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"No Bull" Website Building

What is “No Bull” Website building?  Watch this video from a series that Lorrie Thomas put together for  The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Santa Barbara City College.  This webinar provides a jumping off point for anyone looking to create a website for your business or update your current site.  Lorrie, The Marketing Therapist®, gives you a great Web Marketing Best Practices Check List and tells you how to make the most of each page.  If you are building a website, don’t miss this great webinar!

Part One:

Part Two:

Don’t want to go it alone?

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Lorrie Thomas
One site fits all?

As organizations evolve, so do their websites…

But does one site fit all?

(Yes, I admit to feeling a little “Carrie Bradshaw of Web Marketing” as I type this)

Organizations have all shapes and sizes of target markets, products and services.  I challenge you to critically evaluate who you are, what you do and who you serve…then look at your website(s) and web marketing strategy and ask yourself if the people you are trying to reach and serve are truly being served well with your efforts.

Web Marketing Therapy invested in some of our own web therapy and are in the process of making site optimizations.  We had to change the message on both our home page and about page (and we are adding a new agency services page, updating the blog and adding design bling to the home page this month) because we stepped back, looked long and hard at the site and realized that were not best communicating and serving great people like you who use our site!  Sure, I had an ego-dent moment for about a minute and a half when I had to accept that my website copy (that I poured my love into) wasn’t cutting it.  Then I took a marketing chill pill and realized that it was more important to say clearly:

Who We Are (A fun Learning Resource and full-service Marketing Agency)

What We Do (Diagnose and prescribe cures for greater web health and wealth to maximize your strategic web presence and sales power via educational empowerment!)

Who We Serve (businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers!)

…then guide people to where they needed to go via design and easy navigation

Sometimes one site does not fit all and it’s wise to create multiple sites for different audiences or make your home page a north star that guides the “all” types of folks who come to you for various products and services.

It’s the wild, wild web.  There are no rules, the answers to your success start with you…if you are willing to look hard at your web marketing efforts.

Web marketing is a commitment – the only constant is change.

I don’t want to hear that you spent a lot on your website and can’t afford to make changes or that you already have a site but just need to get more people to it.

Your website is your web marketing’s nucleus – your web marketing core.  If your core is not fully functional, stop, drop and roll your professional selves into a site self-analysis.

…or call me for some tough love 🙂

Lorrie Thomas
Postive Role Model – Boston.com

Our wild web woman thinking caps are off to the Boston Globe today as a positive role model!

They sent an email out to their loyal readers announcing the roll out of a new suite of tools that will make interacting with Boston.com content and community easier and more rewarding. you had us at easy!

Boston.com Gets a Postive Web Marketing Role Model A-ok!

Boston.com Gets a Positive Web Marketing Role Model A-ok!

Boston.com gets a Web Marketing Therapy positive role model for their understanding that web marketing work is never done and for their comittment to making their website a webSOLUTION.  They also win web marketing therapy kudos for being proactive communicators.  They sent an email out to readers to give them advance notice since some of the upgrades may affect Boston.com user experience.  The email was brilliant – short, sweet and bulleted (remember, web surfres SCAN they don’t read, bullets rock!) and in the email, they highlighted their new site site features…features powered with personalization!! (a total web marketing best practice!)

Here’s the skinny on the new Boston.com:

1. Personal profile pages with web experience, all users want to see is “what’s in it for me?”
They automatically create a personal profile page for everyone who posts to a forum or comments on an article.  If you have posted to a forum in the past, you also get a profile page.

Other features include:

* A personal avatar making experience more personal and fun
* The ability to add links to friends making the site sticky and an interactive rolodex…smart!
* Controls that let you choose what appears on your profile empowering, good for control freaks

2. Improved comments on articles like:

* The ability to recommend comments with one click easy = happy readers
* Sorting tools that allow you to determine the order in which the comments appear geeky cool
* Clickable screen names

3. Improved, faster forums there is a need for speed! with features like:

* Ignore this user, which removes from view the comments of posters who annoy you
* Unread comments. You’ll see a gold star next to any discussion that has new comments since the last time you visited. Clicking the star will bring you to the point in the discussion where you left
* Much better search they probably got comments and feedback asking for this!  way to deliver!
* Clickable screen names, which link to profile pages

The email gave tips on when features would be hitting to respect and communicate with their readers and they also openly invited email recipients to visit the FAQ page or offer to answer questions on feedback@boston.com.

Thank you Boston.com for caring about your web readers and for employing empowering web marketing best practices.  Your comittment to healthy web marketing makes you a wealthy organization in our book!

P.S.  Thank you to Eldon Edwards for sending us GREAT emails with killer examples!  Next time I see you, I am giving you a WMT “Thinking Cap” as a token of my appreciation 🙂

Lorrie Thomas
Kirtsy – Social Platform Packed with Pure Goodness

Just when I thought I was getting good at geek speak and talking tweets, diggs, stumbles, trackbacks and more, along comes a new (well, new to me!) goddess web gadget….


I discovered Kirtsy when I was reading the Remabulous blog.  Oh, BTW, “remabulous” (in case you didn’t know) marries the words “remarkable” and “fabulous”, isn’t that REMABULOUS!!  I love it!  I ended up on Caroline’s remabulous blog blog because my Google Alerts notified me that she blogged me (if you have not set up Google alerts for you and your biz, do this now).

After I read the post, I saw an option to “Kirtsy this” post….

….Then I felt really uncool…I didn’t know how to kirtsy 🙁

I curtsy for Kirtsy!

I curtsy for Kirtsy!

Where have I been?  Hellooo!!  I am a wild web woman, she-geek, web marketing evangelist!  And obviously, someone who has been out of the loop about the coolest social media site by women, for women that I have seen yet!

Cliff notes version: i Kirtsy is your virtual friend that helps you find good (and great) stuff…online.  The story behind Kirtsy is that they started as “three chicks” looking for an online spot where they could find a collection of content that was interesting to them.  It didn’t seem to exist, so they created it.

I see Kirtsy like Digg for women…wild, wonderful, wise web women.  Check it out and get she-geeky!  I think I have a new web marketing addiction brewing….

Lorrie Thomas
Top Ten Killer Websites

iMedia Connection did a great article last week on the top ten killer websites worth watching. I think these sites are brilliantly selected to illustrate how ANY business can rock the web if they:

1. Know their target market
2. Think big and bold
3. Ask for help

Yes, these killer sites did not happen in house. These companies were smart enough to ask for help from expert creatives who helped them help themselves and their prospective customers.

No, nobody may “get” your organization as well as you might, but sometimes it’s healthy to get over yourself and know that you are nothing without other talented pros that can take your great work to a new level with innovation and artistic expression!