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Going Through a Website/Branding Facelift? Expedite the Process With an Optimized Coming Soon Page

Let’s face it, sometimes websites are so neglected that when they have to be re-designed, the baby needs to be thrown out with the bath water!  When business leaders are working heavily IN their businesses and not ON it, website design, user experience and search visibility can get ignored.  It’s a common pattern.

Re-launching websites takes a lot of time.  There is planning, reviews, re-dos, design, programming, search optimization and more.  If your website does not position you in a brand-positive way, then there is NOTHING wrong with pulling your old site and launching a Coming Soon (aka Holding) Page.

In marketing, there IS such a thing as “fake it till you make it.” (“make” your new site that is!)

When you are freshly starting a business and your website is under construction, it could benefit your credibility to build a professional and informative holding page for your visitors who stumble onto your website.

Having a well-designed holding page with essential information about your business not only attracts visitors to stay longer on your website and learn about your company, it will also increase the chances of these visitors returning to your website once it has launched.

So many business owners think they have to wait until their site is 100% ready to change the design – WRONG!  Sometimes ANYTHING is better than the current site you have.   See below to see an example!

Web marketing tip – start small, then snowball.  The Santa Barbara Sunset Cruise company’s holding page below (before is left, and our “after” design is to the right).

To learn how to use a coming soon page for your business, download the free eBook here!

See the power of pulling down an old site and launching a well-architected coming soon page!

See the power of pulling down an old site and launching a well-architected coming soon page!