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Anne Orfila
Web Marketing Management Tools Our Digital Marketing Agency Is Addicted To!

I have a confession.

Image via Pixabay.comThe digital marketing management team at Web Marketing Therapy would not be as organized, efficient, high-powered and streamlined without help from some super supportive web marketing tools. Through trial, error, and research, the following are some web marketing tools we are addicted to (healthy addiction, of course!) that help us keep our work tight and together.

Without further ado, I share with you some of our favorite web marketing tools – you can thank us later! 😉

If you have a message that you want others to share on Twitter, this is the tool for you!

Clicktotweet allows you to create a fully tweet-able link (meaning people just click and it tweets exactly what you want them to post!). You need a Twitter account to use this. When a visitor clicks on your link, the message gets auto-inserted in their Twitter status box. They click and – boom! – your message is shared. In addition, there is tracking and analytics of your messages.

Cost: This awesome tool is FREE. We made one for this post – click here to tweet it!

If you want to save time managing all of your social media accounts on one easy dashboard, this tool is for you!

Hootsuite allows you to schedule unlimited social media messages and respond to messages across your social networks. You set it and forget it! Analytics reports also show you what is working and what isn’t.

Cost: Variable pricing structure depending on number of social media profiles you are managing.

Boomerang for Gmail
If you want to take control of your inbox, this tool is for you!

Boomerang is your personal assistant for your email account. Write an email and schedule it to send later, check! Got an email that will be relevant in a few days? Click it away and it will be brought back into your inbox when you want it to be there, check! Don’t let any emails fall through the cracks. If you are sending out an email that needs a reply, you can select to be reminded if no one replies, check! And much more.

Cost: Varies by usage between $4.99 per month up to $49.99 per month.

If you want your video to look professional, this is the tool for you!

Make great videos, easily. Choose a style and song, customize your video with photos, video clips, and text. Produce it and share. Animato is user-friendly. You don’t need to be a videographer to look like one.

Cost: Varies by what features you want to utilize. Starting at $8 per month up to $34 per month.

If you want a more efficient way to manage hi-res emails between your team and/or clients, then this tool is for you!

Hightail gives you dedicated space for team members or clients to preview hi-res images and videos without downloading them. It also allows viewers to comment and provide feedback in context and lets people know when you need their input with actionable notifications.

Cost: Varies from $125 per month to $325 per month or customizable prices for larger options.

This last one isn’t really a tool, but more of a tip…

Share Buttons
Just like you learned in preschool, sharing is the best way to play together. 

If you want people to see your blog – and share with others – then having share buttons on your blog is A MUST! Read our blog post about the importance of making your content easily share-able.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New!

All of the above web marketing tools are tried and true. We know, because our WMT team uses all of them. I believe that they all offer some sort of free trial so if one – or more – jumps out at you, don’t be afraid to try it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work for you and there is no money lost. The best that could happen is that it takes your business to the next level.

Happy, healthy marketing!


Lorrie Thomas
Easy Content Creation Ideas – Healthy Hashtag Help

Do you ever have those “what the heck should I post to social media?!” moments? We get it, we’ve been there. Spare unnecessary social media marketing stress – schedule posts in advance with a little help from some healthy hashtags.

The hashtags below are ones that can help guide your post creation. You don’t have to post to all of these every week (be natural!), these are simply suggestions when you have social media content writing block 🙂


      • #MusicMonday – Share what you are listening to.
        Example post: Focus time at @WebMarketing_RX. Headphones on, listening to Classical For Studying station on @pandoramusic. #MusicMonday
      • #motivationmonday – Post content that is motivational to your audience. Images are content too ya know!
        Example post: Why dream of success when you can wake up and work for it? #mondaymotivation #wildwebwomen


          • #TravelTuesday – Where are you working from today? Share where and tag the location if that works for you!
          • #TuesdayTreat – What are you treating yourself to today? Also a great opportunity to tag other brands for more connection
          • #TipTuesday – We love this one. Giving your audience tips is a healthy way to keep people happy!
            Example post: Don’t stress about content marketing! Use this simple #contentmarketing tip! #TipTuesday


          • #WisdomWednesday – Share quotes or wise advice. Images work really well for this one!
            Example post: “Do or do not; there is no try.” -Yoda #wisdomwednesday
          • #WomanCrushWednesday – We also run a women’s coaching and community site called so we looove sharing women who inspire us with this one!
          • #WellnessWednesday. Self-explanatory.
            Example Post: Stop Business Stress and Anxiety – Start with Exercise via @WebMarketing_RX  #WellnessWednesday


          • #ThankfulThursday -Share reasons to be thankful. For us, we are thankful for our work from home jobs. You can also share things you are thankful for, people you are thankful for.
          • #ThursdayFunday – Post fun finds!


      • #FollowFriday – This is a fun one to give love to people you like! #FF is also used for Follow Friday.
      • #FridayFunday – like #ThursdayFunDay, share fun things!
      • #FridayReads – Give a shout out for great blog posts/books to share!

If this post was helpful, click to tweet it! Happy Content Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
How to Achieve Marketing Success

Every organization needs to make web marketing a priority.  When I say web marketing, I’m not talking about obnoxious marketing ads that make people feel uncomfortable. Ads are only a tiny piece of the marketing puzzle. I’m talking about using the web to maximize relationships and educate users about your service or product.

Marketing is an investment. The more you put into it, the more success you can grow. My five factors on how to succeed on the wild, wild web follow:


Credibility consists of design, brand, and our overall image. I’m here to tell you that looks matter, even online. Having a professional website design can definitely boost your credibility. Your website should be engaging and have a clear visual of what your brand represents.

Fun fact: the about page is one of the top pages visited on most sites. Make your about page engaging by sharing your story in a way that will capture readers. Your story telling may = marketing selling power to show your credentials, reason for being in business and more.  Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be interesting online.

Having a press page can also boost your credibility online. Actually, every organization should have a press page, even if they’ve never been in the media. You can always write your own press releases and add it to your press page. It’s a way to educate your current and prospective customers as well as potentially attract media attention.


Think of usability as a guiding light. Are you guiding people where you want them to go when they are on your sites? Usability entails of having a clear view of your goals and then creating a strategy to fulfill those goals. Your objective should be to attract the right people into your site and eventually into your sales funnel. You can easily add usability to your online website by including a phone number and an email sign-up box on your home page. These little calls of actions will guide your potential clients to pick up the phone or email you, getting them closer into your sales funnel!

The top right corner of your website is often the most viewed online real estate – are you using this to help funnel people to take a desired action (make a call, sign for a newsletter, get a free trial…?)


You can be the best at what you do but if nobody knows, what’s the point?  Visibility includes search engine marketing (SEM).  When using terms for SEO, think of key phrases, not just words alone. For example, if a jeweler from Santa Barbara added “jeweler” as a keyword in their meta data, they wouldn’t get a strong boost on their SEO. However, if they were more specific and said “Santa Barbara Jeweler” instead, their SEO efforts would be more successful. Search engines are always looking for sites with clear code, so it is vital that you are clear in your key phrases.

Online ads can also work if they are targeted to the right people. So can press releases and social media. Employ multiple visibility methods to help increase your brand’s visibility.


Part of sellability is about being an authority figure online. One way you can be an authority figure is by blogging. Share your wisdom and teach what you know! This will not only increase sellability, it will boost your credibility.

Testimonials are also important in helping sellability. Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials from your clients and share them on your site. Remember, you are doing your business a favor!

Sellability can also be achieved by sharing your values online. Web Marketing Therapy, Inc. give 1% of our sales to One Percent of the Planet because we truly care about the planet’s well being. We share this on our website, making it visible to our viewers. By doing so, we are sharing our values and we are putting a human factor to our business. Never underestimate the power of sharing your values with your customers!


There’s a saying that goes, “Tell ‘em, tell ‘em what you told them, and tell ‘em again.” This can be applied to your social media. To increase scalability on social media, add links to your social media accounts on your website and email signature as well. This will make your brand more accessible to your potential or current clients.

These five factors won’t be complete overnight. Marketing is a journey, not a destination.  They take investments of your time and constant work. Start by planning out what you need and address the tasks you can start out today. Maybe writing press releases is not for you right now, but you can always start posting educational content on social media. Taking baby steps will eventually help you run towards web success!

And if you’re not ready to take those steps alone, know that we’re around to support you along the way!

Social Media Writing Tips from an Unlikely Content Creator

I am living proof that learning web marketing is not only doable, it’s fun! Only a short while ago, I had a strong sales and marketing resume, but lacked social media marketing skills. After reading the book Groundswell, I understood the need to embrace it or become a dinosaur, so I dug in and learned all I could about social media. I read books, took online courses and webinars, and gorged myself. Soon, I was creating search friendly content for Web Marketing Therapy having a blast and happy to say, getting positive results!

Social Media Logos

Social Media Logos

Strong social media campaigns begin with great content, but it’s only part of the web marketing equation. I understood this through Multitasking Marketing as I witnessed first-hand the power a sales brochure, a press release or an article could have once it was web shared using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn et al.

Spending my days on the web has resulted in the gift of social media knowledge. Here are some tips I can pass along that took my content writing to the next level:

  • Write for your reader first, search engines second. Keywords and phrases are a necessary part of content but should be “blended” into the text so it reads and flows properly. Google changes its algorithms often, (the most recent, Penguin explained by WordTracker ) making the creation of white hat content (legitimate, authentic content) even more important no matter what.
  • People scan online content, they don’t read. Use bullet points and titles as much as possible.  Killer, catchy keyword-rich tiles will provide more “link juice” to make the search engines happier and also make text scanning easier on the eyes.  Rule of thumb: if you can see your content on the page from 5 feet away, it has a better chance of getting read.
  • Link It! – Linking provides useful information for your readers and the search engines love ‘em. Always try to insert a few outbound links as well as internal linking to other pages on your site with relevant information. The more you link, the more it encourages inbound links from others, and the better the search engine ranking. Note: Make sure to give proper credit to authors in your posts and social media efforts – it’s good for everyone!
  • Become a Twixpert! Don’t know Twitter? You should because it is one of the fastest growing social networks that can help boost your business. At least learn the basics (we have a great Twitorial on our Shop Therapy page under eBooks) then give it a try and see how much fun it can be.

Remember: Continuing Education Matters – Staying relevant and informed is necessary. Social media platforms are always changing and education keeps you ahead of the curve. Online courses are great because they are inexpensive (often free) and self-paced. Here are the best resources I found:

I LOVE that social media marketing challenges my curious mind. Who would have thought only a few years ago, I would be writing and managing social media campaigns for clients – and seeing results! If I can do it, anyone can!

How did you learn social media? Reply to this post or Tweet me:  @themares1 – I’d love to hear your stories.

Web Marketing Therapy – Not Just For Therapists

We get asked a lot where the Web Marketing Therapy name came from….it’s not just marketing for therapists!

Since we are all about proactive communication at the agency, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the “WHY” of our name.

The true nature of our name Web Marketing Therapy stems from our deeply rooted belief in the power of helping professionals and organizations help themselves.  Our name was a result of years of listening to client feedback.  We were told things like:
We feel like you just did therapy on our marketing! You just took all the overwhelm out of my marketing management.  I want to get on your marketing therapy couch.  You (Lorrie Thomas Ross, WMT’s founder) are like my marketing therapist!

So in 2009, we changed our name to Web Marketing Therapy to embrace our mission to be advisors, supportive marketing managers and help take the stress and overwhelm out of marketing!  The definition of therapy, as provided by is as follows:

Web Marketing Therapy Definition of Therapy

For us, it’s all about providing a therapeutic approach to marketing for our clients. Let’s break it down:

1. The treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process: speech therapy.

We aren’t treating diseases of the body or mind, we are treating dis-ease of marketing. Dis, meaning apart or out and ease meaning a freedom from pain, discomfort, labor or difficulty. Our three pronged approach is based on the concepts of diagnosing the marketing problems, prescribing the appropriate cure or treatment and guiding our clients to a healthy marketing way of life.

2. A curative power or quality.

Web Marketing Therapy isn’t about duct taping your shoddy marketing plan to take you into next week. Real marketing breakthroughs happen when you start curing deep seeded marketing problems to establish a healthy marketing foundation. We wouldn’t go to a real therapist with the hopes of getting well in a day, and the same applies to our approach to web marketing. We think about marketing from a holistic perspective to provide an all-encompassing healing approach for our clients.

3. Psychotherapy; It’s about communicating issues and finding insight into problems with the goal of personal growth and behavior modification.

We want our clients to learn to assess marketing problems on their own and to understand why their old approach to marketing isn’t working for them. With training and advisory we want our clients to learn how to tackle the issues before they arise and learn to modify their marketing behavior!

4. Any act, hobby, task, program, etc., that relieves tension.

We know lots about this and encourage our clients to do what they do best, and what makes them happy, and letting us handle the parts that bog them down! If you thrive at writing blog posts, but want to cry when faced with a Tweet, don’t fret! We want to support you in the things that make you happy and relive tension, not create it!

The Wild Web Women also know that having a passion or hobby is so very important to a healthy marketing way of life. That is why we use our blog to encourage our team members and readers to take a break and have a great time. The About page on your website is the most looked at page there is and clients want to know the fun, exciting things that people in an organization do that make them unique. So take the time to go for a run, paint, play your guitar, dance your heart out… it’s good for your health, your marketing and your business!

So, as you can see, Web Marketing Therapy isn’t just for therapists. On the whole our approach can easily be applied to any type of business. To learn more about what we do and how we do it I encourage our readers to subscribe to our Healthy Marketing Advice blog and to check out our book by CEO Lorrie Thomas Ross (aka The Marketing Therapist); The 36-Hour Guide to Online Marketing and her course on called Online Marketing Fundamentals!

How to Setup Blog Feed for Facebook Pages

Facebook icon I heard through the social media grapevine that the automatic blog feed via Facebook Notes application would no longer be available. A little grape sent me this screenshot with this Facebook help link.

Facebook Notes Help
HOWEVER I have not been able to find additional resources reporting this news. For now I am keeping my blog feeds setup via Facebook notes and I have back-up tools setup as well (see below.) I know some people are anti because automatic blog feeds are not as authentic and some people love automatic feeds because they make your marketing multitask. I prefer a healthy balance, I choose to have automatic blog feeds AND I post a valuable message with a blog or article link for my audience to click and read.

Here are my recommended back-up solutions for setting up automatic blog feeds for Facebook Pages.  And because I love my blog readers SOOOO much – I included screenshots.

NetworkedBlogs (3rd party app available in Facebook)

Networked Blogs Blog Feed
HootSuite (I LOVE for multiple account management, stats, and more)

Hootsuite blog feed
Twitterfeed (easy and quick setup)

Twitterfeed blog feed