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Rules of Corporate Blogging

Rules of Corporate Blogging

So I admit it, I check my Facebook page one or two times a day (okay, maybe more like 4 or 5 times a day) and update my status and read my friends status updates and look at their photo albums. I am, what some might consider, addicted. I can’t help it! I like getting the 3 second snippets of their lives, I love seeing the newly posted pictures.

Last night, some of my friends were playing a game with their status updates…the rules are as follows:

  1. Pick up the closest book
  2. Turn to page 56
  3. Find the 5th sentence
  4. Post that sentence as your status

So, that may not sound like web marketing therapy…but I promise I’ll tie it all in for you! My closest book was David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. This is an awesome book-and gives amazing, easy to use information…we highly recommend you pick up a copy!

Ok, back to page 56! It speaks to organizational fears about blogging. My status is currently set to

” …company executives seem to be getting their collective knickers in a twist about blogs”.

So why would they be concerned about blogs? Execs are concerned that company secrets will be divulged, others are concerned that the information will be inaccurate. How should an organization deal with employees blogging? Mr. Scott recommends that guidelines can be set for what employees do at work, but specific blogging guidelines are a no go! Corporate policies should cover behavior, non-disclosure and ensure that their employees never talk about the competition! After that, you have to let it go!

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