Featured Wild Web Woman Interview with Social Media Guru Gail Helmer

The Wild Web Women at Web Marketing Therapy are always thrilled to connect with like-minded and brilliant women in business and introduce them to you!  We had the pleasure of chatting with Gail Helmer, who seeks to simplify the Wild Web’s social media secrets and helps companies integrate social media into their business.  With almost 20 years as a marketing professional, she lives and breathes the internet!  We had a blast finding out what inspires Gail, as well as what brand of shoes make her feel at her best and that she shares the WMT Wild Web Women’s obsession with Lululemon yoga pants!

Read on for your dose of inspiration!

1.  If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Self-driven, Creative, Focused

2.  What online social media platform are you most addicted to? (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…etc).

I wouldn’t be considered a social media professional if I wasn’t addicted to them all, but they do serve completely different experiences. What I do enjoy is discovering and exploring new platforms.

3.  Please share a professional phobia or obsession….confession session!

I have a fear of mediocrity.

4.  What is your favorite word or phrase?  Why?

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” –  Bette Midler

I love the theme of determination and absoluteness, and I agree that I feel very powerful and determined in my Christian Louboutins.

5.  What do you believe successful “wild web woman” traits are?

A successful “wild web woman” can have many skills and talents, however, she truly must be an expert multi-tasker.

6.  How do you indulge yourself (every once in a while!) to stay healthy and balanced?

Besides my shoe obsession and shopping, I have a regular exercise schedule of yoga, running and badminton. Nothing clears the mind and strengthens the soul like good health.

7.  What are the top three most vital marketing ingredients that have helped you become the professional you are today?

Knowing my purpose, staying focused on my goals, and be willing to challenge myself.

8.  Where do you find inspiration to continue growing your business?

I have a natural affinity for discovering new things and challenging preconceived ideas and also, my clients keep me inspired and helping them is a rewarding experience.

9.  When you are faced with a setback or an enormous business challenge, what do you do to keep moving forward?

Knowing that adversity and unexpected challenges are an inevitability makes it easier to handle when you are faced with a setback. Knowing it is nothing personal (which is an emotional challenge for most women) and realizing it is how you handle difficulties that is what sets you apart. Anyone can handle the easy times, your level perseverance is your gauge of success.

10.  Who is your personal role model? What about this person do you truly admire and aspire to?

My role model has always been my mom. She was a career woman and between my dad and she they juggled four kids effortlessly. Even though she is retired now her boundless energy, with a tireless exuberance and love for her family and life is inspiring.

11.  What has been your biggest achievement recently that you are proud of?

I think it is when you see all the hard work and dedication you put into your business and it starts to come to fruition. Nothing happens overnight, but it is an amazing feeling to see your vision start to prosper and grow, and to see your clients are thrilled.

12.  What are your goals for this upcoming year?

I have tried to add a few more hours to 24 hours, but that is not working. So instead I am trying to limit my projects so I can provide a higher level of service & quality, without pulling myself into a million directions. So I guess my goal is to not burn out and let my clients down.

13.  What is your ideal work outfit?  (We work in our PJs whenever we can, what about you?)

When I am spending hours on the computer comfort is critical and you will likely find me wearing a Lululemon hoodie and yoga pants.

14.  What do you think is the most challenging part about being a female entrepreneur? How do you overcome this challenge?

I know Lorrie and I have talked about the challenges faced by female entrepreneur’s versus our male counterparts before. I have never looked at this issue as having to overcome a challenge, but rather setting my own standard and expectations rather then following others.

15.  What is the ONE web marketing best practice that you would share with other Web Marketing Therapy readers?

Know your audience.  The biggest misconception you can have is that everyone is your customer. Not having a buyer persona for your business is the surest way to marketing  failure.

Learn more about navigating the social media world on Gail’s Blog…It’s About Social Media!

9 thoughts on “Featured Wild Web Woman Interview with Social Media Guru Gail Helmer

  1. Lorrie ThomasLorrie Thomas

    Thanks for a great interview Gail! I love
    “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Bette Midler
    You are truly an inspiration and a Wild Web Woman.

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  3. Emilia Doerr

    Gail, thanks for sharing what inspires you – as well as how you deal with setbacks and challenges! Being a Wild Web Women is awesome, but not without it’s challenges – so it’s great to be able to reach out and connect with each other for support (and social media rocks for that!) Thanks again!

  4. Sarah


    I LOVE your Wild Web Woman insight and expertise. You’re truly an inspiration for us all. I’m so grateful for our friendship and hope to meet you IRL one of these days.


  5. Pamela Sherman

    Gail —THANK YOU so much for sharing your insights. Wild Web Women and those looking to branch out in their businesses can be inspired by your example of focus and purpose. It’s also incredibly valuable to emulate your attitude of delight in discovery, learning and serving others, combined with perseverance! –These are ingredients for real innovation and success! Thanks again for connecting with us all!


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  7. Gail Helmer

    Thank you ladies!!

    I can not tell you how honored I am with this interview. And because I failed to mention it in the interview, I should say it is a wonderful gift in my life to have met such an amazing & fabulous group of women as you all. When measuring Social Media, you can’t beat these kinds of results.

    I look forward to meeting you IRL one of these days!


  8. Bill @ SBCC

    Enjoyed the Bette Midler quote.

    “Buyer persona” is so important. In chapter 10, of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR….”, author David Meerman Scott emphasizes this point emphatically. Although I just started reading the book’s first two chapters, I found myself gravitating toward chapter 10.

    Thanks for the interview and wisdom.


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