journey!

wmt_butterfly_quote_blogI came across this quote “Perhaps the butterfly is proof… that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.” and it spoke to me in a number of ways.

Whether you are an entrepreneur on a professional journey, an organization cleaning up a marketing mess, a company going through a rebrand, or if you are personally going through some $#!t (let’s be real, life happens) remember the power of staying on the path to where you want to go is SO worth it.

I look back to when I started my business back in 2005. It was a dark time. I was going through a divorce, my father died unexpectedly, I was up to my eyeballs in debt, was trying to get through grad school and I was in the early stages of starting a business. I accepted the fact that I was in “cocoon” mode, hunkered down, kept my focus and had faith that I would emerge beautifully.

I was re-marketing myself (as a single person, a businesswoman & a company leader) as well as launching and marketing Web Marketing Therapy. I knew where I wanted to go personally and professionally and I held that vision with me every day. It wasn’t always cozy in that cocoon. I had dark and scary days, but I embraced the daze of creation and kept my focus.

A decade later, I work with my wasband, I’m happily remarried, I’m a mom, paid off my debt, I got that degree (negotiating marketing work with my university in exchange for tuition is another blog topic in itself!) and WMT is a happy, healthy, kick-ass company.

Life isn’t always pretty, but it’s pretty wonderful when you embrace the journey. You CAN spread your wings and fly!!!

Virtual marketing hugs,
The Marketing Therapist®


Lorrie Thomas
Be a Better Boss – Lead With Love

Lorrie Thomas Ross - Lead with Love

I was quoted in an article by Business News Daily called 21 Ways to Be a Better Boss. I am so grateful that my point was included.

So many managerial tips focus on tactics. I truly believe that if more leaders led from the inside out — starting with love for their company, love for their customers and love for the people who help drive the company, decisions would be more clear (including how to address tough love topics).

I run my digital marketing agency and web-based business community for women from a place of love (and believe me, it’s not all cake and roses!) But my love is real, the passion is my driving force. I am clear on who I am, why I do what I do and leading with love helps ensure I surround myself with the right team, clients, vendors and more.

Leading with love applies to your marketing work too. If you don’t lead with love, your content, design, and more is not going to shine.  You want to stand out?  Then you have to L O V E.

Leaders loving themselves is also imperative for success. Happy, healthy leaders have wealthier companies!

Be a better boss – Lead with Love! #leadwithlove
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Virtual business hugs,