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Author Lorrie Thomas on KCSB-FM Radio

“Savvy Web Marketing comes from sound strategy, continual optimization, tracking and creativity” ~Lorrie Thomas, M.A. The Marketing Therapist®

Photo by KC Thomas of Web Marketing Therapy

This week Author Lorrie Thomas made a Guest Appearance on the University of California, Santa Barbara’s KCSB-FM.  The Hosts of “Radio Causeway” interviewed Lorrie about her new book: The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course Online Marketing.  Lorrie Thomas wrote the Online Marketing book for students engaged in lifelong learning, business owners, marketing managers and anyone interested in getting into the online marketing field.  The 36-Hour Course helps guide and create new ideas on the web wherever you are at with your level of skills.

Click here for Podcast: Radio Causeway Interview with Author Lorrie Thomas

“Marketing means making Relationships”

“Online Marketing is 24-7.  It is extremely trackable, flexible, interactive and provides a two-way conversation”

“What’s great about Online Marketing is the lack of elitism.  You don’t have to have a big budget – you just have to have a brain :-)”

“Great ideas are only great if they are executed brilliantly”

“Education is everything – the more educated, the less overwhelmed”

“Ideas: Create, Execute, Monitor – Rinse, Repeat this Cycle!”

About Lorrie Thomas: Lorrie Thomas, M.A., The Marketing Therapist®, is a marketing strategist, educator, writer, web marketing expert and speaker. She is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a boutique web marketing agency and training company that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. She teaches custom workshops for corporations as well as through UC Berkeley Extension.

"No Bull" Website Building

What is “No Bull” Website building?  Watch this video from a series that Lorrie Thomas put together for  The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Santa Barbara City College.  This webinar provides a jumping off point for anyone looking to create a website for your business or update your current site.  Lorrie, The Marketing Therapist®, gives you a great Web Marketing Best Practices Check List and tells you how to make the most of each page.  If you are building a website, don’t miss this great webinar!

Part One:

Part Two:

Don’t want to go it alone?

Contact Web Marketing Therapy for a strategy session and make your website a webSOLUTION!

Featured Wild Web Woman – Amy Rachlin, Making Web Marketing Art Therapy via Visual Storytelling

As the Wild Web Women at Web Marketing Therapy continue our quest to help companies put the pieces of the web marketing puzzle together so their web marketing work CLICKS, we are super-grateful for the healthy collaborations we are fortunate to have with other passionate professionals in this wild web world.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Rachlin, a web designer based in Los Angeles who, like Web Marketing Therapy, is dedicated to making a meaningful impact for clients through smart web marketing execution.  Web Marketing Therapy is the support/advisory bridge that marries the art and science of the web with healthy web marketing strategy.  We have three designers through our team, but MANY times we partner with other agencies like Amy’s firm.  There is no competition in cyberspace, it is all about cooperation for helping companies implement healthy web marketing solutions and I love smarties like Amy.  Speaking of being a smarty, I met Amy Rachlin through my partnership with SMARTY, a women’s entrepreneur group.  We have a very similar philosophy about client relations, design and collaborative projects (bringing all the best brains together to help a client)  As a business owner, wild web woman and web designer, it was fun to learn more about Amy.  Enjoy the healthy dose of entrepreneurial inspiration!

Meet Amy Rachlin, Visual Storyteller

Meet Amy Rachlin, Visual Storyteller:
If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?


Please share a professional phobia or obsession….confession session!
I’m obsessed with seeing what inspires my clients – colors & typography & shapes – it reveals so much.  I love learning the language, the dictionary, that each client uses to describe what they want; its like getting inside their heads while we work together – and that means earning their trust. Each time I start a new project its as if they’re taking me on a little road trip, pointing out what grabs them… Then its my job to show them what they showed me.

What is your favorite word or phrase?  Why?
“Managing expectations” I like my clients to know what they’re in for from the start; to have a concept of the steps we will walk through together and the timeline involved. I never assume they understand the creative process – I feel its my job to educate my clients so they can be a participant in the adventure of creating their vision. Otherwise they are passive bystanders, they’re just rubbernecking while I flash design in front of them. That’s only interesting for a second – we’re creating something to speak to them for as long as their business exists. Sometimes longer…

What do you believe successful “wild web woman” traits are?
Paying attention and getting invested – I can’t help my clients from the surface – we have to dig IN.

How do you indulge yourself (every once in a while!) to stay healthy and balanced?
I swim, swim, swim! The water is my liquid meditation.

What are the top three most vital marketing ingredients that have helped you become the professional you are today?
Integrity, consistency, and a sense of humor.

Where do you find inspiration to continue growing your business?

From the other professional women in my world – and from my team at my Studio. I love that feeling when someone says something unexpected – such as something hilarious that I might not have thought of. It’s those kinds of moments when I realize I’m surrounded by people who are going to stretch my mind. The best.

When you are faced with a setback or an enormous business challenge, what do you do to keep moving forward?
Literally, deep breaths while I get my bearings. Then, if it’s a setback, I examine what happened and where the ball was dropped so I can learn from it THIS time. If it’s a business challenge, I break it down into digestible sections that can be brought back together. I also use that time to decide where I need to ask for help or additional input. I take my ego out of it.

Who is your personal role model? What about this person do you truly admire and aspire to?
I have a number of them, some are parenting role models, some are professional, some are exceptional friends… what they all have in common is patience and confidence. They leave self-doubt at the door, they ask for help when they need it, and they allow for ebb and flow. As a result they flourish.

What has been your biggest achievement recently that you are proud of?
I have been an integral part of bringing together an amazing creative development team. Over the last year we have developed a kind of short-hand in communication that enables us to work together smoothly, even when we’re pooped. I believe it is going to be the cornerstone of growing our agency.

What are your goals for this upcoming year?
To take our agency to the next level. We love our entrepreneurial clients and will always support their amazing endeavors, but now we’re looking to add established companies to our roster. To be the ‘agency of record’ for _____________.

What is your ideal work outfit?  (We work in our PJs whenever we can, what about you?)
Gee, I’m still in my PJ’s as I type this and it’s 1pm. I guess that leaves hats? Ideally whatever I have on is comfortable enough to wear in front of my computer, but allows me to get out for a walk in public and look like I have some style commensurate with my design abilities.  Oh, and clean hair is always a bonus…

What do you think is the most challenging part about being a female entrepreneur? How do you overcome this challenge?
Personally, I don’t find being a female entrepreneur as a particular challenge; my field doesn’t feel like its dominated by gender. As an entrepreneur I’ve had to learn to embrace that I may not always know what’s coming – even with all the planning and goal-setting – and that’s a huge challenge for me because I am not about suspense. I like to know.

Thanks for the great interview Amy!  Readers, you can learn more about Amy on her website amyrachlin.com

Does Your Web Marketing Design Say You Mean Business?

“Dress like you mean it.”
– Ted Gibson

My dear friend, Roxanne Zbinden, owner of Santa Barbara Day spa Cielo Spa and I were talking about the importance for business owners to “Dress like we mean it”. She emailed me the quote above today and it got me thinking about web marketing….

“Dress for Success” advice applies to our web marketing too!  Is your website design dressed like you mean business?  Does your email design show that you are professional?  Is your web marketing put together, polished, organized?   Does it say success?

Look critically at your web marketing (website, email newsletter, Power Points, PDFs, blog, etc.) and ask yourself if your web marketing design says (I mean really says that you mean business).

Web Marketing Therapy has staged many web design interventions because we see how talented a client is, but their web marketing didn’t quite “dress the part”.  Remember, Letting Your Web Appearance Go Is a Sign of Professional Depression!

Make your marketing matter….a little facelift in your marketing design can make a BIG business difference!

Going Through a Website/Branding Facelift? Expedite the Process With an Optimized Coming Soon Page

Let’s face it, sometimes websites are so neglected that when they have to be re-designed, the baby needs to be thrown out with the bath water!  When business leaders are working heavily IN their businesses and not ON it, website design, user experience and search visibility can get ignored.  It’s a common pattern.

Re-launching websites takes a lot of time.  There is planning, reviews, re-dos, design, programming, search optimization and more.  If your website does not position you in a brand-positive way, then there is NOTHING wrong with pulling your old site and launching a Coming Soon (aka Holding) Page.

In marketing, there IS such a thing as “fake it till you make it.” (“make” your new site that is!)

When you are freshly starting a business and your website is under construction, it could benefit your credibility to build a professional and informative holding page for your visitors who stumble onto your website.

Having a well-designed holding page with essential information about your business not only attracts visitors to stay longer on your website and learn about your company, it will also increase the chances of these visitors returning to your website once it has launched.

So many business owners think they have to wait until their site is 100% ready to change the design – WRONG!  Sometimes ANYTHING is better than the current site you have.   See below to see an example!

Web marketing tip – start small, then snowball.  The Santa Barbara Sunset Cruise company’s holding page below (before is left, and our “after” design is to the right).

To learn how to use a coming soon page for your business, download the free eBook here!

See the power of pulling down an old site and launching a well-architected coming soon page!

See the power of pulling down an old site and launching a well-architected coming soon page!