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Lorrie Thomas
Sometimes A Simple One-Page Website is The Way to Start

Does the idea of building a new website or redoing your current website stress you out a little?

Or, maybe a lot?

You aren’t alone. I’ve been there myself. In 2013, I hated our company website so much, I pulled the ENTIRE site down to provide a blank slate allowing us to focus on a simpler, cleaner website, it was one of the best marketing moves I ever made. Here is a post I wrote about it.  When I have clients in fear of starting or redoing a website, I often advise the same simple solution:

Start with a temporary one-page website.

When I suggest this, I often get responses like: “but what will people think?” “Will this hurt my search visibility?” “Shouldn’t we wait until the whole site is ready?”

If you don’t have a site, having something up is better than nothing. People are searching for your business online, and if you aren’t there, your customers aren’t happy…or think something is wrong.

Especially in today’s mobile-centric web world, you do not need a big fancy website. What you need is something simple, informative, targeted to your demographic and requires little to no maintenance. Why not start with a one page website? Say who you are, what you do and whom you serve. Make sure your contact information is visible, include an image(s) if it helps and have links to your social media. Capture email addresses if you have a good reason to.

Simple information paired with clean design that is on-brand and on-purpose is the best foundation you can have.

For those of you struggling to redo your website, remember that it isn’t just about being on the web any way you can, it is about being on the web in a precise manner that speaks true to your business and your brand. A website doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) complicated. A simple one page site has given so many of our clients the opportunity to be seen and heard while they work on the bigger website behind-the-scenes.

And if you are still stressing, reach out. I’m happy to talk with you. I’ve been there. I still remember the stress of yanking my old website, but what a blessing it became!

Virtual marketing hugs!

Lorrie Thomas
Do You Have The Keys to Your Website?

Whether you make your own website updates or not, you still need the keys to your website.

Do you have the FTP Login? Blog Login and Hosting Login details?

I’m not saying that you have to make your own website updates, you just need to have the keys to your site. Shoot, I don’t cut my own hair or do my own auto repairs – I go to professionals for that!

The keys are KEY in case something goes wrong. For example, we got a 911 call from a client – his site was down. We built the site but a small, independent web firm was hosting it (which we did not recommend, but the client wanted to support the business owner, a friend of his). When the site went down, his friend was MIA for over 24 hours. Because we had the access to his domain registrar and the keys to his site, we were able to get him to professional GoDaddy hosting in a matter of an hour.

Savvy companies have savvy marketing support on their side, but they aren’t handcuffed 🙂

It’s a healthy exercise to make sure you have in your files updated FTP, blog and hosting logins.

If you don’t have access to your site, blog or social media and your web marketing people won’t give it to you, that’s a problem…..

We can talk you off the ledge if that’s the case….

Stop Web Codependency

Codependency: a tendency to behave in overly passive or excessively caretaking ways that negatively impact one’s relationships and quality of life.  Often involves putting ones needs after others in other ways and being preoccupied with the needs of others to an excessive degree.  Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, and/or control patterns.  Codependency does not refer to all caring behavior or feelings, but only those that are excessive to an unhealthy degree.  (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Web Marketing Codependency: a tendency to be overly passive or excessively caretaking that negatively impact’s one’s ability to improve business relationships and quality of professional life. Web marketing codependency does not mean being caring or having feelings is unhealthy, it simply means that excessive degrees of need must be addressed and solved.

Example:  a business owner does not have control of their website logins, hosting information, blog access, website analytics or ability to have someone other than their current webmaster help them make web marketing updates.  They are codependent on their webmaster, IT person, web company, consultant, etc.

Other Example:  a webmaster who is too needed by a client or marketing team that negatively impacts their ability to do larger scale work or be able to take a vacation.  Their client, manager or boss is codependent on them to get web work done and their excessive caretaking ways is not helping them have breaks from work or makes them stuck with needy calls…

Web marketing codependency is very, very unhealthy but is easily treatable.

Some signs of web codependence:
You can’t get website updates made quickly and are too reliant on one person or company for mediocre results.

You have to pay someone a high fee to program on a web platform that only “special” people know how to use.

You are paying for “SEO” but have no idea what the hell your “SEO Company” is doing or how well things are performing.

You get too many “I need help” calls from a client, your manager, boss, etc.

You don’t know where your website is hosted, who owns it, how to log into your site, etc.

Treat Your Web Marketing Records Like Your Health Records

If you move, your medical and dental records can be sent to new treatment people easily because there is a system of logging.  Look at your web health the same way for optimal results.  The easiest way to cure web marketing codependency is to immediately get your hands on your web records.

1. All the domains you own, who they are owned by, how long you own them, logins to your domain company

2. Your hosting records.  Logins, how to submit help tickets, etc.

3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access for your websites.

4. Logins and access to your web analytics (if your webmaster owns this, get access but try to own all of this on your own)

5. Email system logins

6. Access to your logo files, templates, designs

Whether you are a businessperson or web person, you want your web medical records in case you need an emergency website update done or you need someone to do web work if you need to move onto other projects.

Other critical codependency questions to ask before building a website include:

1. Who owns my web marketing design and content? – Anything other than “you” is a non-acceptable answer.  Own your web marketing success and make sure all design and content that was custom created for you is yours once you pay for it.

2. Watch out for all those so-called “manage your own website and save money” content mangement systems (CMS).  If the content management system is proprietary (meaning you can only make updates to the site if you are on their CMS, exiting a relationship like will require a rebuild of your site and additional re-programming costs depending on the advanced features of your site.

“Off the shelf” or any type of open source content management systems are best because they can transfer to 90% of standard web hosting companies.

Needing help is not being codependent, but being passive, ignorant or “too needed” needs to stop!

I would rather eat poop than make my own website updates (and I know how and can but I choose not to) but as an empowered businessperson, I do have access to all my web records and if I ever needed other web help or had to do things myself, I could.  I do not suggest CEOs, CMOs, leaders or even marketers do their own web work but you sure as heck have to have the keys to your web kingdom.

Do you have the keys to your web kingdom?

If not, don’t freak out, just make a proactive commitment to making a list of your web marketing medical records.

Marketing Therapy Session Complete.  See you next time. 🙂

-The Marketing Therapist