Lorrie Thomas
Positive Role Models – Dons Net Cafe You Tube Video

I have the immense privilege of teaching online marketing to high school students through Santa Barbara City College. I am continually inspired by their ideas, insight, perspectives and THEIR GREAT WEB MARKETING!

Great use of YouTube to Communicate the Power of Services!

Great use of YouTube to Communicate the Power of Services!

Their work is a great example of good (okay GREAT!) marketing behavior. The DNC team used the power of media and posted a brilliantly scripted/produced/edited commercial on YouTube to communicate and inform people about their great tax filing services!

Don’s Net Cafe is a Virtual Enterprise Company through Santa Barbara High school that unites young entrepreneurs to make the world a better place through responsible entrepreneurship based on ethics and environmental respect. They offer a number of products and services including fair trade coffee, tax filing services, eco-friendly jewelry and more!

Check out their social media savvy and watch their stellar video!!

Don’s Net Cafe VE Team – I saute your great marketing work!

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