Lorrie Thomas
Wild Web Marketing Resolutions for 2009

Since everyone in the blogosphere is doing New Year’s Resolutions, we couldn’t be left behind…as a team of she-geeks and a true collaborative team, we pooled our New Year’s Resolutions to share for your reading pleasure (we hope!). 

Dang, what a wild, wonderful, wacky 2008.  At WMT, we couldn’t be more fortunate to have such a great team, meaningful work and fantastic clients.  As 1% for the planet members, we proudly made a donation to give back.  This year we selected to have 1% of our gross revenue go to the Breast Cancer Fund, a brilliant environmental non-profit that makes a quantifiable impact with their work. 

Here’s to a divine 2009!  Our 2009 resolutions are below!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Pamela Sherman, Web Marketing Relationship Expert
–To get control over my wild use of parenthesis in 2009! (Really, why can’t I resist doing that?)
–To blend more play into my work, spreading the wealth of happy-ness in busy-ness.
–To insert a “Blog” chip into my brain – somewhere between the medulla and the cerebellum for habitual filing and downloading.

Nicki Gauthier, Data Diva:
My New Year’s Resolution is too spend more time helping myself (mainly physically but also mentally) so that I can give more help to others!

Emilia Doerr, Client Treatment Specialist:
Acting when inspiration hits! I tend to put many of my tasks and the deluge of requests I receive on a to-do list, which isn’t exactly procrastination, but it can turn simple tasks (like blogging or sending recaps) into gigantic blocks in my productivity flow! There’s not better time to tackle an action item than the present!

Kate McMillan, Design Diva or Web Design Wonkette: (we are working on her identity issues)
As much as I think about the usability of the web sites I build, I sometimes get so wrapped up in the intricacies of a successful design and implementation that I forget about the usability of my communication.  I resolve to give as much thought to the simplicity and usefulness of the way I communicate options and solutions as I do to the sites behind them.

Lorrie Thomas, Marketing Therapist:
Make more time to read marketing books to boost my she-geek status, find the solution to not be a victim to my email inbox, read my belief plan weekly, stick to my values and LEARN, GIVE, GROW and LOVE.

Kelly Kohen, Web Marketing Counselor:

Finish up my tutorial learning on Dream Weaver and actually get out there and build a web marketing savy website (starting with my Dad’s business first!) Attend webinars on relevant topics to continue my learning in the field…you can never know too much!

Anne Orfila, Psycho-Web-Analyst:
In 2009 for webmarketing therapy, without a doubt, I am looking within to improve my without.

AnaMaria Herrera, Client Attraction Specialist:
My resolution is to only sit for 2 hours at a time… can I do it???  (After I write this I am off for a bike ride)

0 thoughts on “Wild Web Marketing Resolutions for 2009

  1. Nicki

    I didn’t really provide a detailed resolution like others so in order to fill the lacking feeling I have I would like to add more: I want to watch more movies like Step Brothers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0838283/ that also make me life and sadly inspire me at the same time. I also need to blog more…personally and for business. Peace out peeps!

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  3. Sue

    I plan to listen and do (practically) everything my amazing team at LMWM tell me to do. They have never lead me down the wrong path and I am eternally grateful.


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