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Lorrie Thomas
Google+ Pages for Business Marketing

When I talk to business owners about Google+, many reply with, “One more social media to master!!?” Don’t worry – there is no need to feel social media overwhelm. Setting up or optimizing a Google+ page for your business can be a great addition to your web marketing. A Google+ business page can boost your web marketing, plus (pardon the pun!) get you more visibility and give you a new content sharing channel!

Google+ for Business Can Increase Your Visibility
Every business needs to be visible to target customers. As you probably know, Google is the top-used search engine on the World Wide Web. What you may not know is that one of the main ways people search for products, services and information is through search engines. Today, social media is part of what fuels the content that appears in search engines. With the power of search, social media and Google’s popularity, it makes sense to engage in social media, especially Google’s social media.

When you have a Business Page, it increases your chances of being found for people searching on, within Google+ and it also gives people a new option of a way to follow and engage with your organization.

Google+ Pages Can Give Your Business a New Content Sharing Channel
We connect, communicate and convert with content. Google+ gives you a targeted, relevant way to expand your content distribution to connect with your contacts. By being active with Google+ for your business, you have another visibility channel to share your videos, blog posts, photos and other relevant content.

Having a Google+ page also allows other people to tag you in posts, increasing the ability for people to see and connect with your brand. 

Be sure that the content you share on your Google+ Business page is valuable content. It needs to serve and support your contacts, not overtly sell your products and services. Self-endorsements don’t work on the social web, ones authentically driven by people do!

If you haven’t created a Google+ page yet, visit and hit the “Create Your Google Page” button.

Make Sure Your Google+ Page is Optimized!
Take time to add photos, videos, links to your website, hyperlinks to your website on photos. You can also add custom links to your blog, website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and your Google Places account.

Being there is the first step. Putting time into creating a robust profile with great about descriptions and photos is next, publishing great content keeps the love alive!

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Lorrie Thomas
Diagnosis: Digital Marketing Projection Disorder

In therapy, the term “projection” is used to describe the act of avoiding ownership of one’s behavior by trying to give responsibility another person, organization or thing.

When I see a business leader projecting responsibility for their success on digital marketing, I am quick to diagnose digital marketing projection disorder to help wake them up to reality and get them on the right track.

While digital marketing projection disorder is common, it is also very dangerous.

It is ignorant to expect things like online ads, websites, social media, etc. to magically bring you all the business you desire. People power behavior – behavior powers results. In business, there are three critical areas that must all be working to their fullest to make you money honey:


1) Operations – how well you do what you do. Whether you make and deliver a product or offer a service, your performance is a piece of the puzzle that makes you or breaks you. Happy customers = repeat business and referrals.

2) Admin – how well the business is supported. The #1 reason most small businesses fail is because of failure to collect. No money equals no business honey! Keeping cash flow positive pays the people and vendors who keep the machine running. Your admin procedures are critical.

3) Marketing – how well an organization’s people handle communications, visibility, client connections, service and sales. Marketing is NOT a Facebook page, a website, blog posts, or online ads – those are just example of things that could support awareness, communications, connections, service and sales. These things are tools, tools that need to be driven with strategy and expert execution.

Success is powered by the behavior of people. It takes people to lead operations, administrative work and marketing. You cannot expect tools to take you to where you want to go unless they are powered by the right people. While digital marketing can accelerate growth and success, there are a number of factors that influence results. If online ads are being driven to a crappy website, don’t project blame on the online ads. If a fantastic new website was created with all the best practices (design, copy, search optimization) and sales aren’t pouring in, it’s not the website’s fault, it’s lack of visibility work to drive traffic to the website. Positive behavior is needed to yield positive results. You have to look at the whole puzzle to really see where holes in success lie.

My digital marketing firm supports business leaders in their pursuit of success. When I see people struggle, it often starts with the behavior of the leaders – their willingness to make connections to generate business or hire people to help them do things in a quality manner or fix things that are barriers to their success. Whether we are offering web marketing services like social media marketing, online advertising management, search marketing, online PR or website creation, optimization and management, I always make a point to educate any new client that They are BATMAN, digital marketing is ROBIN.

Digital marketing has your back…it can support you with awareness, information distribution, education, even with customer service and sales, but you need to take responsibility for owning your super powers to succeed (and sometimes that means hiring help or being willing to change). 🙂

If you really want to go to the next level with your business, you have to be willing to grow and that means taking responsibility for changing behavior…your behavior, the behavior of people powering your business or the behavior of the people supporting your business.

We cannot have change until we are willing to change. If something does not fly, say goodbye! More on that in my Hoarding: Digital Marketing Diagnosis post.

Here’s to Happy, Healthy Marketing!
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Anne Orfila
How to Find an HTML Hex Color Code Easily

I was working on a newsletter for a client and I wanted to match some text boxes in the the newsletter with the colors in the logo. While I dabble in graphic design (I focus more on copy, marketing content, etc.), I do not have Photoshop or Illustrator to help me discern the hex code for colors.

For anyone who doesn’t speak graphic design geek-speak, a hex code is six-digits (that can contain numbers and/or letters) that represent every shade of color imaginable. The color code is used by the computer to produce colors from web marketing therapy find your hex code colormagenta to black to aqua to every shade (dark and light) in between. The newsletter software program I was working in had a color-picker – one of those round circles (see right) – with all the colors represented. After toying with it for a few minutes, I deduced it was virtually impossible for me to find the exact three shades of color that I needed.

I turned to Google and found an online tool that would discern the hex color code for me. This was a very exciting discovery! To use this tool, I simply uploaded the logo, and clicked anywhere on the image to have the color’s hex code presented to me plus it provided the PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors closest to the color that I was looking at.

You can use the HTML hex color code tool here.

Below is a visual example, using our Web Marketing Therapy logo.

I uploaded the WMT JPG logo:

web marketing therapy tip find your hex color code









I clicked on the green color and my results appear below. 

how to find an HTML color code











The hex color code is #7fc142! 

I always want my web marketing work to be clean, professional and brand consistent. This online tool helped my newsletter text boxes match the logo exactly! I have bookmarked the hex color code finder tool for future use and hope that you can also utilize it to make your work more colorful!

Katherine L. Garcia
New Feature for Facebook Pages: Services!

Facebook quietly launched a new feature for Facebook business pages that allow pages to showcase their services.

The new Services feature lets you display your services directly on your Facebook page. You can add service descriptions, prices, and photos. It is displayed on the top of your page and also has its own tab titled, Services.


The Feature is Not Available for All Facebook Business Pages

I did my research and found that the feature is not available to artists, entertainment, brands, or community pages. It is only available for business pages that are a local business or place. If your business address is displayed on your Facebook page, then most likely you have your page set as a local business or place.

How to Know If Your Page Has the Facebook Services Option

Finding out if you have the option to add Services to your Facebook is simple. Go to your page, and in the navigation bar, look for the Services button. You might have to click the more option if you don’t see it in the navigation bar.

This one does not have the Services feature:


But this one does!


Here’s how it looks in the backend:


And here are the options that come with adding a new service to your page:


Facebook recently launched a new service, called Professional Facebook Services, which reminds me of Yelp or Angie’s List. It helps you find services in your local area. I have a feeling the new services feature might tie in with the new Yelp wannabe section on Facebook. 🙂

If you are one of the lucky ones to have access to this feature, take advantage of it, and add descriptions and photos of each service your business offers. I recommend Pixabay for free royalty photos if needed. If you want more professional photos, I’d say go with Adobe Stock.

Katherine L. Garcia
The Importance of Good Customer Service

I did a business trip from Los Angeles to New York and on the way back, I decided to fly with Southwest since I had points that would make my flight cost only $5. When I landed at the airport, I went to grab my luggage at baggage claim, and waited and waited and waited. My luggage never came. They had lost my luggage – for the third time!! I felt frustrated and ready to abide to never to travel on that airline again. I was disappointed and took it to social media to express my thoughts.

On Twitter I shared:

On Southwest’s Facebook page, I wrote:  My Website


What Southwest Did Right

Southwest heard me out and respectfully replied on Facebook. In a private message, a Southwest employee, Warren, told me this:

Perfect! That’s all I need, Katherine. I want to start by offering our most sincere apologies. We move thousands of bags each day and a very small percentage of those bags wind up delayed. On the other hand, it sounds like a high percentage of your flights have experienced the opposite statistic and that gives us no degree of satisfaction in the least bit. I am documenting this report for our Senior Leaders and I would very much like to send you gesture of goodwill to offset the cost of a future flight. We take keeping our Customers satisfied very seriously and I believe that entails ensuring that you can fly with the expectation that you’ll be able to collect your bag before you leave the airport. I fully expect for you to have a more typical Southwest experience on your next flight and improved memories going forward. We appreciate your patronage and are always here if you have any questions or concerns.

As a customer, I want to be respected, feel heard, and valued. Yes, Southwest Airlines did a major eff up by losing my luggage (again!), but they did their best to fix it. They found my luggage that same day (it got left behind during my layover in Dallas), delivered it to my home, and the next day I woke up to a $100 Southwest airfare voucher in my inbox.


The negativity I felt towards them dissipated. I felt heard and valued as a Southwest Airlines customer.

What is Good Customer Service

Good customer service involves being helpful, and making the customer feel heard and appreciated. A report commissioned by RightNow, stated that customers want:

  • Employees who are friendly
  • Able to get info or help easily
  • Custom and personalized experiences
  • Companies and brands that have a positive reputation

And when a company performs poor customer service, people are willing to do business with a competitor!

People want good customer service and are even willing to pay for it. The report stated, “86 percent of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.”

We take customer service very seriously here at Web Marketing Therapy. Our goal is not to only be helpful and friendly (and awesome!) – but to go beyond that. Lorrie (the CEO of WMT) says, “Customer service is more than taking care of a client’s needs – it is anticipating their needs and delivering them before they think to ask.”

Good customer service starts with you. As a business owner, are you being friendly, helpful, and making the customer feel appreciated? Problems arise with customers, but it’s how you handle them that can make you triumph in the situation or not.

Katherine L. Garcia
Verifying Your Local Business Page on Facebook

Selected Facebook pages for local business with physical addresses can now display a verified check mark. This little check mark on your Facebook page can make a big credibility difference!  Verified Facebook pages will have a  badge near the title. Like this:facebook-badge
​According to Facebook, the badges will help people find the right and authentic accounts for local merchants. Plus, we think it makes your page look a little cooler. (Yay for healthy web marketing ego boosts!)

How to Check if Your Page is Qualified For Verification

1. Go to your business page and click Settings located on the upper right.
2. Under the General tab, look for Page Verification.

If you see it, that means you can click Page Verification and verify your business. If you don’t see it – better luck next time! Remember, this is only for local business pages (Public figures can also request to get their page verified..but today we are only focusing on local business pages) Web Marketing Therapy’s Facebook page is not eligible because WMT is a company, not local, especially since we serve clients nationwide.

In order to verify your business, you will need to go to the Page Verification page and prove to Facebook that you are an authorized representative of your business. You can do this by choosing to receive an automated phone call from Facebook, or sending them a copy of one of the following:

  • Business utility or phone bill;
  • Business license;
  • Business tax file;
  • Certificate of formation;
  • or Articles of incorporation.

Once your business is verified, you will get a fancy looking badge! So legit.