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Lorrie Thomas
Do You Have The Keys to Your Website?

Whether you make your own website updates or not, you still need the keys to your website.

Do you have the FTP Login? Blog Login and Hosting Login details?

I’m not saying that you have to make your own website updates, you just need to have the keys to your site. Shoot, I don’t cut my own hair or do my own auto repairs – I go to professionals for that!

The keys are KEY in case something goes wrong. For example, we got a 911 call from a client – his site was down. We built the site but a small, independent web firm was hosting it (which we did not recommend, but the client wanted to support the business owner, a friend of his). When the site went down, his friend was MIA for over 24 hours. Because we had the access to his domain registrar and the keys to his site, we were able to get him to professional GoDaddy hosting in a matter of an hour.

Savvy companies have savvy marketing support on their side, but they aren’t handcuffed 🙂

It’s a healthy exercise to make sure you have in your files updated FTP, blog and hosting logins.

If you don’t have access to your site, blog or social media and your web marketing people won’t give it to you, that’s a problem…..

We can talk you off the ledge if that’s the case….

Personal Branding Course on

My new Personal Branding course on is LIVE!

personal branding course

Click to Watch Personal Branding Basics on

Branding isn’t just for businesses. In my 54 minute video course, I teach you how to manage the way you’re perceived, online and off.

The personal branding video course outline covers:

Understanding Personal Branding
–Understanding personal branding
–Three keys to a personal brand
–Determining your branding goals
Establishing Your Brand
–Developing a voice of authority
–Building an online identity
–Developing personal style
–Developing consistency across your brand
Growing Your Brand
–Defining your niche
–Creating content
–Connecting in the community
–Measuring your success

You can have a job or you can have a career. Whether you are wanting to build your career, start a career or change a career, it’s worth learning the basics of defining and growing your personal brand!

Watch and Share Now: A Pep Talk from Kid President

Please watch, watch again, watch one more time and SHARE. This Pep Talk from Kid President is AWESOME. Here is the link to share: and here is the link to donate:

Web Marketing and Personal Branding

I wanted to share a short clip from one of my interviews called Insights from an Online Marketer.  It just went live on YouTube for free viewing.  This video captured me on a good hair day (yayayay!) but (more importantly!) it reiterates the power of having personal branding woven into your marketing plan.  Whether you are a small or large business, making your mark by branding yourself, company leaders or team members is a step that can make a serious impact on your business.

Video Marketing: YouTube and Vimeo

Video Marketing and YouTube The benefits of video marketing are clear:  It’s free! (Is Adwords free? No! Are Yellowpages ads free? No!) Uploading videos on YouTube and Vimeo is completely free (more details below.) It is necessary for all businesses to have a presence on YouTube (disclaimer: I prefer YouTube.) Video content is super powerful. And it follows the rule: “Show me don’t tell”. Valuable video content is easy for people to remember and share. Businesses also have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise to a local and global audience 24/7 (more exposure on YouTube.) If their video is super funny and creative, they have the potential to go viral which means huge amounts of exposure to their video and business. With video, they have the opportunity to provide a “face” for their business. And the last but not least, video marketing is great for search visibility. When businesses apply the right video tittles, descriptions, tags, and of course offer valuable content they have the opportunity to improve their search visibility. Especially, YouTube. Google bought YouTube in November 2006 for $1.65 billion. According to Wikipedia, “Alexa ranks YouTube as the third most visited website on the Internet, behind Google and Facebook.” Here are more details about YouTube and Vimeo.


  • According to this Quora article “Beside having a much larger and more active community + a system that rewards engagement (commenting ,rating, FAVing,etc),…”
  • YouTube has over 62 million likes on Facebook.
  • File Size : 2 GB and Time limit on videos (15 minutes unless you’re a partner in which case you can time limit is unlimited.)
  • Monetization : YouTubers can make money by becoming a partner and allowing advertisment on their videos.
  • On Youtube you’ll be able to find content from almost every country, variety of topics and highly variable quality.
  • Many companies and even government departments have Youtube channels.
  • Youtube is very strict about copyright issues, Youtube will even remove the audio of your video if its copyrighted
  • Localization : Youtube provides customized interface for 24 countries as well as a worldwide version
  • Censorship : Currently censored in 5 counties – China, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, and Turkmenistan
  • Content : personal vlogs, amature footage, clips from tv shows, music videos, cell phone videos, mashups.
Vimeo :
  • Account types : Basic account offers 500 MB/week upload space and 1 HD video upload per week. The paid accounts are Vimeo Plus: $59.95 / year and Vimeo Pro: $199.00 a year
  • Vimeo has over 99K likes on Faceobook.
  • File Size: 500 MB/Week and time limit on videos is 15 minutes unless you’re a partner in which case you can time limit is unlimited.
  • Monetization: Vimeo’s terms of services clearly states; Non Commercial Use Only. “If you need a site to power your business’ videos, please try one of the many commercial video hosts out there. We remove commercial content that violates our Guidelines without warning.”
  • Vimeo is very strict regarding personal create content
  • Many professional videographers use Vimeo to showcase their work
  • Vimeo is like flicker for videographers

Here is an example of how Old Spice represents their brand on Vimeo. Old Spice hired TV personality and actor, Terry Crews, to represent their brand on Vimeo:  Terry also appears in Old Spice TV commercials.  And be sure to note the “Old Spice Danger Zone” promotion on the TV Screen in the image below.

Terry Crews and Old Spice on Vimeo

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

New Brand Building Course on!


web marketing therapy on

We are excited to share that we have a new course on called Building Your Brand!

Branding CourseYou have a brand – but are you in control of your brand? Just released on (as of yesterday) is our Wild Web Woman Lorrie Thomas Ross‘ latest online video course called Building Your Brand. Sit back and watch for 30 minutes while Lorrie teaches you the ropes of branding and maintaining your brand. It’s healthy Web Marketing Rx – grab a cup of tea (or wine, that is an antioxidant right?!!)  and watch and learn to get your brand under your command!

Organizations large and small, non-profits, products and even individuals can harness the power of branding to boost business and connect with customers. Learn how to make your brand work hard for your business.

I already watched the videos – in true marketing style, I wanted to highlight some great branding tips from the videos to maximize relationships with your customers.

  • A brand is more than a logo. A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that identifies your brand as distinct in the marketplace.
  • Develop a Brand Promise. Take some time to develop what your brand says to the world and the promises you want to make to your customers.
  • Branding isn’t just for big business. Branding is all about marketplace perception – how clients and customers perceive the personality of your organization – and can work for organizations big or small.
  • Keep your brand consistent. Keep the design, logo, tagline and messaging of your organization consistent across all media channels to boost credibility and familiarity with your customers.

Grabs the reins of your brand today! Watch the Building Your Brand course now (it’s under 30 minutes, easy peasy lemon squeezy, as us Wild Web Women like to say)! And click here to get a FREE 7 DAY Trial of!

For those of you who don’t know yet, is an awesome subscription based online video tutorial service for only $25 month. The website offers a variety of amazing tutorials from everything like how market your business online to learning to use Excel, Gmail or any other software you can think of. Web Marketing Therapy loves and we think you will too. Check out and start learning how to Build Your Brand today or watch Lorrie’s other course Online Marketing Fundamentals!

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For more great branding tips you can follow Lorrie on Twitter @webtherapist