Top Tips to Help You Start Blogging and Keep Blogging

Blogging is a hot topic!   As I am talking with potential clients, I am frequently asked “Should blogging be a part of my web marketing strategy?:  or “How do I start a blog” or “How can I effectively use my blog to grow my business”.  All of these are great questions!

Lorrie Thomas was recently quoted in a two-part series in TechNewsWorld, addressing many of the blogging questions above.   “Making a Place for Yourself in the Blogosphere” Part One addressed how to start a blog.  Lorrie’s advice…JUST DO IT!  Utilize the great (and many times FREE) blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress and start blogging!   “Be yourself and give great content!”

Part two of the series delves a little deeper into the question “Now what?”  Once you have decided on the platform, design and voice of your blog you need to find a way to create valuable content and get people to read your blog!  Lorrie suggests having a “clear theme and being a content  aggregator.”  You don’t have to go it alone or create all the content yourself.  You can link to other blogs or articles and have guest bloggers add valuable content for your readers too.  There are some great tips in this article on how to build content, adhere to the rules of the web world and drive traffic to your blog.

Happy Blogging!

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