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Lorrie Thomas
Measuring Social Media Marketing Success

social media marketing successWhen I hear people talk about measuring social media marketing success in myopic terms like growing followers, or getting direct sales, I feel like a marketing intervention needs to be staged. Social media absolutely supports sales, but it’s a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. You can’t expect one social media post will make you money honey! For any of you wondering how to measure social media marketing success, here is what you need to know.

#1 – Start By Understanding the Five Factors for Social Media Marketing Success.
There are five factors for social marketing success: credibility, usability, visibility, salability, and scalability. Sales do not happen unless all factors are attended to. Knowing and managing these five factors will help get you know what to focus on, what needs to be optimized and where your strengths and weakness lie.

Credibility is believability. Social media marketing helps people know, like, and trust you. Are you sharing content that really matters? Are your cover photos designed to be on brand? Are you consistently posting content that benefits your target audience?

Usability is how easy your social media assets are to use. This can include the ease of being able to easily navigate or search your blog, having the right share widgets installed on your blog and optimized properly, or having the right Facebook template installed so your page is well organized.

Visibility is how well you are found on social media. You can be the most qualified expert or company, but if nobody knows about you, then you have a problem. Visibility can come from boosting Facebook posts, increasing your social media posts by using great tools like Hootsuite.com and being more mindful of using hashtags when you post. Blogging and social media content can also help boost your search engine visibility, so determine the right phrases to include in your posts.

Sellability is how well you help people understand your value. Every social media profile description needs to clearly communicate who you are, what you do and whom you serve. This includes your LinkedIn summary, Twitter description, Instagram description, Facebook about area and more.

Scalability is how solid your social media foundation is. When you create great content and you commit to creating content for social media regularly, this content is an investment! It builds and compounds over time like a great stock investment. I love how I am able to reference old blog posts by simply searching the blog toolbox. I have content to share for my company and my clients companies for a lifetime thanks to the continual development of quality content!

#2 – Measure Social Media Success Against Your Social Media Strategy 

We do not plan to fail, we fail to plan. What is your social media marketing strategy? Don’t have one? If you need help, know that your social media marketing needs to be bigger than you or your organization. Have an overarching theme – think broadly about the topics you will address. Learn more about this by reading my post on keeping social media strong. Part of your planning needs to include deciding who is responsible for managing your brand’s social media efforts. Neglected social media creates a poor impression of a business, just like an abandoned storefront. Ensure your social media cover photos are consistent with your brand, when you write posts, use phrases in your text or hashtags that you want to be searched and found on, and plan for outreach. Many brands build into their social media marketing plan a budget for Facebook ads, Instagram ads and sometimes initially search ads to drive traffic to a site or blog.

#3 – If You Don’t Think Your Social Media Marketing is Paying Off, Revisit Your Approach

It’s not uncommon to feel like your social media isn’t “successful”. When I was interviewed by Intuit’s Small Business blog for an article called, Why Social Media Isn’t Paying Off for Your Business, I outlined tips businesses can do to make their investment work. If you don’t feel like things are not working out for you with social media, follow these tips for social media marketing success:

  • Plan your social media marketing journey
  • Be conversational – this is social media after all!
  • Teach and educate, I call this markeding (marketing and education)
  • Make social connections
  • Have fun!

Social media marketing is a journey, NOT a destination. Success is about building trust, serving customers, supporting sales, increasing engagement, building your brand, boosting awareness and communicating news.

If you feel like you need social media support, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Virtual marketing hugs,


Lorrie Thomas
Tips for Social Media Success

I was interviewed by Intuit’s Small Business for a blog post called, Why Social Media Isn’t Paying Off for Your Business. I was asked to share tips on what businesses can do to make their investment work.  It’s a good dose of social media medicine to read the post, and I invite you to share it with others who may need the advice.  A recap of my points from the interview are below.  Huge thanks to Amy Beth Miller who interviewed me.  She is a writer and editor who has been helping people succeed in business for more than a decade.  I am so appreciate that she brought up this critical topic to help educate more small businesses.  Here’s to using social media in a way that works!

Tips for Social Media Success:

Plan out your social media journey.
Instead of diving in, head first, into social media, plan and determine what you wish to accomplish with your social media marketing. Think of the topics you want to focus on and create a consistent theme and design. Planning will help you out in the long run.

Have conversations with the customer.
When a customer walks into your store or office, the first words out of your mouth probably aren’t, “We are XYZ Company. Buy this. Buy that.” But that’s what so many business social media postings sound like! Instead of selling, introduce yourself and get to know your clients. And whatever you do, do not talk at your clients. Instead, talk with them. Who wants to be talked at?

Teach and educate.
Educate people on your social media about your products or services. Remember, you know your service or product like nobody else does! Social media is a great tool to answer frequently asked questions and to pre-qualify customers.

Make social connections.
Mention other people and businesses on social media and make sure you tag and link to them as well. An example of this would be an organic produce company that posts recipes  – they could tag a particular juice brand in a recipe. Networking on social media will help increase the visibility of your messages – it’s something I love to do and you should too!

Use the F Word – FUN!
You need to be fun in social media (it’s not called ANTIsocial media for a reason)  and look for ways to post content that people will want to share. Like I say in the small business social media article, “You don’t have been funny, but you do need to be fun.” Apply these tips and in no time, you’ll be on your way to becoming a social media rock star.

Well….what are you waiting for?!!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
-The Marketing Therapist

Lorrie Thomas
Simple Steps to “Pump Up” Your Social Media Marketing

pump up social media

Raise the Bar on Your Social Media Marketing!

I just wrote an article for small business web marketing site Web Marketing Today called For Social Media Success, Define a Theme.

The article is your Marketing Rx for the day: a healthy dose of marketing advice that outlines three simple tips to “pump up” your social media marketing.

In the article, I liken social media marketing to physical fitness to help drive the lessons home in a memorable and relevant way.

Read the full For Social Media Success, Define a Theme article.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here on the blog or share this with people who need some healthy web marketing advice.

Social media marketing success is not about the tools, but HOW you use them strategically.  These tips are small steps that can make a BIG difference.  Happy reading!

Social Media Sketch – It Starts with Heart

Social Media - It starts with heart

Social Media Success Starts with Heart

I received a great snapshot from one of my social media workshop attendees, Nick Chatwatanasiri.  Nick sketched out notes I had on the chalkboard as we covered how social media works.

Social media requires more brains than budget.  This social media sketch illustrates (see image to the left, you can click the photo to enlarge) that the start of social media begins with heart.

Social media amplifies our authenticity, values and value – when you start with heart, the art of social media works to brand, build and boost your business.

Here’s to meaningful marketing – Nick, thank you for the marketing art therapy!!!