Google Currents and Flipboard – Learn about Social Magazine Applications

Google CurrentsGoogle Currents, released this month by Google, is a social magazine application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The best part: you can read your favorite publication via Google Currents in a swipable magazine format.
  • Add your favorite content: From leading publications, to blogs you follow, you can browse, read, and share favorite content, presented in a swipable magazine format.
  • Follow trending stories: Let the breaking stories find you. Personalized “trends” pulls articles, photos and videos into living editions, surfacing new stories as they unfold.
  • Designed for all your devices: Whether sitting on your couch, riding a train or plane, your Currents content is ready for high-speed reading on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.
The application covers a variety of sources and offers a list of featured content, for example: Forbes and CNET. My favorite publications available in the Google Currents Library are Apartment Therapy, Dwell, and Boing Boing. To download for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, go here:

There is a similar app called Flipboard which was released in 2010 and claims to be the first social magazine. It allows you to “flip” through content like it is a magazine and is available for the iPad and iPhone only. I LOVE this app and I use it on my iPad daily! My favorite Flipboard publications are: The Sartorialist, Rachel Zoe, and The Glamourai. Apple positively reviewed Flipboard and named it Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2010.  I recently added Flipboard to my iPhone and now I have a “pocket-sized social magazine.”

Right now, WMT is publishing to Google Currents and here are instructions to add Google Currents to your iPhone and iPad and instructions for adding WMT to your Google Currents library. (*Instructions for Android devices coming soon):
1. Go to the iTunes App store to download Google Currents application.
2. Create new account or use existing Google log in to create Google Currents account.
3. Use the Google Currents search tool to search for Web Marketing Therapy.
4. Select WMT from the search results page and click “Add for Free”.
5. Go to your library to read and to stay up-to-date with the latest WMT tips, advice, and news.

One thought on “Google Currents and Flipboard – Learn about Social Magazine Applications

  1. Victoria Payton

    Great blog! This is wonderful news for people like me who are fans of both magazines and Apple products. I find it hard to catch up on the latest mag craze sometimes, especially during hectic days when my schedule is just too stuffed that there’s no room for mag and leisure time anymore. Will definitely try this one. Pcket-sized social magazine huh? Not bad. Not bad at all! Do you have any other discoveries lately?


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