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Lorrie Thomas
If You Build It….They Won’t Come

In the movie Field of Dreams, the protagonist (played by Kevin Costner) hears a voice in his Iowa cornfields…”If you build it…he will come.”

It doesn’t work that way with web marketing.

If you launch a new website, blog, Facebook page or anything online, people will not come unless you make an effort to get people to come!

Marketing is about making relationships. This is not a passive act. Relationships take effort, energy and enthusiasm.

Web marketing includes online advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. If you don’t act, don’t expect anything to happen.

If you want results, you must be genuinely enthusiastic about what you are offering. You have to be willing to put in the effort (which might include hiring help to delegate some of the work). Lastly, you need energy…positive, proactive energy. While this might sound a little woo-woo, in the 10+ years I have run my digital marketing agency, my most successful clients are the ones who radiate energy and put energy into voicing their value and values.

Web Marketing RxNeed a Healthy Dose of Marketing Rx? Take 3 V’s:

1) Offer Value to your customer by sharing content (that has value to them) and communicate your value
2) Marry your with content with your Values (this will help you attract your ideal client)
3) Publish content consistently to solidify your Voice

 You will have a great voice online when your web marketing communicates your value and your values!

Virtual Marketing Hugs!



Anne Orfila
Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram - Best Practices and MoreIf your business is looking to connect with a young and growing audience then advertising on the photo-sharing site Instagram may be a great online advertising option. Instagram (whose parent company is Facebook) recently launched advertising options for businesses of all sizes. All you need to start up your Instagram ad campaign is a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

I am a huge advocate of advertising on social media whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Before we explore advertising on Instagram, let’s talk about how social media ads can up the ante for any business – large or small. Here is my “short” list 😉 of what you can stand to gain by advertising on social media:

  • Promotion of your business, products, and/or services
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand growth
  • More website visitors
  • Increase in sales
  • New customers and/or leads

Will all of the above happen for you? Maybe or maybe not. But it’s highly likely that something will happen if you advertise as opposed to staying status quo if you do not.

With that said, let’s take a look at advertising on Instagram.


Instagram currently offers 3 ad formats:

  • Photo Ads: Most similar to an Instagram post, these ads allow businesses to use one photo to tell (sell) their story.
  • Video Ads: Share a video up to 30 seconds long and in landscape format that includes sound.
  • Carousel Ads: These ads can host up to 4 images where users swipe to see the additional images.


Use Instagram ads to:

  • Send people to your website with a call-to-action button (“Book Now”, “Download”, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up”, etc).
  • Get people to install your mobile app.
  • Create mass awareness of your brand and/or product.
  • Tell a story using video.


Use your Facebook Power Editor to set up and manage your Instagram advertising with ease. The cool part is that you you have almost as many targeting options as when advertising on Facebook. For those who have not advertised on Facebook, the targeting capabilities are extensive. Choose your audience based on demographics, interests, location, and much more.

–> With 400 million+ active users per month, 3.5 billion “Likes” daily, and over 75 million daily users, your ad is pretty much guaranteed to be seen by someone!


If you decide to advertise on Instagram, make it count! Follow these best practice tips to make your ad(s) outstanding.

Image Matters

When it comes to Instagram – a site based on photo-sharing – your “image” matters. Use a high quality image that is not pixelated, blurry, or grainy. When taking the photo, use natural lighting, if possible, and keep the content in focus without having too much going on in the background. Nix the use of borders as this draws attention away from the content in the image.

Be Original

Don’t use stock photos. Instagram users are all about sharing a captured moment. Using a stock photo – that most likely people have seen somewhere else – reduces the authenticity of your content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Your picture should speak for itself. Use few, if any, words in your image. Share what you need to say in the caption.

Hashtag Lightly

Creating a hashtag to capture your brand or product is fun! (e.g. –> #webmarketingtherapyworks) Also, using popular hashtags to connect with people using the hashtag can create visibility if it is relevant. Whatever you do, don’t over do it! Recommendation: 1 to 3 hashtags.

Consistency is Key

Your ad(s) should be in line with your brand and/or what you are promoting. Keeping consistency between your ads is also recommended. Your audience will better understand what you are trying to communicate if your ads are not all over the place.

Listen and Learn

Your ad(s) will accrue likes and comments. Listen to how your audience is responding to your message. The comments will clue you in on whether your advertising is a hit or bust.


Advertising on Instagram is a whole new way to engage an audience. Using the best practices outlined above will help you kick off an Instagram advertising campaign that is effective and results-driven to attract new customers and interact with those that you already have. #WinWin

Anne Orfila
Why I “Like” Facebook Advertising

web marketing therapy on why we like Facebook advertisingIt’s funny to think that way back yonder people paid big money for ads on TV and newspapers and they had no idea if their ad ever reached the “right” audience! (We call that the “spray and pray” technique at WMT) Furthermore, there was no way to track whether or not the ad was effective, if it made an impression, if it actually sold the product, or if people never wanted to see it again.

Fast forward to today, and ads (those that are online) are “smarter” than ever, especially Facebook ads. Unlike old-school traditional ads where you spray and pray, with online ads like Facebook, you can laser-target so you are doing more “direct shooting” to attract your ideal audience. Facebook’s ad solutions offer advanced targeting options and feedback so you can can figure out what works best for your business. And the best part is that you are in total control of your advertising fate and, as a self-professed control freak, I really “LIKE” that!

Why Advertise on Facebook?
If you want to get your marketing message out to the world (or within 25 miles around your city), this is the place to be. As of last quarter, Facebook had 1.19 billion monthly active users. Research has shown that people log in multiple times per day and one study even said some people login within 15 minutes of waking up! Advertising on Facebook can help you raise your brand’s awareness, drive people to your website, and increase online and/or local sales. Facebook’s advertising vehicle is friendly and customizable so you can easily choose who you want to reach.

Facebook Ad Targeting
You want your ads to reach people – the right people! Choose to advertise to certain areas, cities, zip codes, even those specifically around your business. Target people by their age and gender. Drill further down by selecting those that have specific interests (entertainment, technology, sports, etc) and behaviors (type of phone they use, whether or not they’re an expat, shopping behaviors, and much more). You can even reach friends of friends who have liked your page. The possibilities are truly endless!

The Cost of Facebook Advertising
How much you spend on Facebook advertising is entirely up to you. You can start your advertising budget for as little as $5. Blow your budget in one day, one week, one month, or any amount of time that you choose. If you are looking to grow your brand on Facebook (build your “Likes”) you can choose to optimize for “Page Likes” or if you are looking to direct people to your website, you can choose to optimize for clicks. Facebook will serve your ad to those who are most likely to respond to your ad the way you want them to.

Facebook Ad Performance
Track-ability should be Facebook’s middle name. Facebook offers a dashboard that shows you how your ads are performing (such as number of clicks, money spent, number of people reached). You can also see where your ads were served (desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, desktop right column, etc) and it also tracks clicks received from those platforms. My most favorite part is the “Relevance” score that Facebook assigns your ads. Your ad is given a rating between 1 and 10 based on how your audience is responding to your ad (1 means you need to try something new and 10 means the audience is loving it).

Creating Ads on Facebook
Facebook ad creation can be done by anyone. They provide the template and you can choose to use your own images (or video) or pick images from stock images that they provide – at no extra charge. One ad can have up to 6 images associated with it (love variety in advertising) or you can choose to create an ad with multiple rotating images (up to 5).

Facebook Ads Payoff
Facebook ads aren’t intrusive. They don’t pop up over content that you’re trying to view. Rather they appear in the newsfeed and look like your friend’s posts. If they catch the eye of your viewer, great! The viewer may respond by “Liking” your Facebook page, clicking on the ad that redirects to a destination of your choice, or simply by doing nothing. Research has shown that even if a person does nothing on your ad, the ad still has impact. Visualization helps build up your brand in people’s brains and may affect buying decisions at a later time.

Equal Opportunity
Facebook gives their advertisers a lot of freedom. You get to choose the when, where, what, and how when you advertise. Facebook users also have opportunities. In my previous blog post, I wrote about how users can choose their ad preferences, electing to see ads that they are interested in and nixing ads that they don’t want to see. A win-win. The advertisers get their ads shown to the people who are interested and the users get to see what they’re interested in.

Final Thoughts
As a *seasoned* web marketer (15 years, baby!), I have seen many advertising vehicles and I believe Facebook advertising is a great (and smart) option for every business – from corporations to mom-and-pop shops. It’s simple to set up, budget-friendly, non-intrusive, flexible, and effective.

Try it today – I think you’ll “LIKE” it too!

Lorrie Thomas
Consolidation of search engines…good, bad or ugly?

Recently, Google backed away from a shared advertising agreement with Yahoo.  I “got in the ring” with Miguel Salcido of eVisibility in today’s DM News Gloves Off Debate to give my raw opinion (me, opinionated?  nooooo?!!)  on how consolidation would affect search marketing.

I think that consolidation of search advertising would eliminate competition, ultimately increasing ad costs and devastating ROI efforts for most adver­tisers.   Salcido welcomes consolidation, saying it could result in a competitive price war and lower ad costs, as well as a possible race to develop better technology.

I can understand his point on better technology potential, but I still think that lack of competition will diminish desire to perform to the best of search marketing capacity (monopoly is rarely a good thing).

But I want to know what you think – read the opposing views on search consolidation, post your comments…let the ring debate begin….ding!