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Weekly Web Marketing Motivation

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why…
I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”   -Robert Kennedy

The most successful web businesses stemmed from passionate professionals who asked, “Why Not?”

Web marketing is healthiest when it is used to create solutions – solutions tapping the power of “Why Not’s?“.  It is human nature when we work on web marketing to look at marketing options to duplicate other company’s successes (thinking that will make us successful), but as your Marketing Therapist, I challenge you to THINK about how your web individual marketing can become a web SOLUTION.

What is NOT BEING DONE that your web marketing can help serve and support??

Zappos revolutionized the way we buy shoes and accessories (niche focus) with a new, easy to use site with peer-to-peer reviews and easy, trustworthy return policy.

Twitter started off as a solution for programmers who were tired of sifting through ridiculous email threads.  They started a program (it was called something else before it became “Twitter”) that allowed them to follow the people they wanted to follow (and only those they wanted to follow).  To respect time, they reduced the character count to keep messages short, sweet and to the point.

Susan Levine of 50somethinginfo.com could not find relevant information as a Boomer/Senior on search engines in a fast, consolidated way so she built her OWN search engine for boomers and seniors.

Bloggers launch blogs every day to help consolidate content to serve niche markets and build community.

The examples could go on and on…

I spent many, many years in web marketing amongst seas of old-rules marketing guys in polos and khakis watching and screaming from the sidelines while they implemented marketing that didn’t matter.  Years later, after running my own web marketing consulting firm, speaking nationally and teaching (and watching patterns), I was motivated to create a fun, healthy approach to teach web marketing to people who needed support the most – small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.  Web Marketing Therapy teaches you how to think and implement meaningful web marketing.  We could have been another sterile, serious internet marketing website, but the educational insights wouldn’t stick AND another boring web marketing blog would be just that….boring!  🙂

I challenge you to a healthy break from the mundane.  Stop should-ing on yourselves with your web marketing.  Pay attention to your industry.  Look to see what IS NOT being done, stop thinking problems and START THINKING NEW WEB MARKETING SOLUTIONS!!!

Please post any examples that other readers can learn and get marketing motivation from and don’t be afraid to be different.  The companies who stick their necks out and own their value are the ones who win.

Make it a meaningful marketing week.  And if you need virtual support, feel free to contact us with your questions (so we can answer them on the blog), join our free Web Marketing Group Therapy group on Facebook, follow us on twitter @WildWebWomen and@WebTherapist or ask questions at @WebMarketing_RX.

Web Marketing Therapy is here to help.  We’re all in this wild web marketing world together.  We may not be the standard “old-school marketing web dudes in polos and khakis”, but we know our schizit and love helping passionate professionals like you 🙂

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  2. Alex Penn

    HI ,

    We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.
    We have recently started our new business and we want our business to grow and make more revenue. Can anyone suggest which is the best form of marketing which we can use. What are also the best medium of advertising where we can do effective and cost control advertsing


    Thank you

  3. Lorrie ThomasLorrie Thomas

    Hi Alex!
    Great website and nice to meet you! When I was in London two years ago for work, I wish I had known about your company! 🙂

    Web marketing has lots of tools (search, social media, email, blogs, etc) it’s HOW we use them.

    Our company helps organizations make a smart marketing plan by 1. diagnosing 2. prescribing then 3. guiding (training, management, execution depending on the plan) for success.

    I can see you doing paid search, email marketing, blogging, lots of things but that is why you hire expert advisors to help you pick the right plan and how to measure it.

    We have a questionnaire you are welcome to fill out if you need our advisory http://www.webmarketingtherapy.com/client-consult-questionnaire/

    OR Join our Facebook Web Marketing Group Therapy page, sign up for our RSS feed of our blog http://www.webmarketingtherapy.com/blog/ and check out our free podcasts and Free Therapy page on http://www.webmarketingtherapy.com to start self-educating!!

    Stay in touch!
    -The Marketing Therapist


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