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Lorrie Thomas
Define Success On Your Own Terms

When I support entrepreneurs with web marketing at Web Marketing Therapy or work with women on their web-based businesses though Wild Web Women, I’m often reminding these wonderful passionate professionals to stop comparing themselves…

You CANNOT compare yourself to others! 

The sooner you break down the habit of comparing yourself or business to others, the sooner you will start to pave our own path and see business breakthroughs.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules,
and build a life you’re proud to live.

– Anne Sweeney

Katherine L. Garcia
Self Discovery Through Exercise

For the first time in my life, I had a new year’s resolution this year. My resolution was to rediscover myself. I clearly knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential. My life consisted of little exercise and a lot of overeating. And quite frankly, living like that didn’t feel right. I knew it was time for a change.

I wanted to feel strong, balanced, and be the best I can be. I knew becoming the best version of myself included making healthier eating decisions, exercise, and having caring relationships with not only the people in my life whom I so adore, but with my self as well. It was time to focus my attention on me and become my own caring parent and friend.

Of course, I knew I couldn’t tackle this road to self discovery all at once. I needed to take baby steps. Very, very small baby steps.

So I began to go to the gym.

At first, I was only able to jog for 60 seconds at a time without stopping to catch my breath. But then, as the days went on and my dedication grew, I began to notice how quickly my strength was increasing. I was going to the gym 6 days a week and was now able to do more push-ups and jog longer. My friend from college, Amber, even convinced me to give the treadmill a try (which was a personal fear of mine). I loved it!

I was constantly impressing myself with my new capabilities! It felt like I was birthing a new me, a new Katherine. My “can’t” mentality turned into “cans” and I began to shed negativity, feelings of unworthiness, and most importantly, I became closer to my self than ever before.

My new relationship with my self also affected the world around me. Instead of the usual happy hour with friends, I became more interested in going on yoga dates. Yes, yoga dates!

At Web Marketing Therapy, we always say, health is wealth…not just for marketing, but also for the people behind the marketing (US!!). I finally understand what that means. Moving, stretching, and running has added a new level of fulfillment to my life that I have never experienced before. And the cool thing is, my joy from exercise has affected my close friends and family. Just last week, my 5-year old goddaughter asked if she could go jogging with me! And we did!

Everyday I am constantly being in awe of the new things I am capable of. I feel happier in my personal and professional life. I wake up with more energy and eager to work and workout. And although I still have a lot of self-discovery to do, emotionally and physically, I feel proud to be on such a beautiful, healthy path.

So, who wants to workout with me? 😉

New Brand Building Course on lynda.com!


web marketing therapy on lynda.com

We are excited to share that we have a new course on lynda.com called Building Your Brand!

Branding CourseYou have a brand – but are you in control of your brand? Just released on lynda.com (as of yesterday) is our Wild Web Woman Lorrie Thomas Ross‘ latest online video course called Building Your Brand. Sit back and watch for 30 minutes while Lorrie teaches you the ropes of branding and maintaining your brand. It’s healthy Web Marketing Rx – grab a cup of tea (or wine, that is an antioxidant right?!!)  and watch and learn to get your brand under your command!

Organizations large and small, non-profits, products and even individuals can harness the power of branding to boost business and connect with customers. Learn how to make your brand work hard for your business.

I already watched the videos – in true marketing style, I wanted to highlight some great branding tips from the videos to maximize relationships with your customers.

  • A brand is more than a logo. A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that identifies your brand as distinct in the marketplace.
  • Develop a Brand Promise. Take some time to develop what your brand says to the world and the promises you want to make to your customers.
  • Branding isn’t just for big business. Branding is all about marketplace perception – how clients and customers perceive the personality of your organization – and can work for organizations big or small.
  • Keep your brand consistent. Keep the design, logo, tagline and messaging of your organization consistent across all media channels to boost credibility and familiarity with your customers.

Grabs the reins of your brand today! Watch the Building Your Brand course now (it’s under 30 minutes, easy peasy lemon squeezy, as us Wild Web Women like to say)! And click here to get a FREE 7 DAY Trial of lynda.com!

For those of you who don’t know yet, lynda.com is an awesome subscription based online video tutorial service for only $25 month. The website offers a variety of amazing tutorials from everything like how market your business online to learning to use Excel, Gmail or any other software you can think of. Web Marketing Therapy loves lynda.com and we think you will too. Check out lynda.com and start learning how to Build Your Brand today or watch Lorrie’s other course Online Marketing Fundamentals!

Special offer for our blog readers and friends: Click here to get a FREE 7 DAY Trial of lynda.com!

For more great branding tips you can follow Lorrie on Twitter @webtherapist  

Funny (and Inspirational) Friday

Web Marketing Therapy Lorrie Thomas Ross Tweet Play Like

Happy Friday my friends! For today’s Friday Funny I wanted to share with you a fun concept developed by my colleague Lorrie Thomas Ross and myself, playing on the famous book Eat, Pray, Love!

Tweet, Play, Like: One Woman’s Search for Why We Can’t Stop Searching the Social Web Across, Twitter, Blogs and Facebook is purely a fun concept at this junction, but we have high hopes for a book and movie deal (wink, wink). We’ve even been given a suggestion for the sequel Tumbl, Digg, Pin (Thanks for the suggestion Keir DuBois!).

But the big question is, who will play Lorrie Thomas Ross in the feature film??

Here at Web Marketing Therapy we recognize the importance of creativity in what we do. Heck, what’s more creative than creating a book cover for a concept as fun as the idea above!  Everyday we are asked to think creatively for our clients and internally for WMT; come up with clever slogans, artfully conceptualize SEO, construct a logo to encapsulate a company message, etc. With that I wanted to present a few inspirational quotes on creativity and the imagination! You can download any of these quotes for use as creative computer wallpaper.

Have a great weekend!

ETolle Creative Quote Web Marketing TherapyPicasso Creative Quotes Web Marketing TherapyRita Mae Brown Creative Quotes Web Marketing TherapyJohn Muir Creative Quotes Web Marketing Therapy(note: original image sources of the portraits could not be found and are not the copyright of WMT )

The Wild Web Women Announce Their 2012 Web Crush Contenders

Every year on Valentine’s Day the Wild Web Women put together a list their favorite web crushes and let our readers and friends vote on their favorites. In the past, the marketing crushes have been divided between our Marketing Babes and Marketing Man crushes, but for 2012 we have decided to do a combo of our men and women web faves!

Web Marketing Therapy Marketing Crushes 2012

This year’s crushes include an eclectic mix of marketing smarties, business savvy babes, entertaining experts and comedic powerhouses, each with a distinct and not-so-subtle web presence:

  • Jim Sterne – Founder of eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and THE go-to web guy for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Tim Ash – Co-founder, President and CEO of SiteTuners
  • Kevin Systrom – Founder of Instagram
  • Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humprey – “Shit Girls Say”
  • Ellen DeGeneres – Talk Show Host and Social Media Maven
  • Molly McAller, Sophia Rossi and Zooey Deshanel – HelloGiggles.com Founders
  • Kim Kardashian – Need we say more?
  • Denver the Guilty Dog – 2011’s Most Popular Dog on the Internet

To vote for your favorite Web Marketing Therapy 2012 Web Crushes visit the article and select your favorite! Good luck to all of the contenders!  We will share the winner with everyone when the voting closes!

Web Marketing Therapy’s 2012 Top Web Crushes

web marketing therapy sweet hearts

Web Marketing Therapy – Not Just For Therapists

We get asked a lot where the Web Marketing Therapy name came from….it’s not just marketing for therapists!

Since we are all about proactive communication at the agency, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the “WHY” of our name.

The true nature of our name Web Marketing Therapy stems from our deeply rooted belief in the power of helping professionals and organizations help themselves.  Our name was a result of years of listening to client feedback.  We were told things like:
We feel like you just did therapy on our marketing! You just took all the overwhelm out of my marketing management.  I want to get on your marketing therapy couch.  You (Lorrie Thomas Ross, WMT’s founder) are like my marketing therapist!

So in 2009, we changed our name to Web Marketing Therapy to embrace our mission to be advisors, supportive marketing managers and help take the stress and overwhelm out of marketing!  The definition of therapy, as provided by dictionary.com is as follows:

Web Marketing Therapy Definition of Therapy

For us, it’s all about providing a therapeutic approach to marketing for our clients. Let’s break it down:

1. The treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process: speech therapy.

We aren’t treating diseases of the body or mind, we are treating dis-ease of marketing. Dis, meaning apart or out and ease meaning a freedom from pain, discomfort, labor or difficulty. Our three pronged approach is based on the concepts of diagnosing the marketing problems, prescribing the appropriate cure or treatment and guiding our clients to a healthy marketing way of life.

2. A curative power or quality.

Web Marketing Therapy isn’t about duct taping your shoddy marketing plan to take you into next week. Real marketing breakthroughs happen when you start curing deep seeded marketing problems to establish a healthy marketing foundation. We wouldn’t go to a real therapist with the hopes of getting well in a day, and the same applies to our approach to web marketing. We think about marketing from a holistic perspective to provide an all-encompassing healing approach for our clients.

3. Psychotherapy; It’s about communicating issues and finding insight into problems with the goal of personal growth and behavior modification.

We want our clients to learn to assess marketing problems on their own and to understand why their old approach to marketing isn’t working for them. With training and advisory we want our clients to learn how to tackle the issues before they arise and learn to modify their marketing behavior!

4. Any act, hobby, task, program, etc., that relieves tension.

We know lots about this and encourage our clients to do what they do best, and what makes them happy, and letting us handle the parts that bog them down! If you thrive at writing blog posts, but want to cry when faced with a Tweet, don’t fret! We want to support you in the things that make you happy and relive tension, not create it!

The Wild Web Women also know that having a passion or hobby is so very important to a healthy marketing way of life. That is why we use our blog to encourage our team members and readers to take a break and have a great time. The About page on your website is the most looked at page there is and clients want to know the fun, exciting things that people in an organization do that make them unique. So take the time to go for a run, paint, play your guitar, dance your heart out… it’s good for your health, your marketing and your business!

So, as you can see, Web Marketing Therapy isn’t just for therapists. On the whole our approach can easily be applied to any type of business. To learn more about what we do and how we do it I encourage our readers to subscribe to our Healthy Marketing Advice blog and to check out our book by CEO Lorrie Thomas Ross (aka The Marketing Therapist); The 36-Hour Guide to Online Marketing and her course on lynda.com called Online Marketing Fundamentals!