Lorrie Thomas
Today's Healthy Dose of Marketing Motivation

Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairing.
– Billy Rose

I do not agree with NOT investing in anything that eats (those of you who know me personally know what I spend on my cat!) however, I am an advocate of never investing money in anything that needs repairing.

I can’t tell you how many times companies come to me AFTER they hired crappy web designers or consultants (or dare I say insultants) who did work that was “low cost”.

You get what you pay for (and what you don’t pay for).  Investing in smart marketing partners and investing in smart web collateral (like blogs, great design – tools that last the LIFE of your organization) are what save you money in the long run.

Remember, time is money too.  The older I get, the less tolerance I have for professionals who make unprofessional marketing choices.  Cheap can be MUCH more expensive!

Make your marketing matter.  Do not invest your money in web marketing that needs repairing!

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  2. Keith T.

    I get to deal with fixing or ‘upgrading’ some poorly designed systems, so this blog post hits close to home for me. A lot of this goes back to taking the time to plan out a design that will work for you and accomplish what you want. A little extra time up front ALWAYS pays dividends on the back end of a project.

    A poor design leads to a poor product, and I agree with the Marketing Therapist that investing money to enhance a poor design is usually money right down the drain. This is especially true when the design is inflexible and can’t be changed to do what is really needed. In cases like these, you are often better scrapping it all and starting over. If that is not feasible, you are often handicapped with what can really be done to fix the issues.

    So do your homework and take the time to really plan out what it is you are trying to achieve. Then be sure to hire someone who sees & understands your vision and who will work with you to ensure it’s done correctly. Even if it costs you a little bit more time and money, it’s very worth it.

  3. Pamela Sherman

    Yes, great post Lorrie! And, thanks for your comment post Keith!

    I also wanted to reinforce the “EATING” component… When you invest in things that have “a life”…with a dynamic changing and growing nature, you really do NEED to FEED them. It’s a requirement for success that you be attentive by managing and nurturing the healthy life and growth of your business or investment.

    Far too many people build websites and just let them sit there, and they basically die on the vine. –They don’t come close to reaching their potential. They need to be actively managed and tweaked for real effectiveness.

    *Now, if an investment is too draining or consuming, and “eating” too much into your potential for success, that’s different… That’s a poor choice and major flaw in design and efficiency (correlating with what Keith said)

  4. anne orfila

    “cheap can be MUCH more expensive”. so true!

    i think of marketing as building a “foundation” for your business. if you were truly building a structure, you wouldn’t want the contractor to cut corners on your foundation!


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