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Lorrie Thomas
Fear-Based Digital Marketing Sales Emails

Have you ever received an email from a digital marketing company or consultant saying that your website isn’t performing well, or your site isn’t found in search engines or you “have to” redo your website…….or else?

When companies try to sell their digital marketing services by using fear-based email messages, I want to reach my hand through the computer screen and smack them.

Here is an example and what to do if you get a message like this to help spare you unnecessary marketing stress.

Dear James,road-sign-63983_1920

I noticed that your website is not mobile-friendly which is hurting your visibility on Google. In April, Google began penalizing websites for not optimizing for mobile devices. Since then, businesses without mobile-friendly websites have lost significant search traffic.

The email example (from a real email a client forwarded me) goes on to insist that without a new website, the client’s visibility is doomed then leads into a free call. These types of email serve to alarm you into taking action…prompting you to call or book a time to talk online.

It is healthy to have ongoing marketing discussions and always great to look at ways to optimize your digital marketing efforts, but never, ever start a conversation in a state of stress. Here is the debrief on messages like the example above.

As this email above said, Google unleashed a new search algorithm (that was often called “Moblegeddon” as it threatened to wipe out websites from the search engines, favoring websites built on newer responsive platforms). Read more about that here. Newer websites that are built to be mobile-friendly will earn search favoritism, but it doesn’t mean that you your non-mobile friendly site isn’t being listed and found. Always do an internet search to see if your site is being found.

There is a lot you can do to make sure your site is being searched if you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) overhaul your website to be fully mobile friendly, which sales email examples like the one above propose. Ongoing search marketing efforts like blogging are a good way to keep your ongoing search marketing on point.

Search ranking is based on a number of factors, mainly architecture, content and linking. The architecture is the coding of the site and can include factors like if it is responsive (meaning it adapts to a tablet and mobile device automatically) as well as your meta data code. If your blog is extremely search friendly and content is regularly posted, it creates a good foundation. Content is king with search – the more content you publish (blog posts, etc) the better. Search engines have robots that read and index websites, the more “food” you feed these bots, the better. Linking is also a big factor – links within page content and other sites linking to you are important.

When Google changed their search algorhythm, many of our clients invested in redesigning their websites as they wanted these new mobile-friendly responsive sites so users had the best mobile experience. But many did not want to spend the money and have been FINE. There is no wrong or right approach and there are tons of benefits to building responsive sites, I always want to make sure folks make their marketing decisions based on understanding their options…not based on a knee-jerk reaction from a scare-tactic sales email.

If you do decide to reach out to companies following one of their emails, be sure to take a close look at what they are selling.  Some companies have very oppressive contracts. Also be leery of sales pitches that say they can redo your website with a very quick turnaround….quick doesn’t always mean good…

Healthy marketing is important. Keeping a close eye on ways you can improve your online presence is always a good practice, but don’t fall victim to alarmist emails. Set your path and readjust as necessary, based on your own experiences and research, or reach out to a reputable firm who is willing to talk with you and educate you on ways you can improve your online presence.

It’s always best to make decisions based on options…never let digital marketing people stress you out. If they do that from the get-go, the relationship is off to a bad start…


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Author Lorrie Thomas on KCSB-FM Radio

“Savvy Web Marketing comes from sound strategy, continual optimization, tracking and creativity” ~Lorrie Thomas, M.A. The Marketing Therapist®

Photo by KC Thomas of Web Marketing Therapy

This week Author Lorrie Thomas made a Guest Appearance on the University of California, Santa Barbara’s KCSB-FM.  The Hosts of “Radio Causeway” interviewed Lorrie about her new book: The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course Online Marketing.  Lorrie Thomas wrote the Online Marketing book for students engaged in lifelong learning, business owners, marketing managers and anyone interested in getting into the online marketing field.  The 36-Hour Course helps guide and create new ideas on the web wherever you are at with your level of skills.

Click here for Podcast: Radio Causeway Interview with Author Lorrie Thomas

“Marketing means making Relationships”

“Online Marketing is 24-7.  It is extremely trackable, flexible, interactive and provides a two-way conversation”

“What’s great about Online Marketing is the lack of elitism.  You don’t have to have a big budget – you just have to have a brain :-)”

“Great ideas are only great if they are executed brilliantly”

“Education is everything – the more educated, the less overwhelmed”

“Ideas: Create, Execute, Monitor – Rinse, Repeat this Cycle!”

About Lorrie Thomas: Lorrie Thomas, M.A., The Marketing Therapist®, is a marketing strategist, educator, writer, web marketing expert and speaker. She is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a boutique web marketing agency and training company that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. She teaches custom workshops for corporations as well as through UC Berkeley Extension.

Top 5 Hottest Productivity Tips from Sara Caputo on The Wild Web Women® Show

Productivity expert, Sara Caputo, shared her top five hottest productivity tips with us on the Wild Web Women® podcast show.  To learn how to get work done while living a great life, listen to our show RIGHT NOW and read the five tips that Sara shared with us (Lorrie and I took awesome notes.)

#1. Have a plan and map it out (find a tool that works for you.) “If Everything is Important then Nothing is Important”.

#2. Stop thinking you can remember everything in your head, get a second brain and write it down (digital journal or paper journal.) “The Mind is for Thinking Not for Storing”.

#3. Automate what you can, create systems for things you do over and over. “Systems = Success”.

#4. Learn how to say: “NO”. “That Does Not Work for Me”. Define what IS important, respect is reciprocal and it starts with you.

#5. E.W.O. – End with Order. Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to dump your head, clean your desk and put your files away.

*Ultimate Wild Web Women® advice: ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!

Sara will also be teaching a six-week virtual productivity course at She Negotiates University called Busyness in Balance, Tools to Inspire Productivity.  The course is designed for women executives and solopreneurs who want customized tools and support for getting and staying organized.

You can also listen to all of our podcast shows on the Web Marketing Therapy Podcast page or on the Wild Web Women Blog Talk Radio page.

Ask The Marketing Therapist – When Is The Best Day To Blog?

I have been asked a lot lately about “what the best days of the week to blog?” are.  In my expert opinion, the *best* days to blog are based on a few things:

1. Your web traffic patterns
2. When you have something valuable to say
3. Media relevancy (buzz)
4. Your audience

1 – Blog based on your individual web traffic patterns. Web Marketing Therapy‘s site traffic tends to decrease a lot on weekends, as we serve professionals who are working on their business (mostly Monday through Friday).  I tend to blog more during the week because my Google Analytics web data tells me when people are on my site.  As The Marketing Therapist, I have to listen, so I pay attention to patterns and action then act in line with my audience’s behavior (see point #4).

2 – Blog when you have something valuable to say.  When you have something that you have to purge, BLOG IT.  Don’t worry about the day, just get it out there.  Content is king on the web.  If the content serves and supports your readers (and has value), then post it.  If you feel like you want to blog M-F, then you can always set the post to auto-launch during the week.  It is easy to queue up blog posts so they launch at a later date.

3 – Blog around media relevancy.  If there is industry news that is buzzing in your industry, then it is PRIME TIME to blog about it.  Piggyback on what is out there in the news and blog your point of view as the trends hit.  Media relevancy can be holidays, media-popular news, seasonal stuff (tax time, summer swimsuit season, etc.)

4 – Blog based on your target audience’s needs.  Who are you trying to serve?  What content can you blog that will HELP them?  Blog focusing on your audience and content that will serve them, not so much days of the week.

Our overall take away as your virtual marketing support system is that the answer to “when is the best day to blog?” depends on the blog traffic, your target audience, and you have tools like Google Analytics to track that.

One last tip, see when comments are coming into the blog and LISTEN to the feedback you get off your site.  You can learn SO much when you just open your eyes and see what feedback you are getting (comments, tweets, retweets, data, etc.)

-The Marketing Therapist

Top 5 Tips to Start Your 2010 Marketing on the Right Foot

NOW is the best time of the year to plan for 2010.  Listen to the Marketing Therapist Show (player is also below) to hear Lorrie talk about these five important tips to start your 2010 Marketing on the right foot.

Tip #1 –  Start with a Healthy Foundation (Diagnose, Prescribe and Guide)

Does your foundation address your web credibility, visibility, sell-ability, and usability?

Tip #2 – Feng Shui (Clean up, Organize, and Prioritize)

Tip #3Make Relationship Building Your #1 Priority

The secrets to successful marketing relationships:

Understanding, Passion, Partnership, Effort, Commitment, and Love.

Tip #4 – Create ideas, Execute, and Monitor ideas (Rinse and Repeat)

Tip #5 – Have Fun!  If you are not having fun, what is the point?

Facebook Marketing Tips on the Marketing Therapist and Wild Web Women Blog Talk Radio Show

On the Ask the Marketing Therapist and Wild Web Women Blog Talk Radio Show we had our Social Media Expert, Amy Dunn, give us the low down on facebook.

Have you ever asked the following questions:

  • “Why Facebook?”
  • “Do I need a Facebook Business page or Facebook group?”
  • “What is the difference between a Facebook Business page and Fan page?” (Hint: trick question)
  • “How do I build an audience in Facebook and drive traffic to my site?”
  • “How do I promote my blog on Facebook?”

If you want the answers to these Facebook questions and more free tips via wild web women podcasts, then you need to listen to our recent show to get the marketing 411 from Amy and the Wild Web Women!