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Katherine L. Garcia
New Organic Tweet Analytics

Twitter analytics

New organic insights are now available on Twitter. They positioned it for advertisers, but we’ve researched it and even if you’re not advertising on Twitter, you can still glean some great information – all free. Here are the new insights Twitter is providing:

  • Impressions: Number of people who saw your tweets.
  • Engagement: Total number of someone who interacted with your tweets.
  • Engagement rate: The number of engagements divided by the total number of impressions.
  • Link clicks
  • Hashtag clicks
  • User profile clicks
  • Media clicks
  • and more!

You can also export your twitter analytics into an excel sheet to save in your records. We encourage you to download your data because it makes it easier to compare the effectiveness of your tweets. Simply click on the “Export data” button located on the upper right:

Export twitter analytics

Use these new analytics as a healthy marketing prescription to review what types of tweets are getting the most engagement, and to focus on how you can optimize the tweets that are not so popular. Add this as part of your social media marketing lifestyle. Log in often and learn from what the data is telling you. Click here to explore your Twitter insights!

One final note: After clicking the link, if you don’t see your data, simply add a credit card on file and then you should have access – this worked for me. 🙂

Lorrie Thomas
Marketing Tools and Gadgets We are Thankful For

Thanksgiving prompts us to be thankful for what we have. Our team is constantly gratified by the marketing and social media tools as well as personal gadgets that make our lives easier and more productive. So in celebration of this holiday, we thought we’d share some tools and gadgets we are grateful for.


#welovehashtags! Hashtags (both on Facebook and Twitter) are a great way to classify posts. If hashtags are used correctly, they can definitely boost visibility. Hashtags are an important social media content marketing must. We wouldn’t be surprised if email incorporates the usage of hashtags in a year or two! #hashtagsrock


We love simplicity. TextEdit is a simple word processor and editor available on MAC computers (similar to Notepad on PC’s). Several WMTers enjoy using TextEdit for blogging, making to-do lists or to unformat Word or web content before pasting things into blog posts. It’s simple and easy, just how we like it.


Tweetdeck is super cool because it allows you to schedule tweets from multiple accounts in advance. You can also monitor who is interacting with your accounts, making it a mighty social media tool we adore! It was created by Twitter, which makes us love it even more!

Garmin Forerunner

Health is wealth. That’s why we are very thankful for the Garmin Forerunner. Our Web Marketing Counselor, Kelly Kohen says, “With my Garmin, I can simply walk out the door and start running, without having to map a run and still get in my long runs by exploring in whatever direction I choose!” We couldn’t agree any more. Garmin makes jogging more fun and keep us feeling healthy.


WMT is a virtual company (no offices!  no commuting!  Yay Wild Wild Web!)  We have clients across the country and often have the need to communicate with visual examples or PowerPoint to make meetings more productive.  This is where GoToMeeting comes in. GoToMeeting rocks because it brings people together via a shared computer screen. The organizer who is holding the meeting can show their screen and present their projects. We can also assign the screen sharing role to our peers so our team (who is rarely in the same place at at same time) can seamlessly lead meetings…virtually.

Simplehuman Coffee Maker

This gadget might be the most important of them all because without it, well, WMT might be a little leaderless.  It’s my “most thankful for” technology. Without my Simplehuman, I’d be un-caffeinated and less productive! The Simplehuman coffee maker brews high quality, gourmet coffee and tea, making my mornings and afternoons buzz.

Google Chat

We are g-chat addicts (admitting is the first step, right?). It’s just another fabulous tool that helps us communicate with each other and we can’t get enough of it!  People ask me a lot as the CEO of a virtual marketing agency how we communicate as a team.  I love to respond with “we communicate WELL” (duh?!) but I do credit technologies like Google Chat (gchat) for helping us communicate quickly and efficiently.  When gchat isn’t enough, we use old school technologies –like the phone. By actively communicating with each other we are able to be more productive. Teamwork all the way, baby!

Google Analytics

Want to know how many people went on your site last month and for how long? Google Analytics has the ability to do that. It’s an amazing tool for us to know what’s working for us and what’s not. A tool we are oh-so-thankful for!

Google Calendar

Google calendar’s online calendar is how we manage our meetings (and some of us, our lives!)  This tech tool allows you to easily set up email alerts too. Plus, you can share your calendar with others.

Anne Orfila of Web Marketing Therapy said it best: “I am so thankful for Google calendar – it’s like a personal assistant, only better because it’s free!  It emails me reminders and sends alerts to my phone of all my “when’s”, “where’s”, and “what’s”!”

She adds, “It has allowed me to say “no thank you, I do not need a reminder card” when I make appointments at the dentist, the doctor or the spa (my wallet is happy to not have another card shoved in it). Without it I’d be in the wrong place at the wrong time on the wrong day!”

Google Calendar, you have our hearts.


Twitter’s 140 character limit can get become troublesome, especially if you want to share a link that is longer than usual. Bitly makes a regular link short and best of all, the short link will never expire, allowing you to safely share the link on all of your other sites. High-five, Bitly!


Who doesn’t love listening to great music at work!? Pandora plays music we love. Our Virtual Word Specialist, Mary Sandor, says she is fueled by the dZihan & Kamien station on Pandora to keep her marketing content coming.

Google Drive

Google Drive is truly a remarkable tool because it allows you to share files with other people and users can edit the files online, without needing to download the file. How cool is that?! Plus, everything you edit is automatically saved, making it a highly productive tool.


Voice Memos for iPhone and iPAD

This cool app allows you to make recordings and trim them afterwards. This app comes very handy for us when we’re in conferences to capture ideas or to record things our colleagues are saying. Best of all, you can label your recordings, making it easy to keep your recordings more organized. My team is notorious for making me stop talking until she has her voice memo up so she captures my ADD ideas as they ooze out of my mouth.

Online Searching

Lastly, we love the World Wide Web! “Through the Web, we have instant access to thousands of pages of programming tutorials and reference materials,” Wil Thomas of Web Marketing Therapy says.  “Whether we’re in the office, at the coffee shop, or traveling, we always have up-to-date information and support just a Google search away.” he says.

What makes it even more amazing is that the wild, wild web is still new and always growing with new information for you to learn from. Don’t you just love that?!

So there you have it.  Those are the marketing tools and gadgets we are grateful for. Will we be thankful for the same tools next year? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. 😉

web-marketing-therapy-thanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving!

No Excuse for Neglecting Analytics

Confession Session:  I fell off the “reviewing web analytics” wagon. 🙁

I am embarrassed to admit that MONTHS had gone by since I reviewed‘s data and over a YEAR since I audited data on

(Yes, I am crying on my own therapy couch)

My “Why?” answer (ahem…excuse) is two-fold:

1) I geek out on my client’s analytics day-in and day-out to audit and optimize their marketing.  I put other’s needs ahead of my own.  Some call this burnout, others call it “being a cobbler with no shoes”, I call it allowing myself to be a victim.  Shame on me.

2) I do a great job measuring the marketing-must question of “How did you hear about us?” for both my marketing agency and speaking business. Since I am clear where the bulk of our business comes from, I felt above the analytics.  My ego got in the way of leveraging incredible data to help fuel MORE of the meaningful marketing that does bring ideal work.   The three most dangerous words are:

I     KNOW     THAT

My know-it-all attitude got in the way of growth.  While its great that I know what fuels our business to put my time and efforts where it best counts, I was leaving money on the table by not looking further.  I felt like a bad parent when I had to explain to my new WMT employee why there were no records of data.  But instead of masking my laziness, I owned up to points one and two above…then I did something I have a really hard time doing….

I asked for help.

Having support in getting months and years of data extracted so I could compare it was exactly what I needed to get on the right path.

Sometimes when we feel bad about something it makes us less likely to get in there and face our demons.  Having someone work with me to pull the data and talk about it was just the support I needed to get out of the negative mindset and into a positive position.

Upon review, things like site traffic on going way down was no shock.  I pulled the entire site a few months ago (more on why I yanked my site) and of course, a site that had tons of pages vs. nothing but a home page and blog is going to naturally dip.  But business has been better than ever so while visibility numbers are down, credibility and sellability are up.

Web Analytics (we are fans of Google Analytics) are a scientific resource that require an artistic review. Think of analytics as answers that can be a guide to solve problems, but they don’t act alone in resolution. It is our duty as marketers and business people to be the detectives and investigate why things like traffic referrals are low. Sometimes the answer is obvious, like in our case with a huge site yank, but other times however, you have to dig a little harder to try to figure out the puzzle.

Reviewing analytics on a regular basis is a great ritual to help facilitate healthy marketing changes. When I looked through the data on my personal marketing speaker site, I was surprised to find out that I was still getting referrals from an interview I did years ago!  Sometimes I wonder if my time spent in interviews is really worth it and the data helped reinforce that it was.  The data also helped me see identify where I could be getting more visibility.  While I saw things that were working, I also was able to see areas that I could be putting more effort into.

Analytics are powerful tools for business owners.  Tools like Google Analytics are free so there is NO excuse to neglect analytics. Stay curious.  Login periodically and set a monthly ritual to review your stats.

I have a whole chapter dedicated to web analytics in my online marketing book. See what is making your site thrive and optimize what isn’t. By embracing analytics and educating yourself, you will maximize your business potential.

Twitter Profile Update: Add Header Image

Check, check, check it out! Twitter has updated their profile design! We now have the opportunity to add an additional image, called the ‘header image’, to our Twitter profile page.

To make this update, go to settings, click design, and add header image. To get the creative juices flowing, here is a link to 10 Twitter header images done right. A screenshot of my favorite Twitter header image. shared that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo went on NBC’s Today Tuesday morning to announce a new look for profile pages on the social network and a new iPad app plus updated iPhone and Android apps. Today‘s website explains: “What’s the biggest change?
  • There’s now a huge header image that runs across the top, sort of like the banner image that Facebook users have on their timelines.
  • The page itself has been reoriented to play up other visuals as well: Your avatar is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and center.
  • The photo stream, too, has been moved up, and will now be accessible on the apps.”
  • Note the header image specs are 1200 x 600 and file size has to be under 5mb.

new Twitter header image

Manage Your Online Reputation with LinkedIn, WordPress and Vimeo

Use LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management Managing your online reputation is JUST as important as crafting a well-written cover letter or resume. In many cases, your online reputation is the first impression someone will make regarding your personal brand, product, or service.

Use Twitter for Online Reputation ManagementAdam Dachls from says:
“Your search results can paint a picture of who you are to prospective employers, and if those results contain a number of negative items it can hurt your chances.”

This applies to prospective clients – not just employers!  Take that a step further – your brand search results can ALSO paint a picture of your product or services to prospective clients and customers.

According to Brand Yourself Web app data crunching, the following sites are the best at helping improve how you or your organization appear in Google search engine results pages:

  • LinkedInUse Facebook for online reputation management
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • For blogging: WordPress
  • For posting videos: Vimeo and YouTube. Their data shows that Vimeo was better a option for posting videos than YouTube. I disagree because Google owns YouTube. Tell me, what do you like better Vimeo or YouTube?) Use WordPress to manage your online reputation
  • For photo sharing: Flickr
  • They also mention Brand Youself and Zerply were at the top of the list. I did some research (see performance results for Zerply and Brand Yourself) and it is more important to initially focus on the above networking sites to build your online reputation before you move on to other sites.

Having a big ego when it comes to your search visibility is a-ok.  How Well Do You Rank in Google? BrandYourself Grades Your Ego Search and Helps Improve Your Results – check to see how you rank?

And if you need support, Web Marketing Therapy is happy to talk about online reputation management support. We can manage it for you and make ALL of the necessary updates or we can give you a customized to do list for you to get started now!

Anne Orfila
iPhone Turns 5! An Ode to the iPhone

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear iPhone . . .
Happy birthday to you! Cha Cha Cha!

Today marks the five year birthday of the iPhone, and I would say that plenty of people out there are so happy the iPhone was “born”. Did you know that 75% of the smartphone market – a whopping 218 million users – are on the iPhone? Including me (finally)!

I was almost the last of the Wild Web Women (ahem, Lorrie) to switch over and I cannot imagine my life without it!  So I wrote this Ode to the iPhone in honor of this special day:

you are myEyes (camera)
you are myEars (phone)
you are myScheduler (calender)
you are myReminder (alerts)
you are myConnector (texts)
you are myFun-When-I-am-Waiting-Somewhere (games)
you are myEncyclopedia (internet)
you are myGuide (maps)
you are myTimekeeper (clock, stopwatch, timer)
iPhone: I am so glad you are myPhone
you are always there for me

What does your iPhone do for you? Tell me in the comments below!