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Comic Relief – Logos in Crisis

Today I spoke at Santa Barbara’s Executive Roundtable monthly breakfast about new rules of marketing, low-cost/no-cost ways to win big with web marketing and web marketing MUSTS for small business.  We all found inspiration in this recession depression and after the event, I received a superfunny email that kept the laughter alive…I had to share the Comic Relief and Art Therapy with you!  Take a mini moment of work diversion and check these out…

These images in no way reflect our opinions of any of the companies, it is just brilliant art and timely humor – enjoy!


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  1. Lorrie ThomasLorrie Thomas

    The email came from Revel Miller, PhD one of the funniest guys I know and one of the coolest students I ever had (and a brilliant coach!) sent this to me after he was at the SABER meeting. Too funny!!

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