Healthy Web Marketing Advice – Go Back to Basics, Get Your Shine On

I had an “a-ha” web marketing moment this week while working on a client’s monthly web marketing strategy with my fellow Wild Web Women.  We were talking about new media spend opportunities, adding new technologies and building links to support search engine optimization.

As I started clicking around the client’s site, I noticed that simple search optimization (SEO) best practices were not fully implemented.  The client’s site gets great visibility, but when we got down to basics and looked harder, there were a lot of untapped opportunities to better leverage success.  There were some pages that had the science of SEO implemented, but the art of it was lacking.  SEO success steps like having key-phrase synergy between the names in the urls (Example:, the meta title tag (using similar phrases here), the headline of the page, the site’s content (using key phrases again) and links within the site (links that have desired keyphrases in the links) were areas we are revisiting this month for our client – things we almost overlooked because we were so focused on new web work.

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The “a-ha” web marketing moment was that in our web marketing work, we often get excited about all the great “NEW” tools that we can buy, build and boast when the best places we often need to spend our time and energy on are already in existence – they just need to be shined!

Go back to basics – just because you paid for a website, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, email newsletter setup, etc. DOES NOT mean that it is going to work forever.  All things need a little polishing every once in a while….

It was kind of un-sexy to avoid the cool new tools and instead go back to the stuff already in our client’s closet to dust off, but the basics are bankable…and web success is sexy!  Use the assets you have with your web marketing to create compounding web marketing interest.  Optimize what you have, revisit ways to keep your web marketing current, look at your assets critically and always remember that a healthy web marketing foundation = wealthy organizations.

Go dust off your web marketing – I bet you’ll find a few diamonds in the rough in there! 🙂  I want to hear how you are all shining!

I’ll keep watching for web marketing patterns and posting. You can follow me on Twitter @webtherapist or Join or Web Marketing Group Therapy Group on Facebook to keep your marketing healthy so you get wealthy!

-The Marketing Therapist

3 thoughts on “Healthy Web Marketing Advice – Go Back to Basics, Get Your Shine On

  1. Jeremy Mwangelwa

    Your information is right on. Most businesses simply put up web sites and not even think about keyword focused content. yes without it, it simply becomes very difficult to rank well in the search engines. Poor ranking means poor traffic which would result in few or not as many sales. While search engine optimization isn’t the only strategy out there, I think it’s the best place to start.


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