Lorrie Thomas
Monday Marketing Motivation – Fear of Failure = Failure

“It is better to attempt something great and fail, then attempt nothing and succeed”

Dr. Robert Schuller

In marketing (marketing definition = maximizing relationships to boost business), it is a common pattern to see professionals do nothing because they can’t do it perfectly, think the risk is too risky, or don’t want to fail.

I did a blog post about having to fail to win that received a huge response.  In the name of practicing what I preach, I LISTEN to my readers, members and clients (YOU!) and since you respond well to tough love, I will continue dishing it out to help you help yourselves. 🙂

Today’s tough love:

Doing nothing will get you NOTHING.  Marketing Momentum is the key to success.

My first website (circa 2005) was AWFUL – check it out!  But you know what?  I had a goal to be great and I did what I could do with the resources I had at the time (which was just me, no money honey, and an offer to take a free HTML class so I could get started).

I don’t consider my first attempt my website a failure, merely a step in the right direction.  My marketing was great in that I was willing to speak, network, take damn good care of my clients and pound the pavement to build my company.  So what if my website sucked at the time?  That was a symptom of my whole marketing puzzle, the real CAUSE (which is what WMT is all about) was helping make small businesses big with web marketing.

I got over my ego years ago and learned to stop apologizing for what I didn’t have and starting using what I did have.

I encourage all of you to quit thinking recession depression and get over your fears.

Your biggest risk is not taking a risk.

Think big, think about what you want and GO GET IT.  Stop settling, move!  Think about who you are, what you do and who you serve.

Then SERVE the people you want to serve with smart marketing.  When you get over thinking sales and start thinking service, you will win….and WIN BIG!

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