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Lorrie Thomas
Content Marketing Tip: Use Old Content to Make New Content

How many times do you feel like you need to be writing more blog posts and social media posts? The guilt kicks in, you start to wonder how you can manage social media marketing AND run your business….and then the stress takes over…nothing happens. (I seriously think I need to start an abandoned social media marketing shelter for neglected blogs and social media accounts!)

Never fear, there is a simple content creation solution. Instead of trying to come up with new concepts, go through your old blog posts, social media posts, or graphics, and repurpose them! Yes, it’s that simple!

Use Old Content to Make New Content!

Search and Share – In order to keep disseminating good content, recycling material is key! Why waste great efforts? Find some oldies, but goodies, by going to your blog and looking through your archives. Or, if you have a topic in mind, search key terms through your blog’s search bar (if your blog doesn’t have a search bar, stop now and call or email your web person to add one!). Posting old blog posts or videos and sharing them is one of the easiest ways to keep your social media accounts filled with good content. And don’t overthink the text in the post! I often use the title of the blog post for Twitter and for Facebook, G+, Linkedin, I use a great sentence from the post to introduce the URL. And don’t forget to shorten your URL links by using free websites such as Bitly.com to save space!



Use your share buttons – This is one of my favorite go-tos and one of the easiest ways to share. Go to the post you want to share and put those share buttons to use (if you don’t have share buttons on each blog post, get your web designer to put them in!). This is one of the easiest ways to re-share old posts from your website. I use this all the time for Twitter and Facebook especially. More about how to do this and best practices here.


Set it and forget it – It can be hard to remember to post every day. But luckily you don’t have to! There are all kinds of social media scheduling services to make your social media marketing easier! Hootsuite and other social scheduling tools are your friend. There are many tools out there to help you push your marketing to the next level! Go out and use them! If I post to a client’s social media, I often take that post and schedule it to post 3-4 months later so the time I take writing the content gets double mileage!

Use small posts to make bigger ones – Lately I have been taking old images (mostly quotes) and putting them into blogs and writing more about what the quote means, both to the client and customer. We also take tweets and expand the idea into a blog post. Often the “what do I write about?” is the biggest hurdle to writing, this gets you over that hump.

The biggest barrier to great content marketing creation is overthinking it. You simply need to post quality content that has value to your audience on a frequent basis. Use these tips and you might feel like you are cheating…which is OK! It’s not and your audience is not focused on “ooh, that only took them a few minutes to post!” They are focused on you being there and sharing and caring!

Happy content marketing!
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Lorrie Thomas
Social Media Marketing Management: Don’t Go it Alone

When it comes to getting social marketing work done, it is very common for me to hear people say things like, “I know I should be doing more on social media,” or “Oh, I am so behind on my blog writing” or “I haven’t had time, but I will try to write some social media posts this weekend” or “I need to learn how to do my own images.”

There can be a lot of guilt and shame when you don’t feel like you are getting enough social media marketing done. Get over it! Guilt and shame are negative – these bad feelings take away the enjoyment and can ultimately lead to failure.

Let’s look at the positive! When I am asked how I get everything done for our clients and my company’s social media marketing I tell the truth. I get it all done BY NOT DOING IT ALL! You can’t do it all by yourself, so stop trying to!


Social Media Marketing Management: Don’t Go it Alone. Here’s how:

Delegate the workload
Delegating is one of your most powerful tools to get web marketing in motion. You are only one person and you only have a limited amount of time! Rather than spending your weekends and after-hours time working on blogging and social media posts (pssst.. if you are working on the weekends to keep up with your web marketing, there is something seriously wrong!) assign some of these tasks to others!

I would not be able to manage my workload and keep marketing going if I didn’t delegate tasks to my Web Marketing Therapy team. I also wouldn’t have content as creative as we get it without others chiming in! I need help to keep content fresh, relevant and interesting!

One of my secret steps to getting web marketing in motion is that I talk and one of the WMT teammies writes – organizing my chaos of content into a blog post. Then all I have to do is edit! Ahhhhh 🙂

Editing is a lot faster than creating material from the ground up. Ask others to help you write or use a dictation service to get the content out there!

Stay organized – plan ahead
There are a lot of tools you can use to keep ourselves accountable for posting regularly. Technology can help you be less “alone”. I use my Google calendar and write in set days I am going to post on social media. I also research national holidays and national observances for our clients a(s well as for our own company posts) for fun and widely talked about topics . Tools like Hootsuite can help you and your team manage your social networks and schedule posting.

You don’t have to stay up late on a Friday night writing up a new blog post – and here is why! There is a HUGE likelihood that you already have a great content written. Good content is always good content. I often share posts I wrote from 4-5 years ago! Don’t look at the white space where you are supposed to post and feel like it’s all on you. It’s not, use what you have!

Reuse content that is still relevant! Infographics, images, blog posts, even videos! All of these can be shared for more social media marketing content!

Why kill yourself creating content when you already have awesome content to share? Don’t make life harder on yourself!

Remember, you are not alone.
Social media marketing can seem daunting at times with all the sharing, tweeting, liking, blogging, snapping, etc., etc., etc. We’ve all been there. And it can be easy to get behind, especially if you are trying to do it all on your own. You are not alone! But you can be ahead of the others by changing your mindset and rising above it!

Social media marketing won’t be scary or stressful if you use healthy and manageable marketing tactics!

And if you ever want need advice, support or help managing things, get on my therapy couch! 🙂

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Lorrie Thomas
Images Shared on Social Media can be a Blog Post Too!

Have a cool image that you have shared (or are going to share) on social media? Get more mileage out of that effort and make it into a blog as a post too!

I LOVE sharing images (often with cool quotes or facts) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I love getting the most out of my time and expense even more! I continually remind clients as well as my team at Web Marketing Therapy to reuse these images for easy content marketing!  When you share images on social media, it’s great when they are seen but people have to be logged in to their social media accounts and online at the right time to see the post.

Get the most out of that image! A blog post with your graphic in it can live on your website forever when you write a blog post around it ANNNND the search engines can pick it up ANNNNNNNNNNND the blog post with your image is something you can ALSO social share at a later date. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND writing short blog posts where the image carries the majority of the content is super easy (yay for stress-reduction!)


Here is an image I created for Instagram for my personal account. It’s super cool (thank you Katherine Garcia on my team for her image super awesomeness! To get more mileage after I social shared this, I repurposed the image as a blog post.

Below is a screen shot of the blog post I wrote around the image, which allowed me to archive the image in my WordPress blog and have a lengthier explanation explaining why I believe this. The blog post is something I can share and re-share with my followers (if content is relevant, don’t assume you can only share it once!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.37.35 PM

Recycling is great for the planet AND great for your digital marketing!

Here’s to happy, healthy marketing!

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Lorrie Thomas
Google+ Pages for Business Marketing

When I talk to business owners about Google+, many reply with, “One more social media to master!!?” Don’t worry – there is no need to feel social media overwhelm. Setting up or optimizing a Google+ page for your business can be a great addition to your web marketing. A Google+ business page can boost your web marketing, plus (pardon the pun!) get you more visibility and give you a new content sharing channel!

Google+ for Business Can Increase Your Visibility
Every business needs to be visible to target customers. As you probably know, Google is the top-used search engine on the World Wide Web. What you may not know is that one of the main ways people search for products, services and information is through search engines. Today, social media is part of what fuels the content that appears in search engines. With the power of search, social media and Google’s popularity, it makes sense to engage in social media, especially Google’s social media.

When you have a Business Page, it increases your chances of being found for people searching on Google.com, within Google+ and it also gives people a new option of a way to follow and engage with your organization.

Google+ Pages Can Give Your Business a New Content Sharing Channel
We connect, communicate and convert with content. Google+ gives you a targeted, relevant way to expand your content distribution to connect with your contacts. By being active with Google+ for your business, you have another visibility channel to share your videos, blog posts, photos and other relevant content.

Having a Google+ page also allows other people to tag you in posts, increasing the ability for people to see and connect with your brand. 

Be sure that the content you share on your Google+ Business page is valuable content. It needs to serve and support your contacts, not overtly sell your products and services. Self-endorsements don’t work on the social web, ones authentically driven by people do!

If you haven’t created a Google+ page yet, visit https://www.google.com/business/ and hit the “Create Your Google Page” button.

Make Sure Your Google+ Page is Optimized!
Take time to add photos, videos, links to your website, hyperlinks to your website on photos. You can also add custom links to your blog, website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and your Google Places account.

Being there is the first step. Putting time into creating a robust profile with great about descriptions and photos is next, publishing great content keeps the love alive!

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Lorrie Thomas
Simplify Social Media Marketing – Share Old Blog Posts!

The pain of producing content on social media is real. To many, the question of “what to post?” is like being in a black abyss, with no hope of positive ideas emerging.

I’m going to let you in on a big digital marketing manager secret…

Recycle Your Way to Social Media Marketing SuccessOne of the easiest ways to simplify your social media marketing that supports your social media relationships while increasing visibility to other ideal relationships is by recycling.

Recycling old blog posts or videos and sharing them is so easy and often so overlooked by marketing professionals!

It takes time to write a great blog post, why on earth would you let great content go to waste? If a post or video you painstakingly created is still relevant, entertaining or useful to your target audience, then re-use it!

Instead of staring at these screens and going AHHHH!!…take a deep breath and go ahhhhhhh because you have an arsenal of posts to pull from. Scroll down for a quick web marketing Rx.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.27.29 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.27.10 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.26.53 PM

Need a simple social media post? Go to your blog, look at the search box (if your blog does not have a search box, get one!!!) then search a topic. For example, if I search the word “stress” on my blog a ton of posts come up. Scan, find an oldie but goodie (the post needs to still be relevant) and share. Same goes with videos you have created. Share the oldies but goodies!


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.56.48 PMTough love reality check: Just because you posted a blog post when you wrote it does NOT mean everybody saw it. At Web Marketing Therapy, we say “Tell ’em, Tell ’em what you told ’em and tell ’em one more time!”

Use the great content you ALREADY HAVE as a way to communicate with your audience on social media.

This saves you time writing blog posts and keeps content out there supporting your credibility and visibility!

If you realllllly want to streamline your social media posting, you can even schedule posts that you write now into posts MONTHS from now! Facebook has the ability to schedule posts within their post and I LOVE Hootsuite for social media scheduling. I can post things to go live MONTHS from when I last posted them!

Happy social media marketing!

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Lorrie Thomas
How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Strong

Social media can be a low-cost and high-powered marketing tool –if you are using proper form. The key to social media marketing success is not in the tools – it’s how you use the tools that yields results. Here are some simple steps to “pump up” your social media marketing efforts.

Raise the Social Media Bar ABOVE Your Business

Think about social media marketing like a large fitness center or gym. Just as a gym has lots of equipment to use, there are lots of social media options to choose from like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. A gym has tons of diverse people going in and out of it on a daily basis, just like social media. Although lots of people go to the gym, (like organizations using social media) the folks who have visible results are the ones using pro techniques.

weightlifting_iconTo get results with social media, you need to have a clear goal or intention. Just like you have a goal when you go to the gym (whether it be maintaining fitness, losing weight, de-stressing, bulking up, or training for an athletic event) your intention for social media must be clear, not just to you but to your customers. People won’t follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook or subscribe to your blog unless there is something meaningful to them content-wise. They need to understand why you are worth looking at, following, subscribing or liking. To raise the bar on your social media marketing, take the first step and raise the bar -define a theme that is “bigger” than your organization.

A theme communicates the value of subscribing to any type of social media, it shares the value of the content and it makes the voice of social media clear to your customers. A social media theme is not only helpful to create connections, but it also can help inspire content on days when you just don’t know what to post.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.36.32 AM

Great example: Counselor Linda Menesez works with women, helping them find greater happiness. Her blog and social media posts have a higher theme – talking about ways to have a deeper peace of mind, a more joyful spirit, and an abundant satisfaction with life. She also has beautiful graphics that are on brand and on purpose with her theme. The image to the left was posted on her Facebook page, sharing her blog post about Living In the Moment.

Pack Your Social Media With Nutrient-Rich Content

Just as a personal trainer will tell a client that they have to eat right in addition to exercising for optimal results, the same applies to social media marketing. You can go to the gym day after day, month after month, but if the form is not right, then you won’t get the results you want. Think of this when you are out on social media posting content. The act of doing it alone is not enough. You need to be doing it from a healthy foundation. Think of this as social media marketing from the inside-out.

Customers want to consume good content, plain and simple. Social media marketing isn’t about touting your organization; it’s about nourishing your current and prospective customer. Your tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, Facebook updates and photos need to have value, support your values and be “on brand” with the voice of your organization.

What Do I Post On Social Media?

One of the biggest challenges in social media marketing is the question of “what content should I be posting?” The answer depends on your customers are, what content will connect with them and how you can differentiate yourself in the noisy social media landscape. When you take the first step and have a clearly defined social media strategy that has a theme bigger than your business, you will find it is much easier to create nutrient-rich content. Working under the umbrella of a theme gives you a focus, but also gives flexibility for varied content to keep things interesting. Content creation does not have to be a bunch of effort either. Later this month, I will give some tips to take some of the overwhelm out of the process.

Value-rich content needs to help customers, but it can be fun as well. Think of ways to entertain your social media contacts. Interview customers to celebrate the people who support you, share fun videos, retweet articles written by other writers that will interest your readers. Content doesn’t all have to come from you, you can share gems from other like-minded social media people and organizations (quote/credit them properly of course) that fall under your social media theme. Social media is widely used because it is fun – remember that content needs to not only be nutritious, it needs to be delicious too.

Stay Committed to Social Media

The last and final step to “pump up” your social media marketing is to stay committed to the process. Just like physical fitness requires ongoing upkeep, social media marketing does as well. The best way to stay committed is to have a social media management plan. Who is responsible for checking in on Facebook, Twitter, reviewing blog posts, writing, posting or following comments? Assign roles and responsibilities to yourself as well as your staff. Create weekly and monthly rituals. Simple things like posting a weekly quote that inspires your customers or sharing a video clip once a week or writing an educational blog post once a month can be woven into your social media marketing lifestyle. Customers need to know they can count on you to be a reliable participant in social media. A clear focus, value-rich contributions, and a committed schedule are three ways to pump up your time and effort.

Social media marketing can build your business in new wonderful ways. Like fitness, it takes effort, but with a healthy focus, it can be great insurance for the life of your marketing!

Here’s to happy, healthy marketing to help your organization stay wealthy!
Virtual Marketing Hugs!

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