Healthy Eating Tips for Wild Web Women with Dani Spies

Listen to the upcoming Wild Web Women podcast to hear Dani Spies share tips that Wild Web Women on the go can do to eat healthy.  Dani will also bust some “healthy food” myths that women MUST know about now!

Tune in to the upcoming Wild Web Women podcast (Mon. 12/06 @ 10 am PST) to hear Dani Spies discuss these top 4 things we can do to eat healthy and nourish ourselves:

1. Eat more real, whole foods and less processed, refined foods! Focus on real, whole foods, unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible – most of the time.

2. Think about what you can add into your diet rather than what you should be taking away. Contrary to popular beliefs, eating a healthy, nutritious diet does not need to be rooted in deprivation and restriction.

3. Plan ahead and remember, it’s time or money, honey! Like anything in life that’s worth having you have to put a little thought into it if you really want to make a change.

4. Create a go-to list of nutritious foods and snacks that are quick, nutritious, and most importantly that you enjoy eating.

Dani Spies, is the founder and host of where she focuses on providing simple ways of working real, whole, nutritious foods into an everyday kitchen.  Dani knows how to get people excited about healthy ingredients and wants to help make delicious, nourishing meals a reality for even the busiest of people!

Dani is a HHC, AADP is Health & Nutrition Counselor and an ACSM Certified Fitness Trainer, and Mom living in Los Angeles.

Update your calendar and to tune in to the Wild Web Women® podcast live on Monday, December 6th at 10:00 am (PST).

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