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Kelly Kohen
Respect Web Marketing’s Past and Plan For the Future

In honor of Throwback Thursdays, I thought it would be fun to take you down Web Marketing Therapy’s “memory lane” via a fun tool called the WayBack Machine on  This site has built a digital library of internet sites and allows you to go back in time and see your site (as well as your competitor’s sites) and see how they have evolved over the years. We launched Web Marketing Therapy’s first site in 2009 (see below! hello rainbow colors!. We had a member’s login, we sold baseball caps and t-shirts, we had podcasts, we had whitepapers on all things online marketing. It was colorful (as in Fruit Loops colorful, oh my!) and back in the day we thought it was AWESOME!
Web Marketing Therapy circa 2009 - 2013 circa 2009-2013

In 2013, we decided that we needed to simplify our site to better reach our target market.  We took down our BIG multi-colored site, put up a holding page and began working behind the scenes on our sitemap, copy and design ideas for the re-launch of
Web Marketing Therapy circa 2013 circa 2013

In 2014, we launched a single page site (one page – that was IT).  It was short and sweet-right to the point of who WMT is and who we serve. circa 2014 circa 2014

After we took some time to ideate on how best we could tell our story and best serve potential clients, we were ready to launch our current site.  Simple, clean, easy to navigate and clearly states who we are and what we do! circa 2015 circa 2015

And we continue making small updates! circa 2017

While it’s good to remember the past, we must keep looking to the future for web marketing.   We hope you enjoy this fun tool to revisit where you started and how far you have come over the years!
Living in the past is not healthy marketing wise!  We repeat mistakes until we learn from them!

Power of Infographics and Funny Friday

Infographic power Friday funny example

Infographics” are information graphics that communicate data, a message, knowledge or information visually to the reader. A recent viral trend are the humorous “infographics” that you might have noticed your friends are liking and tweeting. The funny examples below show the power of infographics. Here is a recap of benefits:

  • Easy to share
  • More appealing
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • People love sharing content that has captured there attention and is also visually appealing. An appealing infographic will often go viral across all the major social channels every quickly.
  • asks the right question: “Which would you rather put on your Facebook wall, a two thosand word report with charts and tables or an Infographic that summarises all that data?”
  • Check out this amazing infographic about infographics from

To Resolve Project: Visual Play on New Year Resolutions

As the Visual Communications Connoisseur for Web Marketing Therapy a lot of what I do revolves around translating a company’s message into its visual brand. I also spend a lot of time communicating information into fun little “infographics” (information graphics) that communicate data, a message, knowledge or information visually to the reader.

Because of what I do I am always on the lookout during my internet perusing for examples of visual communication for inspiration and insight. Last night I stumbled upon the website for To Resolve Project.

The idea for the To Resolve Project is ingeniously simple, smart, fun and motivating: take your New Year’s resolution and render it into a visual or graphic that can be saved as an iPhone wallpaper. What I found so interesting is the impact that the visuals of these resolutions make, far greater, in my opinion, than if they were just words listed on paper.

The To Resolve Project is also a great way to put into practice the process of transforming a thought or message into a visual. Take a moment to notice how the colors, font and illustration choices effect the overall meaning of the resolution. The same concepts mentioned apply to branding for a business as well. Customers, clients, and the prospective of both, react emotionally to your organizations visual identity (regardless of whether its subconscious or not).

Below you will find a small collection of the To Resolve Project’s resolutions that I found particularly fun to look at, but please check out their site, and if you are interested you can submit a resolution of your own. Which ones are your favorite?  What is your resolution this year? And how would you communicate that visually? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Lydia lnichols To Resolve Project

Lydia lnichols

Inka Mathew To Resolve Project

Inka Mathew

Shane Harris To Resolve Project

Shane Harris

Riley Cran To Resolve Project

Riley Cran

Danielle Torricelli To Resolve Project

Danielle Torricelli

Identify Your Brand: Katie's Botanical Design

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the uber-talented plant lady, Katie Sorensen of Katie’s Botanical Design, on establishing an identity for her business. Katie’s Botanical Design is a full service plant design company owned and operated by Katie Sorenson. Her ability to transform plants into breathtaking arrangements, living and floral, is a talent to behold. In addition to the arrangements, Katie offers full garden consultations, design services and green maintenance.

As I have discussed before on this Healthy Marketing Advice blog, a brand is an incredibly important aspect of your business or organization. It is the first thing potential clients spot, and although we have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, humans are visual creatures. The look and feel of your organization’s brand is representative of who you are, what you do and whom you serve. So for Katie’s Botanical Design we knew we needed to harness the power of color and design to create a brand that emulated the work she does.

For Katie we worked from the ground up, starting with a logo and moving forward with business cards and finally a simple webpage. We decided on a dual color palette to represent her Katie’s Botanical Design. The combo of crisp, classic navy blue and fresh green offers a particularly sophisticated and modern look and feel. The dual color palette also gave us the ability to be playful with Katie’s cards and we created two versions based on the colors.

Once a logo and cards were established for KBD we were able to focus on creating a simple webpage. KBD is the perfect example of how a simple web presence is better than none at all. Katie didn’t need a lot of content on the web, to start she simply needed her services and contact information available. Now the Katie’s Botanical Garden site can grow with as needed!

Visit the Web Marketing Therapy case study page to read more about Katie’s Botanical Design branding breakdown.

Examples of Katie's beautiful work that inspired her new business identity.

Katie's Bontanical Design consists of a dual color palette. The logos in the different colors can be used as needed

A one page website is perfect for Katie's current needs.

Just like her logo embodies dual colors, so do her cards. The result is strong design message that enforces the beautiful things Katie creates.

Katie Sorensen in a garden working her botanical magic!

Is your Marketing Collateral boosting your Professional Self-Esteem?

The way you see yourself will determine how people see you. – Paulo Coelho

I read this quote on the Radiant Organizing blog and took a minute to ponder this from a mental self-image perspective, then quickly turned it into a marketing lesson (Oh, don’t act surprised, I breathe marketing…can’t help it!)

Just as the way we see ourselves will shift the way we are seen by others (ties into the law of attraction) this brilliant quote by brilliant Paulo Cohelo who wrote the brilliant book The Alchemist, there is a brilliant web marketing lesson here….

Your marketing collateral is part of your professional self-esteem – it needs to say that you mean business.  When you hand out your business card or people visit your website, read a brochure, read your blog, follow your tweets, etc – ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO PROJECT YOUR SELF ESTEEM.

In business, we want winners surrounding us.  You convey this live and with your online marketing collateral and even print items!  If your marketing collateral is dated, has spelling errors, is inconsistent in look/feel/message, it conveys a negative self-esteem message.  I am not saying you need to spend a ton on marketing design, but you do need to INVEST in marketing collateral that exudes confidence….and fix collateral that sends a low-self-esteem message.

believe you can, believe you can’t, either way, you’re right -Henry Ford

Your professional face (a la your marketing materials) need to say (all of them) that you are worth believing in.  If you would like a healthy marketing assessment, let me know by posting here or contacting us via email.

Healthy Marketing = Wealthy Organizations!

Ways To Make Money From Your Site

I stumbled across a blog post I wrote in 2009 called the Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Site and wanted to re-address these helpful points so you look at web marketing critically and strategically.  Making money from your site is not a secret sauce.  The special recipe is in HOW you use websites as strategic marketing tools – THAT is where they money is!  My ten+ years of expertise has helped me map out best practices.  All the links click into expanded blog posts – enjoy!  Wild web marketing tip: If you have great content that is buried in your blog, bring it back up to the surface like I did here and re-share it (recycling is good for the planet but it also is good for your web work!)

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Site
1. Be an educator on your website.  Remember, these days, EDUCATION is directly tied to SALES.

2. Put the web to work as a supporting “cast member” to the direct salespeople at your organization.  Like we looove to say at Web Marketing Therapy, “Web Marketing is Batman, your website is Robin

3. Your website needs to SERVE to sell. (Not the other way around)

4. Boost your Like, Trust, Convince and Response “ability” factors to boost Sell-ability (and money honey!)

5. Make sure your current and prospective customers are NOT afraid to talk to you online!

6. Rely on healthy web marketing support tools to UNDERSTAND your website better

7. Aim High with your website plans but (please!) execute sober :-)

8. Respect that web work is a process – don’t skip steps!

9. Remember that web marketing is a RELATIONSHIP building tool, but some art (and heart) into your website!

10. Web Marketing Success Begins with You – Be Ready to Own Your Web Success