Lorrie Thomas
Monday Marketing Music – Around the Wild Web!

Happy Music Monday! Last week we discovered that many of you web marketing enthusiasts have been downloading our free educational eBooks or webinars via WMT’s “Shop Therapy” page hail from all parts of the globe. It is so great to see so much “e-tail therapy” happening virually off our Web Marketing Therapy site! In the spirit of representing how connected we’ve become from the Wild Wild Web (WWW) — here’s the classic French house music track by Daft Punk – “Around the World.”

If you need a little shopping “FREEtail therapy” (*it’s okay this kind won’t break the bank or leave you with buyer’s remorse) stop by our Store for Self Help Book recommendations, FREE e-Books, Online Tutorials and other Web Marketing Resources! Hit me up @darlabea and let me know a favorite tune that rocks your work-day 🙂

Virtual High-Fives,

Darla Bea, Cyber Cowgirl/PR Specialist

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