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Lorrie Thomas
Have You Evaluated The People in Your Life Lately?


I love this quote from motivational speaker Tony Gaskins: “Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. You’re the CEO of your life.”

I often hear my clients say “I have a really hard time with my ________ (insert web, design, marketing) vendor” then they go on to say why. You don’t have to tolerate mediocre!

We are the product of the people we associate with – personally and professionally.

Think critically about your people and make sure they count!
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The Comfort Zone is No Place for Marketing

It’s unhealthy in marketing to get comfortable. As the web evolves (and it does often), we must evolve if we want to keep up and remain relevant. Get motivated! Here’s to healthy marketing decisions in 2015.





Katherine L. Garcia
Driving Towards Marketing Success

I couldn’t agree more with Lorrie Thomas Ross’ statement about web marketing tools and marketing success:

“It is not the tools. It is how we use the tools that matters.”

The marketing tools available to us to drive our web marketing are endless! But these tools don’t drive themselves – you have to drive them!   It’s time to plan out what tools you need and learn how to drive them. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you are interested in using Google Adwords for your business, but you don’t anything about it. Well, you can start off by educating yourself on the tool. Google Adwords has free online classes on the subject and you even get a free certificate after completing the course. Cool, right? Once you’re done with the course you’d be a smarter strategist and you’d probably feel more comfortable using the tool. With the basics down, you’d be able to try it out first hand now. Remember, first you need to get the basics down before you jump in the freeway!

There are also “cruise control” features out there to help you drive towards marketing success.  We live in a new era filled with thousands of resources, most which are free, that can benefit our marketing needs. You need to schedule social media posts in advance? There’s an app for that. You need a tool to track your website data? There’s a site for that. You need to learn the basics of marketing? There’s a book for that.

Start by getting clear on what your destination is.  What do you want and need to put your marketing attention on? Ads, social media, blogging, press releases?

First learn how to drive the car, then practice driving the car at a slow pace, preferably with a driver in the passenger seat, and once you’ve got it all down, get on the pacific highway and enjoy the ride.

The steering wheel is all yours. You want to drive to the city of marketing success? You can get there!




Free Personal Branding Webinar

We talk a lot on the WMT Healthy Marketing Advice blog about the power of an organization’s online presence.  More and more, YOUR online presence is becoming a critical marketing asset to help you grow your career and/or to help you support work at your organization.

Personal Branding Webinar

Click here to register for the free personal branding webinar on 2-19-14 at 2:30pm EST!

On February 19th at 12:30pm EST, I will be leading a FREE Wednesday Webinar on Personal Branding for

It’s important to align your online efforts toward a common goal (site, blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, G+, Facebook and more).


In my upcoming webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Manage relationships between yourself and the professional world
  • Optimize your personal branding portfolio across web and social media channels
  • Build credibility and visibility through careful posting

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If Google Was Your SEO Consultant

Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, shares SEO essentials for startups in under 10 minutes. In her own words she states: “Everything I’d tell a startup if I had ten minutes as their SEO consultant.” And because I love WMT blog readers so much, in addition to sharing the video below, I provided a summary of SEO essentials under the video (you are welcome).

#1. Select www or non www (301 redirect)

#2. Verify ownership in webmaster tools

#3. Domain background check

#4. Webmaster Tools: Fetch as Googlebot

#5. Include analytics code – Start collecting data even if you’re not ready to use it

#6. Strategy in site design

#7. Define your conversion

#8. Be smart about your copy

#9. Every page should include unique topic, unique title, unique meta description. For non-dynamic sites: keywords in the filename, lowercase, and hyphen separated. And descriptive anchor text for every link. (Just say NO to CLICK HERE).

#10. A good example of Sitelinks is

#11. Avoid potential pitfalls and pay attention to page load time (2 seconds is the customer “acceptability” threshold for e-commerce sites and google aims for under a half second)

#12. Ranking – check company name, check other terms, and GET INVOLVED.

“No one searches for your new kind of product or service? Perhaps prioritize finding a potential audience/community on existing forums, blogs, or social media sites”

“To rank well, provide an awesome product or service, then attract buzz: natural links, +1s, likes, follows, shares…”

Contact us to learn about WMT’s Five Factor Success Approach to boost credibility (do people know you, like you and trust you?), usability (is your site easy to navigate?), visibility (are you utilizing marketing channels to get the most out of the web?), sellability (what is the value of what your organization does?) and scalability (is your marketing growing with your business?).

Lorrie Thomas
Healthy Marketing Advice – Love Your Customers

Fun fact: Our best customers are our CURRENT customers. Are you loving them to brand, build and boost business?

In marketing, I hear a lot of customers talk about ways to get new business, new traffic, new awareness.  While “shiny new” business is bodacious, so is doing shiny service on people who are already in your sales funnel!

wmt_heart copy1Of course, part of the sales process is to attract new customers, but please remember as you are marketing: Don’t forget to LOVE your current customers.

You did something right to get your customers – find ways to give them the best service, you are never done reminding people why they chose to do business with you.

Can you upsell them on new products/services? Check in with them to say hi, share news, offer free tips that are relevant and useful to them? Email check-ins, blog posts, greeting cards, social media posts, publishing press releases are a few ideas to get you to do some personal marketing self-diagnosing.

The majority of us in business can put marketing to work for current clients, not just to attract new ones.  Remember this as you look at your online marketing.

Virtual marketing hugs,
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