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Web Marketing Word and Mantra

Nicki, WMT‘s Data Diva (who’s young energy and perspective keeps us cool), always cracks me up with her coolio phrases.  Last week she reminded us to chillax – chill out AND relax at the same time.  Our team of Wild Web Women took last Friday afternoon off (thanks to Emilia’s stellar planning and execution!) to do just that.  We chilled out, relaxed and had a rocking fun time bowling in our pajamas (we’ll be posting pics so you can live vicariously through us!) Dude, it's just marketing, chillax!

It’s Sunday, technically an “off day”, but I see too many professionals never taking that much needed down time!  We treat so many small business owners and see a pattern (especially the professionals in start up mode) who work their buns off Monday – Friday then they play “catch up” nights and weekends.  It’s my job as your fearless web therapy leader to remind everyone (myself included) that:


To be really good at your job (and be creative and smart in marketing!), professionals have to take time out (that means no work!!) to chillax.  Invest in your personal and professional bank, take that much needed off time so you will be of sound mind and body to get back in the game and give it 110%.

Thanks Nicki for your young, hip, fresh perspective and for helping the team and our extended team of Web Marketing Therapy members keep it real…..and real smart 🙂

Healthy marketing means making sure you are healthy too – mental and physical breaks are a MUST!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Nicki

    I definitely chilled and relaxed this weekend. I had a chillax weekend. And if anyone else needs therapy help to have fun and chillax – you know who to call.

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