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Hannah Lansford
Digital Marketing Tips and Ideas

FitSmallBusiness.com published an article titled “Top 25 Digital Marketing Tips & Ideas from the Pros” that includes advice from WMT’s very own, Katherine Garcia! FitSmallBusiness.com is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by providing useful tips and information to their readers. We loved that Katherine’s insight and advice made it into the piece.

Katherine serves as a Digital Marketing Manager here at WMT, and has years of experience in social media marketing. She supports and advises brands in all areas of web marketing, so her expertise fits perfectly into the article’s content. In the article, Katherine points out that just like many other areas of life, consistency is key, especially with your company’s visual brand.

She recommends using Canva to create graphics and ensure consistency with your brand’s visual social media content. She sets Canva accounts up for her clients allowing clients to use the same fonts, and colors. She teaches them how to use a consistent style for all web and social media spaces. If you don’t know the exact colors that are being used on your website, there is no need to worry!

Katherine makes reference to this website so you can easily figure out the colors that are being used on your site and then insert them into Canva. Once you make your graphics for social media, she advises you save them with descriptive phrases in order to help boost your SEO and increase visibility. With these helpful tips in mind when creating your social media content, your brand’s social presence will be one of the key factors in ensuring your business’s success.

There are many other valuable tips mentioned in the article including one with Jordan Scheltgen, the founder of Cave Social, who talks about the importance of engaging with other businesses who have similar customer bases as yours. This reminded me of the #CommunityOverCompetition hashtag I’ve been seeing everywhere on Twitter amongst creatives. It’s so important to create and cultivate relationships with clients and other businesses in order to both build up and cheer each other on, and I loved that the article included this tip in their article!

If you want to learn more digital marketing strategies, be sure to check out this article and Katherine’s feature (she’s number 21 in the article, but to us, she’s #1)!  

Lorrie Thomas
The Secret to Being a Successful Digital Marketer

Do you know what the secret is to being a successful digital marketer? 

If I asked this question to a room full of professionals, most of them would guess that it’s being knowledgeable in the technical parts of marketing: knowing SEO, SEM, how to buy ads, knowing the best times to post on social media, how to build and manage a website, graphic skills for photos, and much more along those lines.

All of those are great answers and true. Having a handle on any of those skills is going to give your marketing career a big boost. That’s no secret.

But that is not the key to success. When I spoke with Matt Krumrie, Director of Content Management for Power Network for his article on marketing career success, I told him that the the number 1 skill needed to succeed throughout your marketing career is not tech-related, it is the ability to communicate clearly.Web Marketing Therapy: The Secret to Being a Successful Digital Marketer

Whether you are a college grad seeking to launch a successful marketing career or a professional who has decided to launch your own business and has suddenly found that marketing is now part of the job, being an artful communicator is just as important as knowing the technical stuff.

“The world we live in is phone/text heavy, but this ‘quick and dirty’ method of communication will only leave the marketing grad dirty career-wise. Whether it is an email to your boss, selling something, writing copy for a social media post or an ad, the ability to communicate in a compelling way (and online, that means pithy, powerful text) is critical.

Strong communication skills are needed at every level of online and offline marketing, from writing ad copy to emailing a boss or reaching out to a new client. I loved being interviewed to talk about the skills college grads need to succeed in Matt’s article titled Marketing Careers: Combination of Technical and Soft Skills Key to Success.

How do you sharpen your communication skills? Practice makes perfect. There are so many ways to practice your communication skills in everyday life – strike up a conversation with the clerk at the store, email your child’s teacher, write a thank you note to your neighbor. Sharpen your writing communication skills by writing more, listening more, and reading a lot. Take the time each day to read any book, magazine, newspaper, or online news story that catches your eye. The best part is that once your communication skills are sharp, they will rarely dull, instead they will only become even better with use.

Happy Marketing!

Lorrie Thomas
Digital Marketing Alone Will Not Make You a Superhero

I sometimes feel like I am punching people with tough love when I break the news that digital marketing is not going to make them successful. Digital marketing is absolutely part of the equation, but the tools need to be driven with some serious human KAPOW to really pack some punch into the equation!

YOU (not the tools) will make you successful!

Look at web marketing (websites, online advertising, social media marketing, search marketing, etc.) like this:

YOU are Batman, Web Marketing is Robin. Stay with me on this one….Batman is the leader, the one on the front lines while Robin acts as your trusty sidekick – he has your back, but he’s not going to make it alone!

Batman is NOTHING without Robin, but Robin could not strike out on his own and be ok either. It’s a synergistic dream team!

I love to help people build and optimize their marketing so it does act as a trusty sidekick – making you look good, reinforcing your message, keeping you out there, communicating, serving, supporting and selling…(it has your back!)

Digital Marketing will not magically make you a superhero. When you get in the hero mindset and are really ready for success, then the tools become VERY useful!

You grow when you have a great support system in place. Make sure your digital marketing is optimized to brand, build and boost business, when it is, you’ll be in much better shape to pack some marketing POW! into your business.

Remember: You can’t hide behind your computer and expect to make money honey!

Marketing is the act of building awareness, connecting, communicating, serving, supporting…all to make sales.

Don’t count on digital marketing to do it alone, get in the mental mindset to have your superhero pants on at all times!

Lorrie Thomas
Digital Marketing Overwhelm? MarkEDing® is the answer!

Images like this tend to send a business owner into digital marketing overwhelm:
digital marketing overwhelm

There is no need to stress! Markeding® is the answer!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.23.17 AM

All the digital marketing choices are great, but where the heck to start!? and and when do I make time for it all!? are common concerns.

There are a plethora of web and social media marketing phrases thrown around by companies and professionals (and unfortunately too many un-professionals) trying to make a claim in the web world. All the digital marketing buzz is very exciting, but it can also be so darn overwhelming.

The good news is that digital marketing overwhelm is treatable – the prescription is simple:

Stop thinking Marketing and start thinking EDUCATION -markeding®.

markeding® is a mashup of the words marketing and education. In my decade plus helping clients and students in my university classes, I noticed a pattern:

  • Fear and anxiety about marketing
  • Negative feelings about marketing and marketers
  • Lack of support about how to think about and approach marketing

Marketing breakthroughs can’t happen until there is a breakdown of beliefs and behaviors.

So in true geek-chic mode, I began to research the root cause of the fears, anxiety, negative feelings, lack of effort and found that:

  • Fear and anxiety were connected to a near-sighted mindset that marketing was either too expensive, time consuming and/or difficult
  • Negative sentiment was caused by a feeling that “marketing” meant promotion, which is viewed as self-serving and egotistical (think used car salesman or infomercial cheesy)
  • Lack of guidance about how to think about and approach marketing was due to focusing on the tools (PR, websites, social media, advertising, etc.) not how and most importantly, WHY to engage in marketing

You must change your brain to rethink about and approach marketing so that you do it ethically and effectively.

Marketing with an Educational focus is the solution. Education is the core of effective and ethical marketing. When you approach digital marketing with this mindset, it takes the “ew, I don’t like marketing” and “I am not good at marketing” feelings out (who doesn’t want to help a target marketing understand something?) and helps alleviate the fears, anxiety and “how do I start?” barriers to get work going.

I am a markeding® evangelist. Approaching marketing in an ethical way with a pure, educational purpose builds credibility, is user-friendly, boosts visibility, sellability and is highly scalable.

marketing_rx1Simple self-help exercise:
Ask yourself what you need to help your target customer understand…then apply to answer to your website copy, what you post on social media, blog about and more.

TEACH, don’t preach!

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Lorrie Thomas
New 4 P’s of Marketing – Driven by Digital Marketing

wmt_heart copy1When I was studying marketing in college, the 4 P’s of marketing that I learned from my expensive, heavy old-school textbooks were: Product, Place, Promotion and Price. Savvy marketers today pee on those dated P’s!

In this post, I breakdown the old P’s of marketing and shed light on my take on the new P’s – let’s get you to marketing breakthroughs!

Product is Now Passion:
Companies don’t only sell products, they also sell services. Some companies sell products and services. No matter what you sell, know that today, consumers support passion over product. Passion is contagious. It is what creates a viral impact and keeps customers loyal.

Place is Now Presence: In the old days, companies needed a great location for visibility. Today, we don’t need a place (I live this, my company has been 100% virtual for over a decade), we need a strong presence. A powerful presence is a healthy mix of web, social, personal branding, PR, email, and search. A powerful presence puts place in its place.

Promotion is Now Pedagogy: While big, expensive ads used to rule, getting on the top of a mountain and screaming your brand’s name isn’t effective marketing anymore…it’s just noise. And in a wild web world ridden with noise, the only way to cut through the clutter is to replace promotion with pedagogy. The method and practice of teaching is what connects consumers to companies. I am a markeding® (marketing via education) evangelist. Respect is reciprocal. When we educate our target market(s), we empower them and when people are empowered, they feel more powerful to buy what we are selling.

Price is Now People: Competing with price is dated. Come on, are people wearing Gucci and driving Jaguars because they are a steal? Get real. It’s people over price. People choose who and what they support based on the way that they feel – what feels right, what makes them feel right and what humans are searching for at our core is connection and that connection with consumers begins by being a person. Some brands are business to business (B2B) and some are business to consumer (B2C), but what makes companies profit is humanizing their brand, operating with a people to people (P2P) approach. If you want to be big in business, you have to be human…humanize your business by focusing on connecting with the people you are passionate about serving.

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Lorrie Thomas
2016 Digital Marketing Advice – Chill the (bleep) Out!!

Happy New Year! I spent the remainder of 2015 unwinding with family and friends – a very necessary digital unplug to recharge! While I had the mental space to reflect, I reviewed the past year and patterns to kick off 2016 on a proactive, “lessons learned”, foot.

We saw huge breakthroughs for our clients in 2015: New brands, business growth, opportunities tapped and amazing digital marketing improvements. The thing Web Marketing Therapy spent most time breaking down (to get to those breakthroughs) was stress. Most the of the new entrepreneurs and small businesseses who got on our virtual therapy couch had to overcome things like:

  • unhealthy mindsets
  • vendor dependency
  • unproductive habits
  • financial burdens
  • self-confidence issues
  • communication problems
  • social media abuse
  • dysfunctional websites

Stress is connected to major health issues – it is also the core of major marketing issues!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.21.43 PMMarketing is about building relationships. It should not feel like lying on pins and needles!

If you have issues getting service from your current vendors, then find new ones. Don’t tolerate crappy service. If you can’t afford certain marketing, then put it on hold! If you aren’t confident about who you are and what you do, then take a step back and get clear on the value you provide. Are you posting messages on social media that alienate people or are you an active contributor? Is your website easy to use and maintain?

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.21.57 PM

My 2016 digital marketing advice is short, not exactly sweet and is simpler said than done (but it CAN and must be done!):

Chill the F*<k Out!!

Digital marketing has made marketing accessible to EVERYONE – rich, poor, educated, uneducated, male, female, young, old, big business and small (even teeny tiny businesses). How digital marketing is used depends on your goals, comfort levels, budget and skill set. But the first thing is to begin from a place of calm.

Stress sucks the life out of us. It interferes with our ability to think and make smart decisions. You don’t HAVE to do things vendors tell you or spend money on things you can’t afford.

If you are still reading this and can’t stop stressing about marketing, then let me help.

#1 – Make a list of things you do for marketing. If there are things you are not doing that you feel guilty about, write those down too.

#2 – What are things that you can’t confirm are working that you can cut?

#3 – What are things you would like to add? How can you do this? Do you need to read more on it, have help? Remember, small steps make a big difference and this is a journey, not a destination. You don’t arrive in seconds – this is a process that takes time.

#4 – Tell yourself that it is OK to ask for help. At Web Marketing Therapy, we have an inside saying called “google that s__t” meaning that so much of what you want/need to know is Googleable. If you can’t self-help with Google, find companies who are willing to train you, not just do the work for you. If you at a point that you are so busy with work that you need to delegate marketing, then find a firm who makes your life easy, taking work off your plate, not creating more of it.

And don’t forget to breathe. This is marketing, not oxygen. 

While I believe wholeheartedly that marketing fuels business, marketing is not something that you should stress about. Do you stress every time you breathe? You shouldn’t with marketing either.

I’m off to go hike with my 4 year old. Happy New Year and Here’s to HAPPY, HEALTHY MARKETING!