For Restaurants, Social Media Is About More Than Just Marketing

Mashable is one of the Wild Web Women’s FAVE sites, so when  Lorrie Thomas, The Marketing Therapist®,  was asked her expert opinion on social media use for restaurants, she didn’t hesitate  to get in her two cents!

The Mashable article explains a little more about HOW restaurants are utilizing social media to help their patrons feel more connected to the restaurant, anticipate their visits and even receive special treatment during their dining experience!  In a prior career life, I was a professional pastry chef, so to say I am a foodie would be an understatement!  I have totally jumped on the celebrity chef band wagon as I Tivo cooking shows, follow my favorite restaurants on Twitter and Facebook, and even visit YouTube to get inspiration from snippets of recipes being prepared by my favorite chefs.  This is exactly what restaurants are hoping people will do!

As Lorrie points out in the article,  connecting with potential customers through the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factors are developeded through the use of social media!  Read the full article to find out why social media is more than just marketing!

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