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Lorrie Thomas
Digital Marketing Alone Will Not Make You a Superhero

I sometimes feel like I am punching people with tough love when I break the news that digital marketing is not going to make them successful. Digital marketing is absolutely part of the equation, but the tools need to be driven with some serious human KAPOW to really pack some punch into the equation!

YOU (not the tools) will make you successful!

Look at web marketing (websites, online advertising, social media marketing, search marketing, etc.) like this:

YOU are Batman, Web Marketing is Robin. Stay with me on this one….Batman is the leader, the one on the front lines while Robin acts as your trusty sidekick – he has your back, but he’s not going to make it alone!

Batman is NOTHING without Robin, but Robin could not strike out on his own and be ok either. It’s a synergistic dream team!

I love to help people build and optimize their marketing so it does act as a trusty sidekick – making you look good, reinforcing your message, keeping you out there, communicating, serving, supporting and selling…(it has your back!)

Digital Marketing will not magically make you a superhero. When you get in the hero mindset and are really ready for success, then the tools become VERY useful!

You grow when you have a great support system in place. Make sure your digital marketing is optimized to brand, build and boost business, when it is, you’ll be in much better shape to pack some marketing POW! into your business.

Remember: You can’t hide behind your computer and expect to make money honey!

Marketing is the act of building awareness, connecting, communicating, serving, supporting…all to make sales.

Don’t count on digital marketing to do it alone, get in the mental mindset to have your superhero pants on at all times!

Anne Orfila
How to Set Up a Facebook Messenger Auto Reply

While the web never sleeps, most companies are not (and cannot be!) online 24/7. While many business owners check their email and voicemail accounts religiously (ahem, we know who you are!), some may forget – or check less often – other messaging services like Facebook Messenger. Although you can’t always reply quickly to messages you receive via Facebook Messenger, you want to make sure that potential customers feel heard and don’t slip through the cracks. Slow is the same as stop on the web! 🙂

One way to make sure your potential customers voices are “heard” even when you are not online is to set up an instant auto reply to any Facebook messages that come through. Facebook gives you the opportunity to set up an auto response with the “Response Assistant” setting. Note that you have to be on a business template to have this service (learn more about Facebook templates in our WMT blog post).

The cool thing about setting up a Facebook Messenger auto reply is that it is customizable (up to 250 characters). If you are not a Facebook Messenger person, direct them to call you, email you, visit your website (or all 3!). You can also personalize it to reply with person’s first name (or last name) so the message seems less generic. Here’s an example of ours:

Facebook Tip: Setting Up an Auto Reply on Facebook Messenger

To set your autoreply, go to your Facebook page and go to to ‘Settings’ > ‘Messaging’ and choose ‘Response Assistant’.

How to set up a Facebook Messenger Auto Reply


Click ‘Yes’ next to Response Assistant (lower in the page) and start composing your message.

Setting Up a Facebook Message Auto Response
Setting up your Facebook Response Assistant is one of the easiest tasks that you can do. We recommend you utilize this feature – even if you are good about responding to Facebook messages – because it lets the sender know that their message is valued and that you won’t leave them hanging.

Happy Social Media Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
Marketing Is About Relationships, Not Sales

Marketing is not just a means to make sales. Marketing creates and cultivates and relationships.

There is a big difference between a transaction and a relationship. A one time sale has to be replaced with another one to keep a business alive. You have to start the process over and over again to get one result. A relationship can grow and refer you to other relationships. Marketing that matters will get you the results you want.

The next time you wonder if it’s worth your time to blog, post to social media, send a personal thank you card or go the extra mile to offer great customer service, remember that all of this is part of the marketing puzzle.

While the world of web marketing is highly techy, remember that being high on personal touch will set you apart from the competition.


Lorrie Thomas
Content Marketing Tip: Use Old Content to Make New Content

How many times do you feel like you need to be writing more blog posts and social media posts? The guilt kicks in, you start to wonder how you can manage social media marketing AND run your business….and then the stress takes over…nothing happens. (I seriously think I need to start an abandoned social media marketing shelter for neglected blogs and social media accounts!)

Never fear, there is a simple content creation solution. Instead of trying to come up with new concepts, go through your old blog posts, social media posts, or graphics, and repurpose them! Yes, it’s that simple!

Use Old Content to Make New Content!

Search and Share – In order to keep disseminating good content, recycling material is key! Why waste great efforts? Find some oldies, but goodies, by going to your blog and looking through your archives. Or, if you have a topic in mind, search key terms through your blog’s search bar (if your blog doesn’t have a search bar, stop now and call or email your web person to add one!). Posting old blog posts or videos and sharing them is one of the easiest ways to keep your social media accounts filled with good content. And don’t overthink the text in the post! I often use the title of the blog post for Twitter and for Facebook, G+, Linkedin, I use a great sentence from the post to introduce the URL. And don’t forget to shorten your URL links by using free websites such as to save space!



Use your share buttons – This is one of my favorite go-tos and one of the easiest ways to share. Go to the post you want to share and put those share buttons to use (if you don’t have share buttons on each blog post, get your web designer to put them in!). This is one of the easiest ways to re-share old posts from your website. I use this all the time for Twitter and Facebook especially. More about how to do this and best practices here.


Set it and forget it – It can be hard to remember to post every day. But luckily you don’t have to! There are all kinds of social media scheduling services to make your social media marketing easier! Hootsuite and other social scheduling tools are your friend. There are many tools out there to help you push your marketing to the next level! Go out and use them! If I post to a client’s social media, I often take that post and schedule it to post 3-4 months later so the time I take writing the content gets double mileage!

Use small posts to make bigger ones – Lately I have been taking old images (mostly quotes) and putting them into blogs and writing more about what the quote means, both to the client and customer. We also take tweets and expand the idea into a blog post. Often the “what do I write about?” is the biggest hurdle to writing, this gets you over that hump.

The biggest barrier to great content marketing creation is overthinking it. You simply need to post quality content that has value to your audience on a frequent basis. Use these tips and you might feel like you are cheating…which is OK! It’s not and your audience is not focused on “ooh, that only took them a few minutes to post!” They are focused on you being there and sharing and caring!

Happy content marketing!
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Lorrie Thomas
Social Media Content Creation Tip: Share The Little Things

www_happy_healthy_wealthyOne of the MANY things I love about my job is that I get to work with so many fascinating people. When these great people tell me they have issues coming up with material to post on social media, I get the fun job of pointing out all the awesome things they do and say that they can write about. When I do this, I usually hear “that’s it?” or “people want to hear about that?”.

What you do is interesting! No matter how unsexy your industry is (and believe me, I do web marketing for some unglamorous industries!) there is interesting content in all! If you are looking to find ideas for social media content, look no further… what you are doing/saying/thinking = dream content!

So many people take for granted the little things they do. These little things make a big difference to your credibility, visibility and sellability if you share them!  You know the old saying, If you want to be interesting, be interested? While this is true, also know that if you want people to be interested in you, be interesting!

Social media is called social media because it’s about people (it’s not anti-social media!) People want to see those little insights that make you and your brand come alive! Don’t be afraid to share! If you are an interior designer, snap and share a picture of some fabric or some chic tile that caught your eye in a store. If you work remote (like I am now), share a quick post about some of the things you love about working from home (I love doing that on my Instagram account!). If you think of a funny, work-related joke share it (if you think it’s funny, your peers likely will too), share it! One of my clients is a content curator and sent me this joke via Facebook messenger: “Past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.” I said “This is hysterical! Post it to your Facebook company page!” She said “Really?!” I said “YES! If you find it funny, it shows your values as a content curator.” Turns out, she had a great response when she did! CPA firms I support will often share tips around tax time or jokes (since we need all the laughs we can during tax time!)

Small things might seem ordinary to you, but for your followers, it will show your personality and humanize your business!

When posting, don’t forget the Three V’s: Value, Values, and Voice. Share content that has VALUE to your readers, post content that reflects your VALUES and keep content coming to solidify your VOICE. Value+Values = a strong social media voice.

Don’t forget that you can also share interesting and educational articles that relate to your field (Ahem, that means less writing!) And be sure to tag/credit the author or source. WMT shares lots of great articles on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Part of your responsibility as a business owner is to educate your audience. Marketing is not all about promotion, it’s often most effective when you educate (we are big advocates of markeding – marketing with an educational focus!)

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to interact and communicate with potential clients.

And remember, we are not robots—everyone, including you, has a personality and people want to see it! So get out there and rock those social media platforms! When you approach content sharing the little things, it is actually more fun too!

Happy, healthy marketing!
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